Monday, November 07, 2011

Monday's Moments - 7/11/11

Howdy, Folks, another week, eh? This has to be the quickest year in history. For those of you that are new here Hai! *waves*, this is a regular post of 5 moments during the week that banish the Monday Blues. Do enjoy and please share any happy haps you've had in the comments!

1. I Know This!

Haring down the M50 on Thursday the drum intro this song played and I had an 'Ohmygodifeckinlovethissong!' moment. Immediately followed by crowing every single word (air grabs included), though it has to be 15 years since I've heard it. That's the sign of a classic, right there for any of ye born after the 80's. Press play & see how much you remember. 

Speaking of which, I've used the Pretty Woman version of the vid for extra nostalgia chops. Enjoy!

2. Say Whaaat?!

Parking the car on Tuesday, it dawned on me that I had only sheckles & notes in my purse but not sheckles enough for the meter to run out. The clamper, was in the process of declamping a happy customer (When I say happy', I mean he had a look that said 'I could, literally, never get tired of kicking you Clamperman'). 

I was dithering at the machine and obviously caught his attention (I was 18.57, when the limit was 19.00 but had no sheckles left). Sez he 'You do know you get 20 minutes grace when you pay for an hour don't you?'. I did not know that, any of ye know that? I was tempted to miss the movie & wait until 18.58 to test the theory but thought better of it. A helpful clamper, eh? What'll they think of next?

3. Oh No, Oh Yesh!


The clocks went back in the States last night but we had the joy of heralding the Winter last week. We also had a Bank Holiday so Tuesday was the first time my clock changing skillz were truly tested. I failed. Thank Christ. 

I had thought I was sorted, gleefully reminding everyone. Come 7.30am on Tuesday I rolled over to bate the alarm but looked at my watch too, God knows why I do this. WHAT THE? 6.30am you say? Another hour in the scratcher you say? Oh Yesh I say. 

4. You're Hired!

Part of my job is hiring staff, delivering uniforms last week to those staff has to be one of the most enjoyable days I've had in years. Every single person threw their arms around me or shook my hand to the point of embarrassment with sheer glee at the prospect of work. 

I know I'm not personally employing these lovely people but it's such a great feeling to be thanked so profusely. I'm not even being cynical & wondering if they'll be so chipper after doing the job for 6 weeks. I'm not. 

5. So Made Up


I had the enormous delight to be invited onto one of Ellie Balfe's Mama Makeover courses on Saturday. As one of Ireland's most renowned and respected make up artists and one of my favourite bloggers I leapt at the chance. 

The class took place with only 6 ladies so we each had individual attention and plenty of time to ask questions. We brought our make up (which I spent an aeon trying to whittle down) and Ellie gave us the low down on what suited us and didn't. She then demonstrated 3 simple but so effective make up looks. Ellie shared with us her favourite products and how to use them. Less is more, folks. If you're looking for relaxed and informative class I can't recommend Ellie highly enough. My moment in all of this? The realisation that I'll be saving a fortune in both time and spends from now on.  You are the knees of a bee Miss Balfe! 

That's it for me week (so far), lemme know what wonderfulness has been going on for you in the past seven days, won't you? 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Totes forgot about the 20 mins grace, I still don't trust them clamper muppets! :)

Anonymous said...

ah he was messing right? he was just being nice to a lady. 2 mins grace from them feckers i'd say if you were lucky. but sometimes you get that like when i said 'mr bus driver how much is it to x?' when I didn't feel great a few weeks ago & I was only going a shortish way, like 4/5 stops and he says ah thats only round the corner gwan outta that and didn't charge me.

i love this monday post btw!

Unknown said...

Love these posts Sue, they really do put a smile on my face. Ellie's makeup course sounds the bomb! Love to hear more about it and all the tips you picked up x

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks Ladies, I'll put something together Em & get it up, it was fab.

Jill/Karen there would'a been blue murder if he'd clamped it :)

Delighted to hear about your bus driver, Jill. There are some kind folks knocking round the place alright.