Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Roller Lash Dupe Before Launch?

There are times when being a beauty blogger is hugely advantageous, yep, that's most of the time but never more so than when you can identify a cracking beauty dupe before either even launches. There has been much a social media flutter about the upcoming release of Benefit's newest wonder mascara, Roller Lash and quite rightly so - it does exactly as it says on the tube. How about a mascara that does exactly the same as that but with a price tag of almost twenty eurobux less? Truthfully, Maybelline have smashed it with Sensational. 

Both brushes are curved and while Benefit have patented hooks, Maybelline has 10 layers of lash grabbing, fan effect bristles. Both formulations are inky black, wet on application but layer well and curl beautifully. Both last the entire day without flaking either. 

I've been trialling both for weeks now & truthfully I'm reaching for Maybelline more. Sensational is every bristle as good, if not better than Roller Lash for an incredible €7.99! That's just good beauty maths!

Have you tried either? Thoughts?

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