Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Boston Fly Drive: Mums on the Run!

A lot of you will remember that Cherry Sue & I were literally Mums on the Run when WOW air flew us to Boston in October. While Sue left her two sons to fend for themselves (they’re grown men!) I left my 5 little ones with my husband while we ran away for a much needed break. You might think that travel to the US is expensive but with the arrival of airlines like WOW air, that’s all changed. Flights start at just €159.99, making a stateside escape well within your grasp. Stick with us over the next couple of weeks and I’ll share how you too can have a bargain road trip in Massachusetts.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

How to do Lapland on a Budget & Make it Feel Like Anything But! (Part 5) Ultimate Tips & Ski Wear on a Budget

I promised I’d let you know where I got our Ski wear for our family of 7 for our trip to Lapland and how much I paid so you can have an idea how much it will cost for your family, so here it is! (If you're not up to date or fancy a refresher on all things Lapland, our posts are HERE)

First things first you really don’t need to go to a specialist shop and spend a fortune to buy branded skiwear as budget alternatives are every bit as good at keeping you warm & dry.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Blogger 'Bullying' in Ireland - All My Cents!

If you have any connection to the Blogging or Influencer scene in Ireland you'll have seen some furore this week about online bullying. Initiated, in theory, by an Instagram account that popped up yesterday with the supposed intention to 'call out bullshit in blogging'that garnered almost 5k followers in a matter of hours (that's human nosebag nature). Some bloggers, a few of whom directly targeted by this account, took this as a cue to to start an 'Anti-bullying' campaign (which can only be welcomed). As ever with the blogging community in Ireland, I have thoughts. (You can hear them in person over on Stories HERE and/or you can read on. 

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Help Getting to Sleep: Catching Elusive Zs After the Christmas Break!

So we did it, we managed to survive the first official working morning back of 2018. Or did we? Hands up if you looked at the clock every hour on the hour, hands up if you found yourself scrolling Instagram at 4am, while sleep eluded you... Hands up if a bleary eyed google search brought you here.. Luckily, I got you, a good night's rest is just on the horizon with my 5 top tips on how to beat insomnia and have you sleeping again in no time at all. 

Monday, 18 December 2017

Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving (Without Leaving the Comfort of your Home!)

It's December 18th so I'll concede that from this point in we can call Christmas gifts 'last minute'. If you, like me, have been stricken by the dreaded lurgy this year then what follows might just be the saviour you need. I've collated a few ideas for gifts that keep on giving, the gift of a subscription (with the added bonus that you neither need to get dressed, nor sharpen your elbows to get them). Shall we begin? 

1. 3fe Coffee Subscription 

Arguably the best coffee in Dublin, subscriptions to 3fe game changing java start as low as €9 per delivery, or €65 for 6 months HERE

Imagine going about your day safe in the knowledge that a loved one is less likely to commit GBH because she's had her fix. That's money well spent in my humble opinion. 

2. Blooming Lovely ~ Bouquet Box Subscription


You might have seen this past fortnight that the very generous Gal, Amy, at Bouquet Box sent me a perfectly packaged box of flowers. It's for that reason that I can confirm, this is one of the most delightful gifts you could possibly gift. 

At €16 per bouquet HERE, you can choose to have hand cut, expertly sourced, INCREDIBLY scented flowers sent weekly, monthly or fortnightly. Truthfully, having seen just how well these bouquets are presented and having had the entire floor compliment their scent for over a week, Bouquet Box is a doozy of a self gift too. (I'm choosing fortnightly to line up with my Pay Day, natch). 

3. Magazine Subscription  


Granted we're all fiends for the online world but, on occasion it's still rather lovely to put your feet up and not be distracted by digital notifications while you read. That's where a subscription to a mag of your pal's preference comes in. I can still remember having the Story Teller books and tapes delivered as a child, such joy. 

Stuck for ideas on which magazine they might like? Stellar is Irish and always a safe bet, chock full of deadly features, fashion and fun. You'll get a whole year AND a nifty beauty gift for just €23 HERE

Another all-star publication is my subscription of choice, Psychologies. I'm not exxagerating when I say this magazine has changed the way I think about a lot of issues, and certainly the way I feel about myself. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. I use Parcel Motel to keep my costs to a minimum for delivery HERE but even so, it's worth every cent. 

4. Odeon Limitless Cinema Card


At this stage of the game I'm guessing our grá for cinema is pretty clear. To be fair, that's almost a universal trait. Regardless of pyjama clad Netflix binges or virus clad illegal streaming people LOVE the big screen. 

An Unlimited Card from Odeon cinemas (or the closest picture house to your lucky recipient) will always be a very welcome gift. Prices start at €19.99pm and include discounted treats (such as popcorn at just €48 per kernel as opposed to €50)

5. The Gift of Giving ~ Charity Donations

iStock Source

There are few among us that don't feel the overwhelming grip of capitalism, especially at Christmas time. If your loved one is of the giving disposition then a charitable donation (or subscription) on their behalf will be brilliantly received and an endless source of warm and fuzzies for you too. 

The key is to choose a charity close to their heart. Were I to receive a gift so thoughtful I'd happily nominate one of my three go tos: 
  • Childline very gratefully receive donations HERE (having volunteered with them for a year I still donate AND fundraise for them, that says a lot). 
  • Give 8 Repeal 8 would be thrilled with a pledge of €8 per month HERE until the 8th is repealed. I don't know many young women that wouldn't be delighted to put their name to this hugely valuable cause. 
  • Pieta House do both life saving and life changing work, of which over 85% is made up by charitable donations. Your help, in your loved ones name could literally save a life HERE

Tell me, anything here you think might fit the bill for that last minute gift? 

If you tell me you've finished your shopping since July though you will be blocked, just FYI xo

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