Thursday, 23 April 2015

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

You would think with the wonderful weather we're having that it'd be pretty difficult to have one's jimmies rustled - you'd think that BUT YOU'D BE WRONG!

1. Relentless House Alarms on Sunny Days

2. Anyone Using My Tweezers. For Anything. EVER. 

3. Smoked Mackerel in the Office Fridge 

4. 'I'm Voting No Because the Yes Side are Bullies'

5. Jamelia. 

Tell us, what's rustling yours this week?

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron - Movie Review!

Who's In It?


What's It About? 

While trying to create a peace keeping AI, Tony Stark creates Ultron - An AI that wants to "evolve" the human race by making them machine, a bit like The Cybermen of Doctor Who.

Any Good? 

I was never a big fan of the original Avengers film, I didn't like the Thor and Captain America ones so I just didn't pay much attention while watching it and a lot of the smart connections went over my head - but I certainly need to rewatch it after this.

One of the first things I said to Maaa after the film was that I was glad to see Hawkeye actually get a story of his own - and it not only made him more of the character he should have been, but he was even more badass.

 Don't question, just... oggle

Not only was Hawkeye's chatacter better, but everyone was. The only real complaint I have was that nearly every second word out of their mouth was a one-liner and it totally threw me off with how out of character they would be in the situation, but Maaa absolutely loved that. 

The film itself was pretty huge in scale, it took place in multiple cities around the Marvel world and had massive destruction, from Cap throwing a motorbike at a truck causing it to explode; to the Hulk being slammed through multiple buildings and collapsing a massive office block all in one fight. It also had fantastic dream sequences, from a huge Asgardian party to the one thing I wanted to see since the first Avengers film - what Tony saw inside the galaxy wormhole... 

While it's no Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers 2 was 90% huge action and 10% forgivable shoehorned in love scenes between Black Widow and the Hulk, and it was an absolute blast. The after credits scene was nothing special, it set up the third film nicely and now I can't wait for it.


** Momma's Take**

Being, quite possibly, more of a teenage boy than Aaron himself, I've seen every Marvel Flick that's been committed to film. I'm an avid Iron Man fan or
is that RDJ fan? The line is so blurred nowadays. As it is with Hemsworth & his Asgardian alter ego, Thor, not that I'm complaining. 

I'd put Age of Ultron firmly between Iron Man 3 and Guardians
of the Galaxy in terms of Kick Assedness. The funniest of the franchise so far and easily the largest scale Marvel we've seen. Each Avenger is larger than life with razor sharp wit to match, making this the closest we've seen to actual caricatures of themselves. A veritable real life comic book. This is Josh Whedon at his resplendent, unapologetic best. 

Hawkeye is fleshed out this time 'round, thankfully and the Black Widow is brought to the fore - both brilliant moves. We're introduced to new Avengers, each of which bring the same 'Oooh what's your party piece' excitement. The addition of James Spader as Ultron is a masterstroke, with his bot even taking on mannerisms of the man himself. Anyone that's a fan of his earlier work will know why this is a verry good thing (yeah I'm pretty glad Aar hasn't seen either Secretary or Crash). 

The one liners are relentless, the action even more so - I'd recommend you see this one in IMAX 3D (something I don't often do) but this is Marvel after all. It's big, it's bold, it's Bloody Brilliant!


Our Travelling Family Have Gone to the Pits!

And now for something a little bit different of a Travel Tuesday...

If you find yourself in Wales looking for something to do, I highly recommend a trip to the Big Pit in Blaenavon and Pontypool, not to be confused with Pontypandy! We usually travel by boat so we can take our car, large family & kitchen sink. This time we travelled with Irish Ferries from Rosslare to Pembroke.

The Big Pit is the UK’s National Coal Museum, an award-winning interactive museum which includes an underground tour. I can honestly say that this is one of the most impressive museums I’ve been to anywhere in the world. Do you want to know the best bit? It’s free entry, however there is a nominal charge for the car park.

There are numerous out buildings to explore, our little ones soaked up all the information like sponges, they loved it. I wasn’t sure if they'd all want to go underground to see the coal mines but they did and there were no nerves or apprehension at all. The underground part of the tour is an hour long & only for those over one meter tall so we had to split up so one of us could stay on the surface with our baby. 

You're kitted out with a hard hat & a torch with battery pack weighing 5kg, sensible footwear is advised as the ground is uneven.  I went in first with 3 of our children, the tour is led by an actual coal miner that worked in the pit so he can give you first hand information & regale you with stories of his time working there. They were a really great bunch of lads, so friendly & funny, they ensured to include the children in their story telling.

They have state of the art facilities including baby change facilities and fully wheelchair accessible toilets on all three levels. It’s also a breastfeeding friendly venue. While my husband went down the Big Pit, I took a stroll up the hill to the old canteen that’s still in use today for tourists. The same building as the canteen houses the showers & the doctor’s office. Everything has been left as if the miners were still at work today, just like stepping back in time. 

There are picnic tables outside to take in the stunning view from this vantage point. I enjoyed a chilled class of wine, while the children munched on crisps & a cold drink, all sold at great prices in the canteen.

Luckily we spotted an old steam engine as we approached the road to the Big Pit, we pulled in as our little lads are train mad. We soon found out that you can park there free of charge & take the steam train one stop to the Big Pit. Our boys were thrilled as there was a first class carriage that’s exactly like the train from Harry Potter. 

We paid £21 for a family return ticket, they are pay once & ride all day tickets. Unfortunately we didn't have time but you could take the train to the Whistle Inn for a cold refreshment. In all of our family adventures, this little pit stop truly was one of the most memorable, the kids talk about it to this day. We can't recommend it enough!

 Next week I’ll bring you more from our Welsh trip.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Monday Moments - 20/04/15

Happy Monday one and all!

You might have noticed that we did a little Monday's Moments Giveaway over on our FB page (Link to the left there) to give away a little sparkle and brighten up someone's Monday, well we're doing the same today. Click Here to Head on over to add your Moment and be in with a chance to nab yourself a Happy Monday prize!

As for Moi - in no particular order of deadliness: 

1. I Often Send Pics of 'One for Sorrow' Magpies to My Sis to Rustle Her Jimmies - This Week I Ran to the Window to Snap One, Tripped Over the Hoover & Snotted Myself - SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW (yet)

2. Walking the Length & Breadth of Bettystown Beach to Blow Off the Cobwebs

3. Catching the Avengers Preview & Spending 
an Unplanned Day with Mah Eldest Boy

4. Discovering That a Colleague Keeps Free Range Hens That Lay THE MOST DELICIOUS 
Organic Eggs

5. Signing Up For A Sponsored 
Road Safety  Campaign 
(Having Been a Road Safety Officer for 7 Years!)

That's just some of the little things that are making this Monday rock for me - tell us - what's chasing your blues away today? 

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Oh it's Thursday and It. Is. ON!

Things that have rustled my jimmies this week in no particular order of pissiness:

1. Olly Murs Being WAY Too Sexually Suggestive 
for an Arena Packed with Tweens

2. Opening WhatsApp When I Forget 
I've Been Avoiding a Message

3. A 19 Year Old CHILD Using My Seriously Expensive Anti-Aging Serum!

4.Leg Cramps in the Middle of the Night!!

5. People that Put Their Watermark on Inspirational Quotes

So come 'om, what's been rustling your jimmies this week then?