Friday, 29 August 2014

If I Stay - Movie Review

Warning - DON'T watch the full trailers, they spoil EVERYTHING!

Who's in it?


What's it about?

On a snowy day trip to her grandparents, Mia Hall and her family are involved in a serious car crash which leaves Mia's 'soul' wandering the hospital and her memories trying to find a reason to wake up from the coma she was left in.

Disregard the cruel comment from USA Today

Any Good?

For the first 10-20 minutes you'll be convinced this is just The Lovely Bones mixed with a bad teen romance novel, but stick around and you get some truly great scenes.

I went to see this with my good friend (and music journalist) Ally, and one thing we could agree on was that it was pretty generic until certain parts - namely the Grandfather scenes. We both were dry-eyed most of the film until that incredibly well acted character comes on screen, then the flood gates let loose and she bawwled, while I gurned like Lt. Aldo Raine - totally manly.


                           Yep, just like this

Aside from the totally BAWLsome grandfather, the rest of the characters in the film really grow on you. Chloë Grace Moretz does her part dutifully - that's about all I can really say there. Her boyfriend Adam (Blackley) however, is something pretty special. Listening to him just sounds like generic boyband douche boyfriend, but if you watch his face you'll see some incredible acting just from facial expressions alone - quite odd yet impressive. Mia's best friend Kim also has a scene with the most natural looking emotion I've ever seen - you'll know it when you see it, it's unmissable.

While it may look like just another teen romance, there are some truly brilliant scenes that are both beautiful and heart-wrenching. One point I brought up to Ally is that Adam's band is hyped up to be The Sex Pistols but when they play it's The Kooks - all the way to Adam basically becoming Jack Johnson. Seriously though, if you feel bored by it, just hang on - If I Stay has some pretty lofty high points as opposed to it's mainly just average bulk.


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Things That Rustles My Jimmies

You came here for rustled jimmies - here they be: 

1. People That Wield Brollies Like Weapons

 photo umbrella-rage_zps1fd1aafd.gif

2. Realising My Water Bottle Has Been 
Open In My Bag All Along

 photo 1QJcU5j_zps81335e67.gif

3. Now Having To Switch On The Lights 
In The Morning

 photo YqqSwOz_zpsd5ddce6d.gif
4. Leaving the Pub Just In Time To See 
The Last Bus Bloster By
 photo TRHPS-UGH_zps86399e91.gif
5. Cursing Toddlers
 photo 3442723-4800565738-ace30_zpsefb9c05b.gif
C'est ca! My jimmies are once again ready for the week ahead. 
Tell us, what's been rustling yours? It's cathartic. Swear. 

The Thursday Chattery - Wholesome Food Blog Recommendations Please?

I've mentioned that I took a serious look at the way I've been eating a couple of months back. Not only has taking the time to consider my food choices meant changes in my weight and shape but my health, both mental and physical is unrecognisable from just a few months ago. 

In the pursuit of healthier, more wholesome food options I've been visiting a couple of sites and I'd love your suggestions to add to that list. My top five right now are: 


1. Deliciously Ella Ella Woodward has literally fed herself back to health with delicious, natural foods. Her site, instagram and youtube are things of inspirational foodie beauty. Not a day goes by that I don't have a potter through her recipes. 


2. Nom Nom Paleo With a New York Times best selling cookbook and a passion for wholesome, nutritious food, Michelle Tam is a gal I'd very much like to be pals with. Hell anyone with their own action figure is on that list. Her site is a work of art and her knowledge of good food a joy to behold. 


3. The Nourishing Gourmet  Kimi Harris is a published author, a young mum and a serious lover of nutritious whole foods to feed your body and soul. Her site focuses on eating well on a budget, an ideal choice for those starting out (me) and those feeding a family (also me). 


4. The Pioneer Woman Meanwhile back on the ranch, literally, there aren't enough superlatives to communicate my love for Ree Drummond. Her site, her humour, her awesome photo skillz and her passionate embrace of hearty, healthy food. Scoot over there and fall in love with her, her food and her life.

5. Donal Skehan  Our cheeky chappy Donal's site is always one I'll pop by when I'm in need of a little dinner inspo. I love that his recipes include bright and simple to follow youtube vids. Nope, it's not strictly healthy eating but the majority of his food is natural, wholesome and easy peasy to put together. Those that aren't can be tinkered with. Isn't that half the fun? All that and his photography is tuh die fuh!

See any of your faves? Got any to add? I'd especially love some recs for Irish blogs? 

Let's Chat!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Wednesday Chattery: Does Being Blonde Make a Difference?

I had the opportunity, as I often do, to catch up with a fellow blogging pal, Laura Kennedy, at a beauty event yesterday evening. We had a really interesting mini chat about how your hair affects the way people perceive/treat you. 

Our conversation was based on her having her glorious flowing extensions removed (initial post here) (follow up post here) and how she felt people perceived her with much longer hair. I empathised entirely as I had knee length blonde hair until I was 22. It does strange things to people. Seriously. 

It draws exponentially more attention. People want to touch your hair and almost feel they have a right to run their fingers through it or want you to wear it down so they can see it. It's the oddest thing. I absolutely noticed a difference in interactions with friends, family (AND strangers) once I had shorter hair and Laura did too. We can't both be crazy. 

Funny timing had this vid pop up from Buzzfeed at the same time, not so much about longer hair but about blonde versus dark and it's very interesting: 

My question is thus: Do people act differently towards you when your hair is different? Have you switched from light to dark and noticed a change? Long to short? 
Perhaps you've lightened up your locks and saw a difference? 

Let's Chat!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

**WIN** €100 To Splurge On The New Look Cloud 10 Beauty!

The gorgeous peeps over at Irish site Cloud 10 Beauty, home of the lightening fast delivery and kick ass customer service, have had a swanky new makeover and we've teamed up with 'em to celebrate that fact. 

How would you fancy ONE HUNDRED large ones to spend as you see fit? Peruse the shiny new virtual aisles, pick and choose your indulgence and check out guilt free? Or maybe take advantage of the great deals on site and start your seasonal shopping early? - with this voucher the world is your lobster. 

As ever entry is easy peasy, just input your info into the widget below and you're in. 
T&C's included.

Good Luck!

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