Friday, 1 August 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy - Movie Review

Who's in it?


What's it about?

After recovering a mysterious orb from an abandoned planet, Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) is chased by two bounty hunters and an assassin, who he teams up with (along with Drax the Destroyer) in prison to stop the Thanos-puppet Ronan destroying the galaxy.

Any Good? 

This film is not only what Avengers Assemble SHOULD have been, but also the Star Wars prequels. Now that might seem like a big statement straight off the bat, but let me drop a review-bomb on you explaining why I said it.

Firstly, this is the first comic-book movie to have the Marvel charm, it's hilarious, hugely entertaining and really, really damn feelsie. All the characters are likeable, even ESPECIALLY poor old Groot the three-word-tree. Peter Quill is played brilliantly by Chris Pratt, even the inflection of his stupid statements feel just so in place - like Spider-Man should have had. Zoe Saldana and Dave Bautista were both pretty good, having their share of funny moments and really witty dialogue but just not on the level of Pratt or Cooper.

Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon is awesome, the lifelike CGI and lip-syncing make him feel realer than most of the team, combined with a fantastic and incredibly dry-funny script for him make him a huge fan-favourite in the making. Groot is mo-caped to perfection, even his eyebrow or 'lip' movements are done to a tree (heheheh) - and that's just how he looks; Groot has the most beautiful moments in the film and he WILL make you cry, don't doubt that at all.

Obligatory Karen Gillen..mmm...

And finally, the reason I said this is what Star Wars should have been is the space battles and sword fights. Small ships fighting bigger enemies with better weapons and improvising to cause AWESOME destruction of a fleet like Hoth is here, it has a Star Wars 3 opening/Death Star-esque HUGE spaceship battle that is clutch as hell and will have you on the edge of your seat; it even has an Anakin Skywalker vs. Asajj Ventress 'shock baton' (totally lightsaber design) fight that is almost as good as the one linked.

This film is incredible, I can't think of better praise than saying I plan on paying full price to see it in IMAX premier seats at my favourite cinema just to catch the lines I missed due to the whole cinema laughing at multiple scenes. And yes, the soundtrack is INCREDIBLE, so good in fact that I've been listening to it the entire time I've been writing this and will be for a good while. If you do see it, be sure to tell me how you liked the totally out of left field after-credits scene in the comments, I LOVED it and Mother just groaned, settle it for us!


The Friday Chattery - Mother Arrested For Allowing Her 7 Year Old Go To Park - Normal Parenting or Child Neglect?

We made it, it's Friiiiday!!

Today I wanted to ask, how old is old enough to play outside in your opinion? You don't have to be a parent to join in - common sense should guide you well. 

I ask because this week a Florida Mam was arrested for allowing her 7 year old son to go to the park less than half a mile from their house (with a mobile phone). She has had to put up $4,000 in bail money but faces 5 years in prison on felony neglect. 

I get that kids have to be supervised to a certain extent but they also need space and independence. Outside play, within reason, gives them exactly that.  I don't buy the 'the world is a more dangerous place' spiel. It only seems more dangerous because we're hearing bad news all day, every day as opposed to drip feeds and urban legends of yesteryear. 

My question is thus, if Gardaí were to enforce such measures here, how many people would be in Mountjoy by Monday? 

Let's Chat!

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Ahhh Thursday, how I look forward to you every week. How I've been trying very, very hard not to let the rustled jimmies seep into my everyday twitter feed but it's not easy!

Only gifs can save me now: 

1. People That Haven't Spoken To You In Months Getting In Touch To Ask For Freebies

 photo 94286-are-you-mental-gif-Waynes-Worl-D3Sl_zps5431e797.gif

2. Starting An 'Open Discussion' But
Threatening To Cry When Someone Disagrees...

 photo week-in-review-taylor-swift-gifs-pretty-little-liars_zpsf4811791.gif

3. Filling Plates & Plates With Food For Hotel Breakfast and Not Even Eating Half...

 photo tumblr_m3nlmcP8Uu1qc8jh0o1_500_zpse178c347.gif

4. Buying Theatre Tickets Based On Amazing Reviews & Having to Leave Halfway Through 

 photo 12-phases-of-a-necessary-break-up-gifs_11_zps22f53f3d.gif

5. When Every Media Outlet Shares The AMAZING/Totally ADORBZ Video of an 
Outrageously Precocious Child

 photo crazy-pills_zps9a3b15ea.gif

And that's it!

I'm going to try very hard to keep my cynicism under wraps for the next seven days, Lord knows the last week was sent to test me.  

Tell me, what's been rustling your jimmies this week? 

Sharing is proven to drastically reduce your feelings of stabbiness - true story!

The Thursday Chattery - Coconut Water: Sweet Nectar or Sweaty Socks?

Happy Thursday, All. We're just 1 day away from a long weekend - 
can I get an A-fuppin'-men?!

This morning I wanted to chat about something the Sis & I got into over the past couple of days. The boke value of coconut water. 

You see, I can be swayed by general consensus on social media and if general consensus tells me that coconut water tastes like wrung out socks, then I'm gonna steer clear and that's what I did for the past 2 years. Until I didn't. I was given a chilled bottle at an event about 6 months ago and it. was. DELICIOUS!

I've been picking it up regularly since then, despite the health myths being debunked and, alongside water flavoured with citrus fruits, it's now my favourite way to re-hydrate. 

My Sis on the other hand, abhors the stuff, even when overheating on a stuffy London tube she refused to take a sip - 'It's sweat, why would I drink sweat?'. 
And so the side-eyes continued. 

Tell me this, when it comes to coconut water are you fan or foe? 

Let's Chat!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Wednesday Chattery - DM For You HUN xxxxx - What's Your Twitter Bugbear?

Mornin', All!

If we chat on Twitter you might have seen my tweet yesterday about a particular Twitter bugbear of mine - if you didn't  - 
I try very hard not to be a social media self appointed sheriff - lord knows the place is full of them but what purpose does a tweet to say you've sent a DM serve?! 

Other than smug, passive aggressive, jazz handed buffoonery?!  

So tell us, what's your twitter bugbear? - What drives you mental in 140 characters? 

Let's Chat!