Friday, 19 December 2014

MY Christmas Viewing Pix!

Due to the fact myself and my friends are broke college students the 12 Pubs has been ruled out for me this year, leaving me plenty of time to reflect (read: watch religiously) on my favourite Christmas viewing - and here are my top choices!!

3. (NEW)Doctor Who Specials:

Yeah, it was obvious, but these things are DAMN good. Like, get you into Doctor Who (MAAAA!!) good. Some might be Shakespearean stories of love, some might be about a madman that eats people becoming PM of Britain - but all of them are fantastic to watch. 

Plus, Nick Frost this year, sweeet.

2. Twitch Streams:

Even if you aren't a big fan of games, there's something about watching grown men and women drink copious amounts and make a gobshite of themselves playing Just Dance in a tiny room - for some reason it really brings the Christmas feeling to the Scrooge in me.

My recommendations - Yogs for Charity and The Eggman, Northernlion.

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas:

I'm 18, have a penchant for alt-rock and dark clothes - this was inevitable. A staple of all long haired teenage boy and neon/black haired teenage girl viewing, this better-than-Disney Burton flick has my favourite all time Christmas song which I put above, give it a listen yehh?

Fun Fact: I have a DVD of this since I was about 15 and neither Mam or Adam have ever seen it, as well as the fact I don't remember buying it/receiving it as a gift. It's kind of like your first Nirvana record, the Teenage Fairy leaves it under your bed when you reach 14-15 for you to find and treasure.

What will you be binge watching this Christmas season? Netflix or otherwise? 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Ah, Thursday, the one day of the week that I let it all hang out and unrustle the jimmies of the week before. I mean it's only the week before Christmas, what could possibly have me stressed?!

This could:

 1. 'You Seem Like a Girl In The Know, 
Could I Grab a Copy of Your UK Contacts?'

2. Gombeens With NO Sense of Direction 
Directing Traffic in Shopping Centres!

3. 'I've Changed'

4. Accidentally Saying 'Love You, Bye' 
At the End of a Work Call!

 5. 'Oh I've Had My Christmas Shopping 
Done Since June'

Feelings of stabbiness? Significantly reduced!

Recognise any jimmie rustlers? Care to share your own? 

It's cathartic, I swear!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

What to Buy Those That Already Have Everything!

I didn't go all out on the gift guides this year, figuring the blogosphere was saturated with the helpful feckers. Today, however, I thought I'd share one for those of you scrambling for the the last couple of gifts for those that seem to have everything. You know the ones (I'm one of those ones). So sit back, stop stressing and pick one of the top 15 to get you out of any gift shaped hole you've gotten yourself into. 

1. Sad Keanu Miniature: €43 Here
We all know a meme addict, we're on the internet for crying out loud. And any meme addict worth his/her salt knows of the woes of sad Keanu. What could be better for the person that has everything than a miniature melancholy Keanu. WHAT?!

2. Kate Spade 2015 Planner: €27 Brown Thomas
Much rejoicing happened this Winter as New York designer Kate Spade and all her kookiness finally got a concession in BTs. This polkadot planner is a sure fire winner. I don't think I know a pal that wouldn't love this wholeheartedly. 

3. This Works Perchance to Dream Set: €81 Here
Admittedly this set is the spendier side of the range but what better gift to give than sleep? I've extolled the virtues of this veritable chloroform in a bottle so many times and should you not be buying for a beloved, then you could easily buy the spray alone for €19. Trust meh, you'll be loved for this one. 

4. Irish Mammies Mug: €9.50 Here
Do I even need to introduce these Irish ledgebags? With seriously hilarious sayings that we recognise from our own Mammies themselves, these mugs would make a brilliant pressie for a brother, sister or pal abroad. Or ya'know LITERALLY ANYONE!. 

5. Real Leather Touch Screen Gloves: €22.85 Here
Winter winds and touch screens do not happy fingers make. That's why these 100% leather gloves are an ideal pressie for Christmas. Of course if you're on a tight budget there's a polyester pair in Penney's for €1.50 but who are you, Scrooge McDuck?!

6. Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick Collection: €40 Here
These Color Envy lipsticks are unlike anything else on the market today. Soft, highly pigmented and luxurious on the lips they're worth every cent of their respective €29 price tag. This set of deluxe travel sizes for just €40 though? Hrrrnnnggg. (the more wiley and more popular amongst us might even buy these and split them up between four pals - not condoning, just saying)

7. Aer Lingus Travel Vouchers: Here
Got a pal with itchy feet? Or a loved one that hasn't been away in an age? This is such a handy gift to buy for absolutely anyone. Not only do you have the freedom (if you've the spends) to buy enough for a return flight but there's not many peeps that wouldn't love even €50 off an upcoming trip. Might even prompt an unplanned jaunt. You might even be invited. These vouchers sell themselves, seriously. 

8. Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Stick Eye Collection: €47 Here
I've been using and RAVING about these shadow sticks for the past week and not without great cause. In six flattering metallic shades, there's not a skin tone these wouldn't look fabulous on. If you truly want to give a little luxury for the holidays, look no further. 

9. L'Occitane Delicious Almond Collection: €59 Here
Whether buying for guys or girls, you legitimately cannot go wrong with the L'Occitane Almond collection. This multi- award winning range isn't raking in the accolades for nothing. Rich and sumptuous, the entire line is pure luxury and a steal at almost €30 off online now. 

10. Photobox Personalised Family Planner: €9.95 Here
A gorgeous idea from Irish company Photobox, you can upload photos to customise these family planners. Now 1/3 of the RRP adding separate pics to important dates will only cost you a couple of eurobux more. It's about as thoughtful as a gift can get. 

11. Google Chrome Cast: €39 Here
Not normally one for gadgets, there hasn't been a day in the past six months that we haven't put our Chrome Cast to good use. A USB receiver that plugs into the side of your TV and allows you to stream anything from any device? Genius. Even if I do have to put up with the lads rick rolling me from upstairs when I'm trying to enjoy my Youtube vids of an eve. Gits. 

12. Juice Cube Charger: €30 Here
Second only to sleep, the best (buyable) gift you can give to someone is an extra long charge for their phone imho. This dinky cube can charge a phone to 100% in record time and is small enough to fit in the tiniest of pockets so completely portable. Imagine not having to scan every room for sockets when out. IMAGINE. 

13. Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel: €59 Here
If you really want to wow a gal pal, sister, aunt, Mam OR yourself then look no further than the limited edition Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel palette. The four show stopping metallic shades can be amped up or pared back to suit every taste. I guarantee you offer up this gem on Christmas morning and you will be loved for a very long time. Loved. Long. Time. 

14. Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate Hand and Body: €22 Here
Not to sound too punny but this C&E Pomegranate hand cream is hands down my favourite scent of the year. Bright and floral, I find myself looking forward to the next time I can use it and proffering it to passers by my desk so that they might fall in love too. €22 is an amazing price for this entire gift and I'll be picking up a couple myself. LOVE. 

15. YSL La Laque: €25 Here
We all know I'm a little bit picky when it comes to polishes, I'm not often swayed to spend more than a tenner either, having been burned by 'prestige' brands before. YSL La Laque is different though, very different. From the weight of the bottle to the fanned brush to the stunning shade range and flawless application, I've yet to meet one of these bad boys that I didn't like. It's the little touch of luxe that I truly believe any lady would be thrilled to receive. 

Tell us, have we managed to stop you scratching your noggin? 

Is that a different post entirely? 

We'd love to know, what would you suggest for the lucky sod that has everything? 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Cologne & Valkenburg Christmas Markets ~ Probably The Most Magical Yet!

I left it very late this year to book our Christmas market trip as I knew the latest addition to our family would only be about 6 weeks old. I worried that my hubby might panic if I left him with our 5 children, he did a great job, even managed a day out to Dublin with them on his own! I taught him well. 

Gorgeous Ladies on the panel, Rachel Farrell, Sue Jordan, Joanne Larby & Leanne Woodfull, photo nabbed, with permission from @ohheythererachel’s Instagram!

I needed to book a late afternoon flight as Sue was speaking at Ireland’s first ever blogger conference in the Spencer Hotel. Our only option was to fly Ryanair direct to Cologne/Bonn airport paying €87 each, return, including a checked bag for the return flight. I also had to book Fast Track through security for Dublin Airport as I didn’t know how busy traffic or the airport would be at that time. 

Monday, 15 December 2014

Monday's Moments - 15/12/14

All messing aside now, we're ten days from Christmas - TEN!

In other amazing news we're only one week from longer days again, something I'm genuinely looking forward to. 

As per, it's been an amazing week blog wise, job wise and family wise and these five Moments are just the cherry on top: 

1. Aaron Having His Lost Wallet Returned 
With EVERYTHING Still Inside!

2. Meeting A Chap Outside the Age Action Party in the Office 'I'm Waiting For My Mam, She's Paying Me Back for All Those Years I Left Her 
Waiting Outside The Disco'

3. A Pal Using Smart Remote Phone App To Covertly Turn Up The X-Factor Results on The Pub TV!!

4. Making My Radio Debut To Chat About Blogging (Link Here)

5. Opening THIS Surprise Gift On Sunday 
Being Completely Blown Away

Tell us, what Moment has been the cherry on top of your week?