Thursday, 26 March 2015

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

This week has been a doozy alright. Things that have rustled my jimmies this week, in no particular order of pissiness: 

1. Brands Posting Their Press Releases 
By Registered Mail

2. Cyclists Ringing Their Bells When Cycling 

3. Ordering a Mother's Day Photo Surprise for My Sis & Some Spanish Dude's 
Mug on a Mug Showing Up!

4. Kids in Their School Uniform Sitting Outside Starbucks, Sipping Their Coffee & Smoking

5. The Abject Disappointment That is 
House of Cards Season 3

Tell me, can you relate? What's been rustling yours? 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Stella EDT - A New Rose. A Lighter Touch.

It's hard to believe that the original Stella fragrance is now 12 years old, it's even harder to chat to a group of pals and not find one that is head over heels in love with it. A signature fragrance of many women, this lighter EDT version is sure to top the list of Summer time scents this year. 

Once more we're looking at rose as the pivotal floral note, this time Bulgarian rose essence giving the unmistakable Stella signature. Sparkling green notes, however, make this a much brighter affair altogether and leave a freshness on the skin and a warmth on dry down that I never had with the original. 

 Truthfully Stella never really made it onto my radar of scents, there wasn't much room but having worn this sparkling beaut for several weeks now and reaching for it above all others I'm beginning to rethink that decision. 

As a side note, how cute is that bottle? Micro pastel pink polka dots - could NOT be cuter. 
Should you be looking for a scent for a loved one as a special gift, I can pretty much guarantee this would go down a storm. 

Prices range from €52 - €95 and are available at Debenhams, Shaws, Lloyds, Sam McCauleys & selected pharmacies nationwide. I'd highly recommend a little sniff as you pass by counter for this one. 

Are you a Stella fan? Reckon you'll check this fresher EDT out? 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

City Centre Luxury in the Dylan Hotel

If you are heading to Dublin & really want to push the boat out, I’d recommend a night in the 5 star boutique Dylan Hotel, Eastmoreland Place, Dublin 4. The hotel is located a stone’s throw from Baggot Street, so everywhere is within walking distance for a night on the tiles. We had the pleasure of a stay last year & we paid €211 for a twin room for one night B&B.

If it’s style & sophistication you are after the Dylan Hotel is the one for you. From the moment I set foot in reception I was taken with the understated elegance & pure luxury of the Hotel. On the way to our room there is an almost burlesque feel with colours of the decor topped off with sparkling chandeliers.

We stayed in room 301, which is a Dylan Style room. Our room came complete with a balcony so we had a bird’s eye view over the rooftops of Dublin. Oh yeah & one of the walls is floor to ceiling mirrors, I frightened the life out of myself walking into the room! 

The amenities of the room are befitting of a 5 star hotel, memory foam topped beds, high count cotton linens, Air conditioning, iPod with Bose docking station, mini bar, flat screen TV, robes & slippers to name a few. They even have hair straighteners & curling tongs available on request.

Breakfast is served in the Tavern Restaurant, where they have everything & anything you could possibly want, all freshly prepared. The only difficulty I had was it was so hard to choose what to have! Sue has regularly commented that The Dylan have the best brekkie she's ever had (and she's had a few). 

I went for the Eggs Benedict & was not disappointed with my choice. It was undeniably the best Eggs Benedict I’ve had in any hotel across the Country. I have a feeling the next time we are celebrating something & heading to Dublin for the night we just might be booking a room in the Dylan again.

Tell us, have you stayed in this 5 star gem of a hotel before? Let us know!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Insurgent - Movie Review

Who's In It?


What's It About? 

On the run from Janine's military forces after their attack on Abnegation at the end of Divergent, Triss plans how to reach the woman herself and kill her - while Janine hunts Triss to open a mystery box from the original founders.

Any Good? 

What I really liked about Divergent (the first in this series) were the scenes where they were under the stims, and there is a lot more diversity in scenes like that in Insurgent. There's also more stims used - such as a truth serum that has a pretty cool visual effect on the subject.

Without reading the books, Shailene Woodley is pretty good as Triss, whos only functions seem to be breaking teeth and crying about it afterward. Theo James is total cheese as Four, Triss' boyfriend, but it seemed to just fit with both characters and the film.

Miles Teller was actually better than expected as the coward, even during the scenes where he's a total dbag he still managed to make me and the whole cinema laugh. Kate Winslet was certainly the best acted, she was totally cool in both person and demeanour as Janine and was just a really good villain. 

Insurgent is the follow-up to last years fairly alright Divergent (see that review here), and it certainly opens like it. You're immediately thrown into Triss and her friends' life on the run without any real explanation - you definitely need to see the first to understand what's going on. I actually quite liked this, much prefer it to the Hunger Games franchise AND it had some of the best CGI I've seen in a long while - looking at YOU Hobbit 3.


Friday, 13 March 2015

Run All Night - Movie Review

Who's In It?


What's It About? 

When ex-gang hitman Jimmy Conlon has to kill his old boss/friend Shaun's son who threatens to kill his own estranged son, Jimmy must kill his way through the whole gang in one night to save his son and his family.

Any Good? 

For a film that opens with Liam Neeson's character losing sleep over his killing days, it seems quick to abandon the idea that killing is wrong and effects people as soon as Neeson gets a gun. The closest thing we have to remind us that he does regret his murders is that he refuses to let his son shoot a gun - other than that it's just another shooter.

For a film that seemed to abandon it's whole opening concept - it seems a bit more close to what would really happen to an aging hitman having to go on a murder spree. Neeson's character is pretty slow in fights and gets a bating several times, he reloads his six shot revolver fairly frequently, and he even can barely run - but this is probably the only believable part.

Liam Neeson is pretty good as Jimmy Conlon, he plays the awkward reappearing father well in the scenes where he can just talk to Mike (his son), asking questions about family and work only to be shot down immediately by Joel Kinnaman, who acted equally as well as the son. 

Ed Harris was great as the mob boss, giving a stern warning to his gangster son about allowing heroin into his part of the city through a story about how he watched his friends rot away to cocaine, and is menacing when he learns of his sons death and warns Jimmy that he will kill Mike to even the scores.

I thought Run All Night was a mess. It didn't know what it wanted to be - a narrative showing the effects killing have on a person, or just another film Liam Neeson can kill people in. Really, really odd direction choices plague it too, you can go from an actors face to a top down moving view of the city to a shot of a cars wheel from beside it - and that's one of the opening and not-so-weird-shots.
I don't know if I've been spoiled by John Wick, but I really don't recommend seeing this, Taken is a lot better for more the same thing.