Monday, 9 July 2012

Sleep In Rollers - Or More Accurately Called Insomnia Rollers!

It was with slight trepidation that I ordered my Sleep in Rollers last week, you'd have to be living under a very large, sound proof rock not to have heard or seen these in the past couple of months but I couldn't help but get flash backs to a childhood of torturous rags and rolls or sponge rollers with needle sharp pins all in the name of nice Sunday Mass hair. It was child abuse then and sleep deprivation of any nature still is now. I had high hopes. 

Sleep in Rollers

Each pretty pink bag contains 20 very pink Velcro/sponge rollers, more than enough to tame any mane but they do need to be secured with clips to hold them in place in the hair. I found normal bobby pins pinning my hair to the Velcro alone was the best way to go. My grúaig is just below shoulder length, layered and average thickness so once washed, treated with Avon's new Argon Oil, dried and ready it took 12 rollers until I was loaded up and ready for zedds.....

Now, I'll preface this next statement with the fact that I'm a little bit precious about my sleep, if I'm not out on the tiles or working late I want to blissfully snoring (though I don't snore)(Moi?) - I'd say I got about 45 minutes sleep for the entire night. I tossed, I turned, I cursed at no one in particular and then directly at the 12 instruments to torture I'd voluntarily secured to my head. 'Fuppin INSOMNIA Rollers, that's what yis are!'. This was me at 5am, baldy faced and determined to take them out, do I look sleepy at all?

'SLEEP' in Rollers and me at 5am!!!!!!!!

Being the martyr good blogger that I am, I decided to stick with and lay down again to rest fitfully for another 2 and a half hours until I could take no more. Up I lept to see my astonishing results. I expected a blonde Kim Kardashian (I have the badonkadonk so I'm halfway there)...

Here we have it, it must be admitted that I really like the result. The first picture is as the rollers were shaken out, the second two are with my hair brushed through with a wide toothed comb. Nice eh? I had a full day out with the fambilee as I mentioned in Monday's Moments and it held up surprising well. My only difficulty is that I felt like Medusa, people were mesmerised by my hair but one look into my exhausted eyes and I'd set them to stone! Feckin' knackered!!

'Sleep' in Rollers will set you back approximately €20 and yes, if we're talking about results alone, they worked for me. Truthfully though? They're not worth losing a nights sleep for. Using mousse before you dry your hair and the Babyliss Big Hair gives me equal if not better results in 20 minutes AFTER a full eight hours.

Would I use them again? I would but only while awake and vertical. If I've a big night out at the weekend and I'm not doing anything through the day I would pop them in but I won't be lying down on them again. The results are really good but the Unique Selling Point of Sleep In Rollers is SLEEP. That, in the words of Dwight Schrute, is FALSE! 

Have you used these rollers yet? Did you manage to get any shut eye? I'd love to know...

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