Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Chanel Rouge CoCo Shine - Bel-Ami

Behold Chanel's Rouge CoCo Shine in Bel-Ami, a sumptuous dusky berry plum colour that, although deeply pigmented in the bullet, applies semi sheer with a silver micro shimmer for shine.

Emoliant based with the promise of continual moisture, Bel -Ami, to me is more of a balm than a lipstick, that's only one of the reasons this has quickly become my favourite 'My Lips But Better' product. 

While I don't find it moisturising, I certainly don't find it drying as can happen with other shimmer lip products (I'm looking at you Peach Parfait Lip Butter). I'm getting up to two hours wear from each application but because of the subtle scent and soft comfortable formulation on the lips I really don't mine applying throughout the day. 

The colour is buildable and can always be given a more long lasting effect by using your lip pencil all over the lip before application. That way the pigment will wear off evenly and the stain will stay put for a lot longer. For evenings out that's certainly how I'll be applying it. 

Priced at €28 from Chanel counters nationwide, Bel- Ami certainly isn't cheap but for the quality of product and the fact that it can be worn both day and night more than justify the outlay. Anyone that follows me on Twitter will know that I purchased this beauty on Saturday before a night out but managed to lose it before even getting to unwrap it. Bereft for the weekend, I decided that it was special enough to shell out again. If that's not a big enough endorsement, I'm not sure what is. 

By the by, if you did happen to find a Chanel bag with said lipstick still immaculately wrapped in Dublin on Saturday, I genuinely hope it brings you as much joy as it is me. I can say that now that I have my own to ease the sting.

Are you loving Rouge CoCo Shines? Have you a favourite shade that I should check out? 

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