Friday, 3 July 2020

PR Samples are NOT #Gifted & Here's Why

They say 'Never look a gift horse in the mouth' - they're not talking about Digital Marketing. 

I've been vocal about Press samples not being gifts for eons and I love your tuppence too. #Gifted rustles ALL my jimmies and here's why: Gifts are given by friends and family not brands or agencies. Gifts are given by loved ones with no expectations ~ Press samples? Press samples are marketing materials. Simple. The prevalence of #Gifted does nothing but create confusion and ill will and I think we should stop using it entirely - Here's why: 

Saturday, 27 June 2020

30 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained ~ Through Lockdown and Beyond!

We’re now 3 months into travel restrictions and I’m sure you like me are
sometimes struggling to come up with something else to keep your children
entertained. As a Mam of 7 children ranging in age from newborn to 13 years old I pretty much have a child at every developmental stage so I have to be
resourceful and cater for all their needs.

As an addition to my recent NUK Baby Talk on Instagram I’ve decided to put together this list of 30 things to help keep your children entertained. I’m conscious like me some of you don’t have the time, energy or funds to be constantly buying or organising things to do so hopefully these ideas will help.