Friday, February 28, 2014

Stalker - Movie Review

Who's in it? 

, and  

What's it about?

Oliver, a huge homeless man, finds Tommy in an alley being bullied by two scumbags, so he gives one a bating and scares the other off. When Oliver witnesses how abusive Tommy's heroin addicted Mother is towards him and how downright messed up his dealer Uncle is, he vows revenge for what Tommy has gone through.

Any Good?

Stalker is crazy and INTENSE. There's the worst aspects of human behavior in it - child molestation, rape, slavery, murder, torture and addiction induced child abuse off the top of my head; it's truly the first REAL 18s film I've ever seen. But by god is it good. Oliver is a psycho against psychos, starting off the film as a good case for homeless people not all being addicts or dangerous but ends as a better case for stay the hell away!! 

John Connors as the schizophrenic Oliver's performance just grew with the film, from eh to fully involved. Barry Keoghan ( who was beside us, I didn't notice until Hasan pointed it out) as Tommy was excellent as well, but the show stealers were Peter Coonan as the complete nutjob uncle and Tommy's addict mother. Coonan freaked me out to the point of leaning over and saying 'Jeeeeezuz' at least four times to Hasan and Tommy's mother TERRIFIED ME with her screams and her finger-tip stinging slaps.  
I honestly can't say anymore without spoiling, but Stalker is a brilliant and terrifying Irish film; the best for me since Inside I'm Dancing. Seriously, go to see this before it's torn from the cinemas when people start causing trouble over it - it's completely worth the money and it's definitely going to be part of my movie collection as soon as available and you'll be helping a growing Irish film industry that is going from strength to strength. 


The Friday Chattery

Good morning All!

I can't tell you the relief I'm feeling at having today out of the office. 

We're off to check out the new 300 movie this morning, I LOVED the first so really looking forward to seeing this one - Nathin' to do with the barely clothed Greek God Like warriors - I swears. 

Is there owt in the cinema you're looking forward to seeing? 

Of course, should you have a question about an upcoming product or a beauty/life dilemma - get it on up here and we'll do our best to help. 

Let's chat!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

This has been the closest I've come to a full week back in the office for the past six months so to say my Jimmies are in a constant state of rusttelage would be an understatement of epic proportions. There have been instances though, that I can't let go until their wrong is righted through the medium of Gif - Prepare thy-selves: 

1. 'Do you feel OK? Because you look AWFUL!'

 photo zsswNR3_zpsad16c8cb.gif

2. Jehovah's Witnesses at My Door

 photo lPHadfY_zps47b2eed9.gif

3. People That Try to Skip The ATM Queue 
By Switching Sides

 photo tumblr_m15foqUlsI1qlvwnco1_400_zps781b2eb9.gif

4. When Make Up Palettes Use Plastic Inserts Instead of Printing Names Beside Shades

 photo Ross-Why-Would-You-Do-That_zps6b52037f.gif

5. People Signing up for Facebook Guessing Games then 

 photo ku-xlarge_zps3efd1890.gif
Can you feel the balance restored? The Jimmies unrustled? Because I certainly can. 

Come join me in this temporary state of calm and release your Krakens in the comments - you know you wanna...

The Thursday Chattery

We're so close we can almost smell it - today, Thursday, as ever, is the day of Jimmies and the unrustling thereof. 

How about before we unleash mighty hell over there - we share one good thing that happened this week hmm?

Or get everything off your chest right here - yaknow - this is The Chattery. 

Let's Chat!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Valentine's GlossyBox - Contents Revealed!

It's been long awaited but, in the hopes that everyone has now received their Valentine's Glossybox, it's high time we take a peek inside. In the month of Amour that is February, it's common knowledge that the brand make an extra effort with their box contents and having seen several other happy recipients' posts it would seem that contents are more varied than ever this time 'round. 

A quick squizz inside and you can see that my box varies quite substantially from those already posted with just one or two products in common - truthfully, I'm very grateful for that. I've seen Maybelline Big Eyes, Ciaté Polish, Eldora Lashes, Maybelline Nude lippies and Toni & Guy Stick It Up Gum. That's not what I got - no siree: 

First up, the box itself this month is gorgeous, sturdy black cardboard with a bajillion kisses. Normally I fill my old Glossyboxes with gifts to pass on but this one has pride of place on my dresser with my day to day face stashed inside (make up that is, not some weird John Travolta/Nicolas Cage visage). My seven products break down like this: 

  1. Maybelline's Master Kajal Liner (Full Size) I'm a sucker for a good Kajal so was thrilled to see this pop up in this month's box. You can see from the image above the precision you can achieve but the lengthened tip makes these a fool proof water line liner too. 
  2.  H2K Aromatic Shampoo & Hydrating Conditioner (Original Size) Because I'm still in the throes of a full on Fibrology love affair, these were gifted to the Eldest Gorgebag to sample. He's pretty impressed, not only that but I stopped him as we passed on the stairs to sniff his grúaig - that's new. 
  3. NV Chunky Crayon Lips : Watermelon (Full Size) Though too pink for my tastes this bright and creamy lip crayon has already found a happy home with the youngest's girlfriend. Safe for use on eyes, lips and body, I genuinely don't wanna know how she's choosing to use it. 
  4. Sleep in Rollers BackCombing Brush (Full Size) Do we remember how I got on with Sleep Rollers? It wasn't pretty. This backcombing brush on the other hand has found it's nice with me. The stiff bristles and tapered end work brilliantly to separate and backcomb my bouffant with ease. This and Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce are a match made in Dynasty heaven. Love it. 
  5. Lindt Chocolate: (Full Size)(Not for Long) I love that Glossybox included a little Lindt treat, so do the three gals in my office as we swayed heads and slurped tea in unison as we ate. This red feller will be a regular 'round my place, mark my words. 
  6. Nougat Sparkling Body Shimmer: Cherry Blossom (Half Size) I'm not a huge advocate for bodily sparkle unless there's sunshine, so this inclusion during the Winter months confuddled me a little. Until I opened the bottle and took just one sniff. Beautifully scented and surprisingly subtle on the skin (ie little or no sparkle) Nougat are on to a winner with this one. Mallow, Vitamin E and Wheatgerm Oil with Mica for sparkle mean this candy pink shimmer is as good for your skin as it is for your schnozz. Gorgeous. 
And that's it, my entire Valentine's Glossybox. The Glossy mag that accompanies the box is going from strength to strength with Industry Insider interviews, full on features and treatment reviews, a lovely way to while away 10 mins with a cup of cha and a bar of Lindt funnily enough. 

I mentioned in my Valentine's Gift Guide for Her that a Glossybox subscription would make an ideal pressie and this month's offering has further affirmed that for me, especially with Momma's Day coming up. For as little as £8.33 (€10.11) per month you or a lucky duck you know could be on the receiving end of summat a little bit special. You'll find all the info on this month's box and details for subscriptions here on site. Tootle on over for a gander why don't you? 

I'd love to know if you have received your Valentine's box and what products were inside. I'm nosey like that. If you're not a subscriber would this month's box change your mind? 

The Hump Day Chattery

Thank the Baby Jebus, we've reached midweek relatively unscathed. 

This week is Dine in Dublin, I've been trying to avoid all posts and temptation as I'm not paid till tomorrow but has anyone partaken so far? 

There's usually cracking deals to be had. 

Let's Chat! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dr Hauschka Limited Edition Chorus Collection for Spring/Summer 2014

In a world seemingly gone mad at the slightest sniff of a nude palette, the launch of Dr Hauschka's limited edition Chorus range is a sight for bland eyes. Bold, bright shadows that shouldn't work but do and incredibly so are paired with more subdued hues and tones to give your make up stash the shimmer and matte Spring awakening it needs. 

This six piece strong edit has just hit counters and if you haven't yet sampled anything from this natural skincare and makeup line then I'd urge you to dip your toes with Chorus. 

At the heart of the collection is the matte & shimmer blush trio. Housed in a sturdy compact, smudge proof (WE LIKE) and sedate but for the holographic accents, this all in one product can be used for a wash of colour in a natural day time look or built up to get you from office to an evening out. 

Flattering on all skin tones there is nothing here not to like. Well pigmented and soft to the touch these colours can be used separately or swirled lightly together for an all over skin finish. 

The gloss is non sticky with a slight sheen. Scented of lavender, this and the neutral toned, slightly shimmering, scent free lippie are the ideal accompaniment to not only this collection but any strong eye look you might be hoping to achieve. As always with Dr Hauschka, you can be pretty much guaranteed that the natural ingredients used will have your pucker in top condition as it naturally nourishes lips throughout wear time (approx 2 hours). 

Both Eyeshadow Duos are not colours I would have ever thought to put together but just seeing Karim Sattar (Dr H International Gorgebag) use them on Roz on the evening of the launch was literally eye opening - as in my eyes widened as I saw the results he achieved with little or no effort using these shimmery soft and matte shadow couplings. 

The soft taupe kajal liner is precise enough to up the ante with your eye look but soft and smudgeable enough (if you work fast) to create a more muted effect. 

Let's be honest, Karim had a stunning canvas to work with but LOOK at those colours together

Available online here or in all good pharmacies and some health food stores

As you can see prices aren't that spendy, considering the quality of product on the counter. Made using all natural ingredients, Dr Hauschka's Chorus is naturally pretty on every skin tone and for that reason I'd nod my head toward a counter near you before it leaves us in late March. (Momma's Day, anyone?)

Are you a Dr Hauschka fan, anything here tickling your Springtime pickle? 

The Tuesday Chattery

It was touch and go but we made it though Monday

Tell me lads & lassies, what shall we chat about today? 

Have you a burning question about upcoming products that we might be able to help with? 

An unruly offspring that you might want to adopt out - here's the place to share

Let's Chat!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday's Moments - 24/02/14

There are no words to describe the speed at which that weekend whooshed by - if you have them, share 'em please! As such it's going to take some pretty special Moments to chase away these Blues - handy then that these are special Moments: 

1. Sing It Kitty

Now I know it's unusual for me to include an advertisement in Monday's Moments but very little has brought me as much joy as this 1.16 minutes this week. Starship, kick ass kid, air grabs and a singing kitteh - Awe. Some. (do make your own at the end of the vid, we have cried tears of mirth in Casa Cherry looking at ours). 

2. This Works. Mainly Because it's Witchcraft. 

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray: €19.80 in Arnotts or €20.17 online here with Free Delivery

My return to work last week after a six month absence meant that I was seeing 4 and 5 am on the clock before I could nod off. Torture. When This Works Deep Sleep Spray arrived in my door on the second day back in the office I barely had time to register the ingredients before I passed out for an epic 2 hour nap. 

Waking up, groggy and just in time for another episode of House of Cards or three, I was convinced I wouldn't sleep so stayed up until midnight. Figuring I had nothing to lose I sprayed two sprays of the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray onto my memory foam pillit and lay down. Within 10 minutes I was snoring á lá Grandpa Simpson! WITCHCRAFT I TELL THEE. I've used This Works twice since and you know what? This Works.  

3. LoveBox Wedding Fest

I was delighted to be invited along to the LoveBox Wedding Festival in The Clarence this weekend. Having missed out on Emma's BDay shenanigans the night before, it was exactly what I needed to get me out of the house. 

Tropical Popical were there, gals friendly as ever, painting the talons and Duke Special provided the laid back vibe with his original gramophone and DJ kit. The room was filled with original Irish artists and designers ready to make your day special and should I ever feel the inclination (I don't) I'll certainly be calling on some of the peeps I met there yesterday. 

4. Liquor? I Could've Kissed the Face of Her!

Turkish Espresso #NectaroftheGODS
Following the show, the Sis & I had been invited into the Liquor Rooms next door for some drinks and dins. Unfortunately she wasn't available: THE BIG ABANDONER: so I brought himself instead. 

Putting my hands up right now, they serve the best cocktails in Dublin, bar none (unless you want to prove me wrong). The food is cooked fresh, stupidly affordable and enough to feed a small herd of hungry Shetland ponies. In a word. GO. 

5. ULT Monday Moment

Finally the Moment that I've been waiting a very long time, well two long years for. Today is my last Monday in Full Time work. The Doc certainly forced my hand on this what with the bandiness of my back but it has been agreed and with the site and you lovely lot being as awesome as you are, I am cutting down to part time in work! 

Nope, I never thought I'd hear myself say that either. The dream is to finish entirely, isn't everyone's? But for now, for us, this is the right decision and I want to thank every one of you for dropping by and making that a possibility - well, at the very least, I won't be losing sleep over it. Never mind Moments, Monday is my new favourite day of the week! (after Pay Day of course). 

Tell us, what's your silver lining this week? What's that one Moment that's chasing away your blues? 

The Monday Chattery

Hello & Happy end of weekend, everyone!

It could quite possibly be the fact that I'm back in the office but that weekend FLEW past for me - great news is, this is my last Monday in the office as I'm switching to part time - partly because of the bandiness of my back and mostly because this legend of a website and you collective legends of readers mean I have the means to do so. 
I may never stop pinching myself over that. 

The final winner of our €20 Chattery voucher is Sandy Beach! 
Congrats Sandy, send me your details using the mail adress over there -->

Now, what shall we chat about today? Lemme know what ye got up to - the more scandalous the better!

Let's Chat!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cherry Pick of the Week: Paolo Nutini - Scream

Eldest here, now I've never been a big Paolo guy but Pencil Full of Lead is still one of my favourites due to the jazzy sounds and cocky singing of the man himself.

But since Maaaa linked me this saying it to be the Pick of the Week I loved it due to the cool, bass sound reminding me a bit of Daft Punk's return to early disco as of late and is MOST DEFINITELY driving music if I've ever heard it.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy - A new Avengers?

A couple days ago Chris Pratt premiered the first trailer for Marvel's new movie Guardians of the Galaxy on Jimmy Kimmel's show in the US. I know absolutely nothing about the source material on this, but I do know that it ties into the after-credits scene of Thor due to The Collector getting his hands on an Infinity Stone from the Asgardians which is what Chris Pratt's Star Lord is after in this. It also connects with the post-credit scene reveal of Thanos in Avengers Assemble due to Karen Gillan's Nebula being an agent of Thanos and Gamora being his adopted daughter, but I'm not sure what it will lead to..

With characters such as Groot, Nebula and Rocket looking incredible, the film will be gorgeous and hopefully as funny as the trailer is. Even though I know nothing of the original Guardians of the Galaxy comics, I do know that this looks amazing and after that trailer I'm more than excited for the August 1st release.

The Friday Chattery

Morning All & welcome back , Friday!!

Any cracking plans for the weekend? I'm off to a cousin's Wedding Show on Saturday and then the LoveBox Wedding Festival on Sunday in the Clarendon & Liquor Rooms - NO, I don't have news... hope it's not catching!

Lemme know ladies AND gents - what are your plans for the two day vacay? 

Let's Chat!

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joining in - so Do!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Things that Rustle My Jimmies

Well I survived my first full day back in the office following 6 months out - I left the office like the Hunchback of Notre Dame dragging my leg but I made it out while the sun still shone. That was nice. THESE RUSTLED JIMMIES WEREN'T!

1. Checking Facebook Tagged Selfies 
the Morning After

 photo wWOEbA7_zpsb41caff3.gif

2. When You Hold the Door For Someone 
& They Don't Thank You

 photo FOzTRZZ_zps5f6e5ece.gif

3. When a Blog Review Calls a Skincare Product 'AMAZING' After 4 Days Use

 photo 1sAsCwW_zps8625d10d.gif

4. Trying to Make 'Better' Snack Choices 

 photo yiC73wX_zps1a96cd07.gif

5. Remembering What the '3PM Slump' Feels Like

 photo anigif_enhanced-6369-1392755954-26_zps800914a8.gif

And just like that I feel OK again, tell us, what's been Rustling your Jimmies this week - honestly, it's cathartic!

The Thursday Chattery

Thank the Lord it's Thursday!

At the risk of sounding like my Mother, isn't there a grand stretch? Mornings are brighter and evenings too and be the holy that makes for one happy day in my books. 

Is there something in particular you ladies AND/OR gents would like to chat about - the floor is yours

Let's Chat!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

L'Occitane NÉROLI & ORCHIDÉE Joins Collection de Grasse Fragrances Just in Time for Momma's Day!

My first foray into Collection de Grasse from L'Occitane came just before Christmas last year in the shape of FLEUR D'OR & ACACIA and CÈDRE & ORANGER in this post. Now to celebrate the first anniversary of the Collection and just in time for Mother's Day the brand have collaborated again with their own Perfumer, Karine Dubreuil (FROM Grasse in Provence no less!) are introducing a new addition NÉROLI & ORCHIDÉE. 

When we're talking about this specially blended scent, we're talking fruity and floral (as the name implies) with Mediterranean Neroli  & Madagascan white orchid absolute but there's a body to it brought by the orange blossom that lends depth to the fragrance and might take some by surprise. It did me. 

Not one normally for floral fragrances, I found myself opening Néroli & Orchidée again and again, intrigued by the sensuality of the fragrance and the way it developed on my skin, Estée's Sensuous is my signature scent so I'm more of a musky, husky (not in girth), nails down your back kinda girl when it comes to fragrance but this really surprised me... until I read the actual ingredients:  

  • TOP NOTES - orange, mandarin, 
  • HEART NOTES - neroli, peach & fig milk and 
  • BASE NOTES - orchid, musk & iris

The entire collection is set to launch March 3rd in stores and online and will include the brand new intriguing product, L'Occitane Fragrance Beautifying Cream (€30.50), that I spoke about on Instagram yesterday 

Prices start at just €8 for the soap and work their way up to €57 for the EDT (that candle for €28 is on my list). For sweet/floral lovers Néroli & Ochidée is a no brainer but I'm going to recommend you don't write this one off as a floral or a fruity number before you actually try it. It has so much more to offer the mavens of the muskier scents too. 
What do we think? Interest piqued? Momma's Day sorted? 

The Hump Day Chattery

Morning All and Happy Midweek to every one of you!

During a chat on the #bbloggers tag last night and following on from Chloe & I's collab post yesterday I came up with an interesting question...

How bad does a product have to be for you to actually throw it out? 

For me, if I've spent a fortune (as I tend to do *sobs*) I'll always regift that sucker but sometimes, just sometimes I'll hold on to it - to... look at it? I dunno why..

I actually can't remember the last product I threw out. 

Can you? 

Let's Chat!

Remember, we've a €20 voucher 
up for grabs for the Chatter of the week!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Cutex Ultra Cleansing - Promises to 'Remove Stubborn Glitter AND Care for Your Nails' - Does It?

I know a lot of people struggle with glitter polish removal, personally it doesn't bother me in the slightest. Chances are that's because I'm usually too excited about the next polish to care about the approximate 4 minutes it takes to remove the glitter with my go to Cutex Moisture Guard remover. So colour me intrigued when I saw this sign for Cutex Ultra Cleansing Nail Polish Remover in Boots for €2.60. 

I wasn't long in waiting for an opportunity to put this Cutex through its paces as I'd been sporting Barry M's new Majesty (STUNNER BTW) so sat down and prepared to be wowed. Then... then... nothin'. It irks me to say this but Cutex Ultra Cleansing takes zippo from the Cutex Moisture Guard removal time. 

I usually use Boots double sided cotton pads OR Plenty kitchen roll to remove glitters so I used the cotton pads and truthfully, this took pretty much exactly the same amount of time to remove the polish, if not slightly longer. 

Granted there's the addition of Multi-Fruit Extract, Geen Tea Extract & Vitamin E to help nourish nails but I've used this remover four times now and it's made no difference to the appearance or condition of my nails or cuticles. 

Don't get me wrong, it's a pleasant remover, doesn't smell too offensive and does remove glitters with a bit of scrubbage - all that and it has a purse friendly price but if you're looking for a miracle remover for your glitters, I'm afraid Cutex Ultra Cleansing isn't it. Boo and Urns. 

New Maybelline Big Eyes Volum' Express - Two Sides of a Two Sided Brush (Collab Post with Chloe from Very Lovely Stuff )

We've summat a little different today. Maybelline's new Big Eyes Volum' Express is new to shelves here on the Emerald Isle but the the very lovely Chloe from the aptly named Very Lovely Stuff has had her mitts on it for longer, having picked it up in Germany. 

Maybelline Big Eyes Volum' Express: Two Brushes: One Aim = HUGE lashes

When Chloe commented on a post of mine I knew we had to give Maybelline the twice over in the interest of fairness and here's how we got on, respectively: Take it away Chloe: 

After seeing Sue upload a photo of Maybelline's Big EyesVolum Express mascara to Facebook, I had to comment about how it just hadn't worked for me. Sue being the brilliant blogger that she is, quickly had the idea of doing a double post for this double ended mascara! So that's why I'm here today, to explain just why Big Eyes just isn't getting big love over here.

Now, seeing as I picked it up in Germany, I wasn't 100% sure what this mascara was promising me, but all I ever want are big eyes, & big lashes. I'm a girl after volume, & lots of it. But this just did not deliver. I felt it went more for length (which is grand, if that's what you want) & not the 360 degree volume it claims. Basically, it did extend my non existent lashes out a bit, but after about 10 minutes, they drooped & behind my glasses, it just looked like I'd accidentally put eyeliner on my lashes instead of mascara.

The bottom lash mascara however, I did quite like. That was one of the reasons it caught my eye in the first place – I figured €8.99 for a dual mascara was a lot better than forking out for one specifically for bottom lashes. It did the job, & gave much more definition under my eyes, but I wouldn't repurchase just for that alone.

Normally, I don't like to waste. But ever since first trying it, Big Eyes has stayed at the bottom of my stash until I took the photos for this post. Put it this way: If this mascara was my date, it didn't make me want to climb out a window. But it didn't make me snapchat my friends exclaiming “THE ONE!” either. I'm shocked because I usually love Maybelline mascaras, but it's very much a 'meh' response from me & my unvolumised lashes.  

Now for my side of the scéal: 

Very much like Chloe, I'm a big fan of Maybelline mascaras and am a firm believer that they're consistently one of the best high street brands when it comes to lash batters. I spied Big Eyes Volum' Express on Boots shelves before my press sample arrived and picked it up immediately, such is my make up illness. 

It's not often that I like a mascara formulation straight from the tube as with a lot of volumising editions they'll need a day or two to plump up/dry out in tube in my experience. 

I really liked this idea of a two brush approach though with lower lashes specifically catered for with a dinky brush but will readily admit that more often than not, just as I do with USBs, I get it wrong the first time, every time and end up with the brush in my left hand. It's not a big jimmie rustler, just a little niggle. 

While I don't agree with the Maybelline tagline for Big Eyes 'The New Falsies', it's really not, I genuinely like this two step approach with it's separating and volumising formula. I applied just one coat top and bottom in zig zag fashion (results above) and that lasted me the entire day with zero clumping or fall out. That's a win for me. 

The post that started the trouble! 

Granted Big Eyes Volum' Express isn't the most volumising or plumping mascara you can get for its price (€11.99/€8.99 right now) but it is the one I've been reaching for absent mindedly for about two weeks now. For me, that's big. I agree with Chloe with regard to glasses though, I'm lucky enough not to have to wear 'em but if I were heading to a 3D movie, I can see how Big Eyes would give me issues. 

Tell us, have you tried Big Eyes? Which side are you on with your verdict? We'd love to hear. Is there an upcoming product that you'd like to throw in your tuppence on? Well send me on a mail so & we'll see if we can collab. I love to see two sides to each story, 'One Gal's trash' an' all that - it's very helpful to those of us trying to save a few sheckles too. 

Do please take a moment to pop over to Very Lovely Stuff and check out Chloe's work, she's a gorgeous Gal and I don't say that lightly. Thanks again C!