Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cherry Pick of the Week - Believe - Ella Henderson

It's a first for Cherry Pick of the Week territory to feature an unreleased song but this version of Cher's Believe by X Factor hopeful Ella Henderson is just too good not to share. 

Regardless of what you think of the show or whether you believe she should be on there or not, this is spine tingling. It takes raw talent to make an infamous tune like this your own and to give the words new meaning. 

I can't listen to it without welling up just a bit. Incredible. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Les Misérables - Live Singing

I didn't think anything could excite me further for Les Misérables coming to the big screen but I was wrong. This glimpse at the ground breaking decision to have live singing will breathe new life into the much loved musical. 

There's nothing that thrills me more with movies than taking a look at the inner workings and what they've done here is truly astounding. Having the actors sing live with just the piano in their ear and complete freedom to add the emotion means we've never heard the songs sung like this before and that's something pretty special. 

Take a look at the powerful movie trailer here and have your hankies ready come January 11th. 

Are you looking forward to this one? 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sneak Preview of SpectaculART by Catrice

This teaser arrived in my inbox yesterday with a sneak preview of Catrice's Autumn Winter 2012 collection, SpectaculART. 

Catrice say that this limited edition collection is 'Inspired by crossover couture and the Indian Bindi look of the winter fashion season 2012.' The focus is on the eyes as eyeshadows in elegant metal shades offer dramatic eye make-up looks. 

The more eagle eyed and nail polish obsessed amongst us will have spotted this gold flake nail polish. If OPI's The Man with the Golden Gun 18k gold topcoat was a little out of your budget or inclination then this looks like a perfect replacement. 

SpectaculART from Catrice is expected to hit stands in Novemember.  

Will you be keeping an eye out? 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NOTD - Iridescent Delight

Nails today are almost psychedelic in their iridescence.  Following yesterdays Mean & Green, I changed up my nails to match my outfit, the plan was Lancômes Bleu de Flore navy teal on its own but then I was reminded during a chat with the lovely Sera of The Agoraphobic Fashionista of a rainbow topcoat that I've used on Barry M's Dusky Mauve in the past. Is there nothing a rainbow flakie can't make better? 

I wrote about Bleu de Flore in this post, it really is a stunner on its own but the addition of the Inglot flakie has made the mani all the more eye catching. It's a very easy way to add the iridescent look, that's pretty huge this Autumn/Winter to any polish. 

What do we think? 

Stila in the light: Eye Shadow Palette

I told you about Stila setting up shop in the lovely Harvey Nichols last week, it was and is music to the ears of Irish beauty lovers the country over. While at the launch though, I managed to get my hands on the Stila in the Light palette. A neutral delight that I was sure would fit right in round here at Casa Cherry. Wanna see some swatches? 

Bare is a yellow toned, matte cream, ideal as a base colour and as a blending aid for smokey eyes. 

Kitten reminds me a lot of Side Car from Urban Decay. It's a bright gold taupe shimmer with a creamy soft formulation. Beautiful for highlighting as well as a wash of shadow in its own. 

Bliss is a pink toned beige matte, again great as a base or a blending shadow. I've also worn this one on its own for a muted eye look with a stronger lip. 

Sunset is a rich creamy copper, it applies beautifully with just one swatch. I've been using this under the eye for an autumnal shadow look this past couple of weeks. 

Sandstone is a creamy matte brown with surprising lasting ability. It doubles very easily as a liner should you want a softer look. 

Bubbly is a bright gold, silky soft and full of shimmer. There's almost a wet to the touch texture with this shade that lends itself well to staying power for a night out. Another gorgeous highlighter too. 

Gilded Gold is probably my only let down of this palette. In the pan it's a deep russet brown with golden shimmer but the colour pay off is wojus. The above swatch is wet and still it's not up to much. Pity. 

Luster is a deep taupe with a slate grey undertone, there's pink and gold microshimmer here but still it's soft and malleable. 

Night Sky is probably my favourite shade of the lot. A blue grey with silver shimmer in the pan, it transforms to a stunning purple, silver iridescent shade. Love. 

Finally, Ebony is a charcoal black matte, perfect as a liner or a base for a smoulderingly smokey eye. 

Also featured in the palette is a waterproof smudgestick eyeliner in Damsel. It's twistable uppable (technical term) and incredibly soft. Once in place it's smudgeable (another term) for up to a minute before it sets in place. 

In the Light is €32.60 from the Harvey Nics Stila counter, sound like something you might like? 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NOTD - MAC Mean & Green

I was thrilled to spot this iridescent beauty back on MAC counters during a recent visit. Mean & Green was originally part of the 2010 Venomous Villains collection that brought me my other favourite MAC polish, Fomidable but I never managed to bag this or Bad Fairy (that one still haunts me) until now.  

You see MAC have brought back 31 polishes and added them to their permanent collection, you can check out swatches of the others over on the lovely Christine of Temptalia's blog. Once I saw this beauty though, I knew it had to be mine. 

I would never be able to take enough photos to truly show you the beauty of this polish. It's a deep plum in a green jelly base with green, gold and purple sparkle and dimensions ready to leap off the nail every time the light hits it a different way. It's very Orly Space Cadet. 

My one bugbear with this polish though is the ridiculously fast tip wear, within 24-48 hours it's rubbing off but just look at those colours. It's mesmerising on the nail, so much so that I've forgiven it for its fickle ways. 

MAC polishes are priced at €12.50, with the 31 new(ish) additions available on counter now. Have you tried any yet? 

For Who's Benefit? Benefit Cosmetics Recent Campaigns Falling Foul of Fans

This eCard popped up on my Facebook feed last night and I felt the need to share. Not in a 'Let's all roll round the floors' kind of way, in a 'What the actual eff?!' way. It would seem that Benefit Cosmetics (California), in the latest of their marketing campaigns, have chosen to throw off the shackles of make up marketing altogether and appeal to... Well appeal to who exactly? Because I can't see a market for these cards that ties in with the brand, try as I might. Now don't get me wrong, I love Benefit, their make up, their packaging and their way with brows but not so much their choices in advertising strategies of late. 

Within minutes of that eCard being posted by Benefit with the link to the rest of the 'witty' cards, and the suggestion to be 'Coy and Lady Like' but 'Laugh Your Face Off', their Facebook post pretty much blew up with bad reaction from Fans the world over. 'Wow', 'Classy, Not', 'WTF' were just some of the comments, with several commenters asking if Benefit thought this an 'appropriate' post. The answer was clearly no as it was deleted within minutes and not spoken of again. 

This Facebook stuff up comes hot on the heels of a video released by the brands head office this week that's come under fire from all angles for the use of what's seen as tantamount bullying and harrassment in the name of humour. Check it out below but also check out the viewers' reaction in the comments:

Of course Irish readers will know that there was a similar incident much closer to home this past month. Benefit Cosmetics Ireland hired comedian Katherine Lynch to perform a funny, tongue in cheek promotion  called 'Funny Fannies' that seemed to backfire also. The comments on that video have now been disabled but a quick look at the associated post will let you gauge reaction. 

The mission statement for Benefit is, as all beauty junkies know, 'Laughter is the best cosmetic... so grin and wear it!' but I'm just finding it very hard at the moment to find these recent campaigns funny, not in the slightest. Surely we should be laughing with each other not at others. 

Tell me, am I being an aul one? Do I need to lighten up? Am I being too picky believing that the campaigns should actually have something to do with the make up that the brand are selling? Or are these recent attempts at humourous marketing so painfully far from the mark of humour that it literally isn't funny? 

I'd love to know what you think...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Win with CherrySue - Pink Micro Pedi

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the good folk at Emjoi MICRO Pedi Ireland are hoping to raise €12,500 for Breast Cancer Charities in Ireland & the UK. They've kindly given me two of these pink Micro Pedis (worth €49.99) to give away to you lucky lot but once you've seen my review here, you'll realise that it also makes a great gift for a great cause.

To get your hands (& tootsies) on one of these wonders all I need you to do is tell me one of the major annual events that hold to raise awareness and funds. You'll find a hint here

You can either comment below or email me at with your answer, please include the name/ID you use as a follower of the blog so I can contact you on October 31st should you be the lucky winner. Good Luck!

This one is open to ROI only, unfortunately, because of postage restrictions on the company but I will have a couple of surprises coming up for readers from other countries too. 

Psst. Your second chance
to win is over on mah 

Monday's Moments - 24/09

That weekend was an absolute blur, was it not? Last thing I remember I was having a tame drink with a good pal after work on Friday then BOOM time to set the alarm again. It could be because my internet was down for the weekend, there's nothing like online radio silence to make the time fly but either way here we are Monday once more and any excuse to chase the blues away. As usual, I have five:

1. I'll be the Judge of That!

I had the delight over the past couple of weeks to help out as a judge with Blog Awards Ireland. I really enjoyed the experience, not only did it introduce me to some fantastic blogs that I didn't know were out there but it also helped me to think about improvements I want to make around here. 

The competition is sure stiff and I'm honestly dying to know who wins out but hitting send on my final judging scorecard on Thursday evening was one of my moments of the week. Good Luck to everyone still in the running. 

2. Just Doff your Cap!

Probably one of the funniest exchanges I've seen while stuck in traffic happened this week. As I passed the local gym there was two big lads strutting out the gates, gym bags on shoulders. One hit the other on the arm and blessed himself. It was only then I saw the magpie on the fence. 

I chuckled at that alone but dude number 2's reaction was priceless, he got seriously upset, punched his mate on the arm and shouted something in another language (Polish maybe?) I can only assume it was along the lines of 'Don't you PUT that evil on me, Ricky Bobby'. I laughed all the way back to work. Guess no matter how big you get, you never mess with magpie joojoo...

3. Merci Buckets. 

I mentioned during the week that we'd been to the launch of, Karen of the Lovely Girly Bits and I that is. We had a fab night, chatting with people and learning more about the site launch. 

What we didn't realise is that there was to be a raffle on the evening. She's a leeedle bit lucky and I've been known to be too so we were super excited as Darren Kennedy started to call out the winning tickets. Lo & behold my number was called out! I'm now the delighted owner of a Pandora bracelet, I've never been able to justify the cost before but as a prize? I'm in love with it. It genuinely made my week!

4. Lemony Snicket, isseh?

Ok, I'm fully aware that this moment, well series of moments will make me look like a buffoon but truly, as stupid events go, I've had a week full. How about a taster?

  • While trying to fix my broken car window, I closed the stupid thing and caught my own fingers. Because I was wearing my turquoise ring they were jammed and it took me a good ten minutes to free myself. Can you imagine that 999 call? 'Yeah, uhm, I put my fingers in the window and eh, closed it. Yeah me, I did, stop laughing!'
  • When I had filled my satchel to capacity with products to be photographed and the camera itself, I swung it to put my arm through. I wasn't counting on the momentum of the bag speeding up the swing, so forgot to stick my arm through. Cue me staggering backwards as I almost garrotted myself. 
  • In a rush the other morning, I realised the hem of my trousers was loose, thinking I'd be clever, I wonder webbed them with the iron. Genius, right? Only when I went to pull them on I'd wonder webbed the leg hole shut! The dog just looked at me with boredom in his eyes as I danced round the kitchen in my knicks, shouting obscenities, trying to force my foot through. 
  • FINALLY, when having dins with Karen before that event, I was relaying these stupid stories when I spilled pasta on my top, 'That's normal' says you, well when I tried to clean it off I reached for the fork in my own hand (I don't know why) and literally catapulted a fork of carbonara into my own face. What the actual EFF?!
Suffice to say that my moment in all of these moments is that whomever had that voodoo doll of me seems to have replaced it. I'm back to normal & good for now. *Touches wood*

5. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

Finally this week I have a special Anniversary wish for my 'rents. On Saturday gone, during my online blackout, they celebrated their Ruby Anniversary. 40 years of matrimonial lurrve, that's a huge feat, right? 

I have a beautiful picture that I'll post at some stage (couldn't find my copy) of the morning of their wedding (no, I wasn't there). It was outside the Magazine Fort in the Phoenix Park, where my Mam grew up with her family. It's a lovely shot & I'll share it as soon as I can lay my mitts on it. For now Maw & Paw, Happy Anniversary, here's to many, many more xx

So tell me, people, what's been your happy haps this week? Sharing is caring ja?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cherry Pick of the Week - Robbie Williams - Candy

The newest offering from brand new Daddy Robster is hugely catchy after the first listen. 

Candy sees him back on form and is likely to be a huge hit, have a listen & tell me what you think..

Friday, September 21, 2012

Skyfall Charity Screening

A special charity screening of the new James Bond film, SKYFALL™ will take place in the Savoy Cinema, Dublin on October 24th, in aid of two Irish charities, LARCC Cancer Support Centre and the Cinema Benevolent Fund for Ireland. 

Tickets for this special screening are €50 and include a goody bag and a post film Heineken drinks reception in Lillie’s Bordello.

Skyfall will be released in Ireland and internationally from 26th October 2012, meaning as well as doing your bit for charity and having a great night out, you're also getting to see the new Bond movie 2 days before anyone else.

To buy tickets (which would make a fantastic gift for any Bond fan or movie buff by the way), please phone 01 6761062 or email 

If altruism or the promise of a night on the tiles haven't convinced you, check out the trailer below: 

Excited much?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Launch of The

Great news for airport shoppers and very bad news for purses and wallets is the launch of The, Irish airport shopping's new online store. 

Gone are the days of red-eye flights meaning missing out on beauty goodies or sneaky discount purchases and no longer will haring through security, late for your plane mean mournful glances at the shops full of goods. 

Designed so that you can shop from the leisure of your home between 24 & 48 hours before your departure flight, The offers over 4,000 products with a double the difference price promise, meaning they won't be beaten by high street prices. 

I managed to pop along to the launch last night and while having a chat with one of the lovely gents realised that, as brilliant an idea as this is, it will mean great things for passengers flying from Cork and Shannon too. Not best known for their selection of brands in the smaller airports, the introduction of means that all brands are now just a click away for everyone. Good news, right?

Customers ordering their shopping in advance will also have the option of Shop & Collect once they pick up their goods before their outbound flight (any time from 4am!), meaning you can jet off on hols and once you come through Arrivals again you will receive a reminder text to pick up your purchases. How about that for a little help to deal with the post hollier blues?

The coming weeks will see MAC join with the lengthy list of brands already available, it will be the worlds only airport online MAC retailer (quite the beauty coups). I'm only hoping against hope it happens before my upcoming flight to London. No more rushing through MAC buying ALL the things in a hurry. I can tell and I are going to be friends. 

What do you think? Do you reckon this site is as dangerous good an idea as I do?

Optimus Prime - 3 of My Favourite Shadow Primers

The oilier lidded lovelies amongst us or those wanting to give their eye make up a little insurance will be no strangers to the wonders of eye shadow primers. I have normal skin and thankfully that applies to my peeper lids too but, on occasion, mostly evening occasion when I've done some extra work on my eyes, I like to use a primer to keep everything in place until kebab time. 

Because I don't use primers as a norm, I haven't had need to go out and buy either the Smashbox Lid Primer or the Urban Decay Primer Potion but both have been very welcome accompaniments to other gift sets I've received so it's been sample sizes I've been loving. Mac Painterly, I waxed lyrical about before. If it didn't last for millennia, I'd probably have bought another by now. 

I've put together some pics of each with some swatches of MAC Club for comparison. You can see how intense the shadow is made using each as a base. 

Smashbox Photofinish Lid Primer - €22
As an accompaniment to Smashbox's world famous PhotoFinish Primer, this Lid Primer works a charm. It promises to reduce fine lines on the lids using soft focus pearls it provides the perfect canvas for eye shadows. It contains Phytomoist, a plant-based hyaluronic acid for ultimate moisture, which means its formulation is creamy and soft with no caking or drying. 

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - €20
Probably the best known shadow primer of the lot, Urban Decay has a dedicated following from make up Artists to beauty junkies. The wettest of the three primers here, this potion applies moist but dries almost instantly to a soft, sheer base. Promising to do away with fallout and creasing of shadows, I love to use UDPP when I'm wearing a coloured eyeliner as it adds to the 'pop'. 

MAC Painterly Paint Pot - €21
My favourite of the lot and probably one of my HG products, MAC Painterly Paint Pot is a velvety soft cream that applies beautifully. Almost undetectable on my skin, I've been known to use this bad boy as a snakey concealer when caught out. Even though it's not drying in the slightest, shadow sticks to it like no other primer I've used - I'm talking waking up at 6am after a night on the tiles and still having my smokey eye shadow in place. J'adore. 

For all the staying power of each of these primers, there's still no issue with cleansing come the end of the day (or morning). Having used many alternatives, including Maybelline Color Tatoos and regular concealer, I continue to come back to these three when I want the job done right. 

Are you a shadow primer fan? Do you use these ones or others?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New to Arnott's - The Shoe Garden, a Manna from Heaven for Irish Shoe Lovers (Pic Heavy)

I come bearing seriously good news for the shoe lovers of Ireland, Arnott's, one of Ireland's oldest and most loved department stores has proven it's cutting edge metal once more with the introduction of the country's first Shoe Garden. 

With 100,000 ft chock full of 50,000 pairs of lust have shoes from 47 brands, there's something in here to make everyone swoon. I had the delight to pop along last night and take a peek at what's going on so I took a couple of snaps to share the love and hopefully whet your appetite. Those on spending bans, look away immediately!

Nine West mixing print with red leather and black suede. I'm in love. 

Fitflops new AW 2012 offerings are sure to keep your tootsies toastie this winter, or the much sought after Ballet Due. It took all my self control not to snap up the Cherry ones. 

Beautiful and wearable flats from Stuart Weitzman. A girl with a penchant for flat soled comfort can dream, can't she?

From the maker of the iconic Lita, Jeffrey Campbell had some surriously scurry shoes on show. There's no way I could teeter in these wonders but I just couldn't stop looking at them. That's the point, right?

Only the tip of the ballerina iceberg when it comes to Arnott's Shoe Garden. You'll literally be spoiled for choice. 

Some of the boots and one stunning Kurt Geiger shoe that made it straight onto my lust list. 

And finally, the one that will divide opinion like no other - Spuggs!  (ehm, sparkle Uggs that is)

If the unmistakeable scent of melting visa plastic last night was anything to go by the Shoe Garden is going to be an enormous hit. I love the quirky lay out and the original concept. The Arnott's display windows alone are worth a trip down Henry Street. 

Have you been in to see it yet? I'd love to know if you can escape without a purchase. 

Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream - A Natural Saviour

I've been eeking out the last of my most recent tube of all round wonder Cicaplast Baume B5 so when Human + Kind's Family Remedy Cream dropped on the mat of Casa Cherry last week I was delighted. You only need to put 'Natural' in the search bar over there --> to see my fondness for natural products so I knew this tube and I were going to get along. 

Having never tried anything from the Human + Kind brand before but read oodles about them online, this Family Remedy seems to be the perfect introduction for us. With 96.2% natural and 3.8% naturally derived ingredients it promises to cater for every skin ailment and issue. 

Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream - €22.95

Being the nose bag that I am, I had to take a look at the all natural ingredients used to make a Family Cream such as this, listed on the pack we have Organic coconut oil, shea butter, centella, calendula, avocado oil, rosehip seed oil, white lily, chickweed, birch extract, tea tree leaf oil, horsetail extract, marshmallow, olive leaf extract, broccoli extract and aloe vera. But even more heartening, you'll find full details of all ingredients online. All of the background information is transparent and clear, just how I like my natural products. 

So is it any use? In a word 'Absofeckinlutely'. I've used this cream several times over the past week. 

  • On a burn on my wrist from the iron (I'm such a martyr)
  • A nasty graze on the youngest's forearm (Usual Evil Kenevil antics)
  • A raised blemish on the eldest's neck (Teenage woes)
  • On my ankles that were rubbed raw from new shoes (I love 'em anyway)
Each and every time Family Cream (aptly named btw) has worked a treat. It has the scent of tea tree and feels more like a cooling balm than a cream but it does exactly what it says on the green & purple tube. 

You'll find many more uses for Family Cream (& Stockists info) on the Human + Kind site but for Casa Cherry's uses, it's a great all rounder.