Friday, August 30, 2013

Luther the Movie?

It looks as though Luther fans may be in for a reprieve from series withdrawals if reports out this week are anything to be believed. There has been talk of a prequel movie that will focus on Detective John Luther's early career and some of the stories that made him into the tough, albeit jinxed, super cop he is today. 

Speaking at the Edinburgh Film Festival, series creator, Neil Cross said “Idris is a brilliant leading man, and we’ve hoped to turn Luther into a movie for a long time,”. He also went on to confirm that he has finished the screenplay and it is hoped it will go into production early next year. 

Alice (Ruth Wilson), serious bad ass, serious girl crush!
The final scenes of the movie are set to close and conincide perfectly with the opening scenes of series one (which can be found on BBC's iPlayer or Netflix) and I, for one, will be a little disappointed if they don't leave a little room for manoeuvre - they can't make a prequel of a prequel can they?

My worry is somewhat abated though with the follow up rumours that everyone's favourite sociopathic murderess, Alice, is set to get a spin off series of her own. Now, that, I'll be watching. 

Tell me, are you excited to see Luther on the big screen, would you Elba him out of bed for eating biscuits? Are there any other small screen roles you'd love to see made into movies? 

We're the Millers - Movie Review

Who's in it? 

Will Poulter & Ed Helms

What's it About? 

When small time drug peddler David falls foul of his dealer, he's forced into cross border drug smuggling. In an effort to avoid detection he's gathers together a rag tag team of people he knows to form a dysfunctional family to set off to Mexico. 

Any Good?

It's rare to find a laugh out loud funny comedy that'll satisfy most movie goers but We're the Millers almost made it.. almost. There are genuine guffaws to be had but when it gets close to the bone, we're talking pretty uncomfortable viewing and face in hands cringing rather than an easy, breezy laugh a minute romp.  

Image of a nuclear family. IMAGE. 

Coming from the makers of Dodgeball, the humour is the saviour here as under any kind of scrutiny the plot, characters or script really don't hold up. Subtle jokes and oddly sweet 'family' moments to counterbalance the all out outrageous scenes manage to keep the pace moving and mean overall we can forgive the movie makers when they overstep the mark (for the most part).

Stellar bit parts providing the lulz

Aniston's role as the down on her luck stripper putting on the act of her life is easily the stand out performance. She provides most of the wildly exaggerated lines and of course, that strip tease. I'm unsure as to what that adds to the plot, other than to sell tickets to the mens, I'm also unsure as to who would be oiled up and sporting 3 piece matching lingerie on a sweaty drug mule run from mexico but damn she looks fine. 

Her moments of ingenuity to save their collective bacon and heartfelt caring for her 'kids' round out the character brilliantly and it's just a shame that more thought wasn't given to the other cast members, who were shamefully underused. You only need to look at the constantly bewildered look on Kenny's face to start smiling, while the back and forward between David and Casey has some of the smartest one liners of the film. 

Kenny, the affable oaf. 

On the whole, We're the Millers brings something fresh to the table. Some of the jokes will have you chuckling long after the credits roll and some squirming in your seat even when you've gotten home but whether laughing uncomfortably or laughing involuntarily you can be guaranteed you'll be laughing.

If you're not easily offended and aren't going with your parents (regardless of your age) then have at it and be sure to stay for the post credit blooper reel, it's a doozy. 


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Things that Rustle my Jimmies

It's that time of week again, the releasing of the Kraken, let us all join in the story telling of our collective Jimmies being rustled. 

We're here to right the wrongs of the week so let's get to it: 

1. People smoking in the doorways 
of shopping centres!

 photo tumblr_inline_mln6ufv09l1qz4rgp_zps98f5281e.gif

2. 'We're SO EXCITED to provide FREE content about our business for your blog!'

 photo yeah-no_zpsd034da39.gif

3. Warm Toilet Seats. 

 photo tumblr_inline_mlzngdpnhT1r1wpaz_zpscd99404c.gif

4. When the press photographer 
shows up at beauty events...

 photo 4S6Mmd4_zps734dee35.gif

5. When my call is transferred to 

 photo n6Z08WK_zps9f990f33.gif

And that's it, I can breathe easy again, Jimmie Status: Restored, for now...

Tell me, what's been driving you baloobas this week, have your Jimmies been rustled? It helps to share... honest. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Psst Irish Tatler are Hosting L'Occitane Reader's Events!

When people I know, in real life, find out I'm a beauty blogger the first question is always the same 'What's your number one beauty buy then?'. My look of bewilderment because they don't fully understand that they've just asked me to make Sophie's Choice never goes down well. 

If we're talking favourite brands though, L'Occitane is right up there battling away in the top three. I have never, like ever, been disappointed or let down by a product I've bought in these sunshine yellow shops and that's an incredible feat for such a large company. 

When I read that there was a reader event in association with Irish Tatler coming up I leapt at the chance to snag several tickets and this is a heads up so you can do exactly the same thing. 

Typical reader's luxury goody bag (products might and probably will vary)
The events are being held the length and breath of the country over two days, the 10th and 11th September, so there's ample opportunity for everyone to get a slice of French beauty heaven. There'll be a sneak peek at the new L'Occitane Divine Skincare collection on the evening but that's not all...

There'll be drinks & nibbles, mini facials, mini manicures and a luxury goody bag of L'Occitane gorgeousness with a retail value of €55! Let's not forget there's a 15% discount throughout the stores on the night too (I'll be using it to stock up on Cherry Blossom EVERYTHING).

You can find locations, times and tickets here or by calling 0818 333231 but my advice is to hop to it, at just €10 each I've no doubt they'll be sold out lickity split. 

(By the by, this is an ideal opportunity
for beauty bloggers that might want
to review some L'Occitane products. 
I'm pretty certain you'll love 'em!)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What to Buy in the States: US Beauty Brands We Don't Have (*cries*)

Are you lucky enough to be heading Stateside? Wondering what you should be spending your hard earned dollits on? The USA really is the land of plenty when it comes to beauty products, so I thought a handy little heads up might help cut through some of the bewilderment and point out some gems when it comes to holiday buys. 

I've chosen a few brands that it's damn near impossible to get your mitts on in the UK and/or Ireland but if you have any to add to the list I'd love to hear 'em in the comments too, sharing is caring y'all...

The very lovely Fleur from first alerted me to the gorgeousness that is the packaging on Physicians Formula bronzers and blushes. The entire range is peppered with gems, for as little as $11, as a first step into beautiful products, you should definitely check this brand out. You'll find it in Walgreen's, Ulta and most large drug stores. 

My first glimpse of cruelty free cosmetic brand Tarte came courtesy of Estée of, her haul videos from home (her home, Canada) always leave me yearning for some (ALL) of Tarte's products. The cult favourite and multi award winning Amazonian Clay blushes will set you back around $25 but you just need to check out their reviews to make you wibbly with want. You'll find Tarte in Sephora, Ulta and most large department stores. 

The state side equivalent to our MUA, Wet n' Wild does budget beauty brilliantly. Classing itself as 'All Access Beauty', there's guaranteed to be something to catch your eye. Be sure to check out their Color Icon shadows that are causing a stir in the online community and try very hard not to buy a bajillion nail polishes for next to nathin' (not that I'd judge you for that). Again Wet n'Wild is widely available, drug stores being your best bet. 

Yep, I'm well aware that we have Maybelline on our shores but are we as spoiled for choice as our American sisters? Hells no! Be sure to check out mascaras, limited edition Color Tattoos and the full complement of Baby Lips when perusing the aisles of drug stores and supermarkets. You're guaranteed to spot something we just don't have and who doesn't want that? You're also pretty much guaranteed that it'll be a damn site cheaper too. 

While we're on the subject of cost, no US trip would be complete without a quick calculation of just how much you can save on brands that we do have. The likes of Clinique, MAC, Bobbi Brown and Benefit will cost decidedly less than here (mostly because we're woefully ripped off price wise) so now's the time to stock up on firm favourites. 

Tell me, have you been shopping Stateside or are you heading that way soon (you lucky sucker)? I'd love to hear what you've been buying and of course what you plan on picking up. 

To the comments!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday's Moments: 26th August 2013

I'm going to start right out by saying that if you're reading from the UK then I couldn't be more jealous of you right now. Yes, we've already had ours, no that's no consolation - on the off chance that you've any Monday Blues left to chase away be sure to tell me how you're managing in the comments. 

As for Moi, these Moments are working just fine....

1. A Surprise Blackberry Bonus

What's better than getting hold of one of your all time favourite beauty products? Eh, getting hold of one that you've already paid for, that's what!

I was thrilled to find an Avon bag stashed away in my swim bag in my Mam's, inside the elusive Blackberry Super Shock Liner. Not only have my two been used to nubs but Avon have left us high and dry so I had no way to replace it. This was the back up I'd forgotten about and it pretty much made my week!

2. Slave to the Beeps NO MORE!!

The word 'Quicker' has lost all meaning now, hasn't it?
I have no doubt that I'm not alone in HATING the beeps on the fridge or freezer door to warn you that it's been left open ajar. Thing is, it's almost impossible to do that so they serve only to harass you to the point of break down while trying to make the dinner or stock the fridge. 

We've had this fridge for 3 years now and in that time I've been reduced to screaming 'I'M GOING AS FAST AS I CAN' to the 6ft rectangle of inanimate metal but this week I found out something pretty mindblowing. Hitting the button on the door stops the alarm. IT STOPS THE ALARM, PEOPLE! I feel a mixture of elation and stupidity. Neither more than the other. 

3. New Addiction Alert!

I've made no secret of my grá for goats cheese. I can't get enough of it and tell people, often. One such conversation happened while I was having eats with the lovely Andreea from last week and she let me in on a little something incredible. Aldi Goat's Cheese. 

It's only €1.25, it's in Aldi, IT'S PHENOMENAL. Go forth with this information and do as you will. Try to get there before me though as I fully intend to buy every blahhdy pack of the stuff having tried inhaled a roll in one day this week. 

4. The Pride of Belfast

The benches outside are spaced to represent the final Morse Code sent from the ship!
I was a little unsure why a cruise liner that sank on it's first night at sea would be called 'The Pride' of anywhere but that doesn't take away from the wonder that is The Titanic Museum in Belfast. 

I took a trip up there with Mam's Stitch n' Bitch group on Thursday and was completely blown away by the back story (no Leonardos or French Girl paintings in sight). It's a permanent museum and 100% worth your time for a looksee. Check out my instagram feed for more pics from last week. 

5. A Moment to Top ALL MOMENTS

Moment five is one I've been looking forward to writing for almost a year now. Our Pops has officially finished radio therapy and is free from treatment!! 

It's been a long road and I don't think any of us have let it fully sink in yet but, for the record, my Dad's a serious bad ass. The whole situation has not only put everything into perspective for us but it's also made us realise just how lucky we are. I couldn't be more grateful and I certainly couldn't be prouder. The man's a bloody legend!

And that's them, the Moments that mean I'm not too depressed about missing out on a Bank Hollier. Tell me, what's wonderful and going on in your neck of the woods this week, eh? 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things the Rustle my Jimmies

I have to start by saying a whopping thanks to every single one of you lovely people that not only take the time to share your rants here but to tweet, facebook and email too to say this post is the highlight of their week. 

I know a little own horn trumpeting like that is a Jimmie Rustler in itself to some but truly, Thanks. Now, enough with the niceties, here's what's causing a rustle this week:

                                                                      *Puts on scowl*

1. People continuing to walk three abreast on footpaths when approaching other people

 photo tumblr_inline_mq3b887RzX1qz4rgp_zps31393f61.gif

2. Doctors' Secretaries

 photo tumblr_m6te9rc2m71rys4czo5_400_zps6be69aea.gif

3. Random Colleagues with 
oblivious to the damage they do

 photo tumblr_mpdoo0nhsm1sp9fcho1_400_zps26c911fb.gif

4. People who rev at zebra crossings

 photo tumblr_m4vjuwJG2Q1qj3ir1_zps8e58d63e.gif

5. People that insist on beeping outside a house instead of knocking OR EVEN TEXTING!!

 photo tumblr_inline_mijxusdXVO1rzxty3_zpsac70a64b.gif

Man, that feels so gooood!

Come join me in the revelry, release your inner most rants in the comments - it genuinely alleviates the urge to poke some people in the eye - with a fork. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NOTD: Banana Sunday with Sally Hansen, Essie & Inglot

It's been a while since I've posted a Nail of the Day so thought I'd share this simple look today. Bright and sunny and more than a little inspired by my bargainous Lidl roses, this mani is stoopidly simple but I've had so many compliments it's silly. 

Essie's Sunday Funday is a bright coral from my favourite of this Summers collections and Go Bananas is Sally Hansens pastel lemon from the gorgeous limited edition Exotica range.  Both topped with Inglot's stunning Holo glitter: 201. 

Of course these colours would make a stunning sponged ombre mani too but, when in a rush, any creme bright will complement creme pastels and give you a lovely effect. Go forth and  mix/match from your stash, yo!

What's on your nails today then? 

Marc Jacobs Honey: A Must Have Summer Scent

Marc Jacobs has been knocking it out of the park when it comes to seriously pretty, dressing table decoration perfume bottles for years now. Think Daisy, think Lola, think Dot, then forget every one of 'em because Honey is about to blow their cute little lids off with not only stunning packaging but a scent that will have strangers stop you as you pass. 

Truth be told it was the bottle that halted me in my tracks as I hared about my business a couple of weeks back. I've usually found Mr Jacob's scents a little to sweet for my musk loving schnozz but in all honesty, one whiff of this and it was love. 

'Could I BEE any cuter?' 

You know those scents that have you sniffing your arms for hours after you've applied them? Honey is one o' those. It's sunny, it's light and it's bright but it stops short of being sweet: the woody basenotes see to that and it's what makes it a winner for me. 

I'm not a big describer of scents so for those of you in the know, who know what you like and where, Honeys notes break down like this: 

Top: Pear, Juicy Mandarin
Heart: Orange Blossom, Peach, Honeysuckle (my favourite flower of all time)
Base: Honey, Vanilla, Woods

This little bottle has been a huge hit in the office with the girls and it was interesting to see that they each smelled something different from the ingredients. I've been stopped several times, including by the chef in the canteen, to ask what I'm wearing so it would seem Honey sure is a crowd pleaser too. 

If not just for the adorable bottle (which is sat on my PC in work (WHILE I'M THERE) to gaze at) I'd urge you to spritz Marc Jacobs Honey when you're next passing a counter and I defy you not to fall in love. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Monday's Moments: 19th August 2013

Did you really think there wouldn't be Moments, did you? In yo' face tech gremlins!

1. Result!

Last week saw the official end of the Eldest Gorgebag's secondary school education with the release of the Leaving Cert results. 

Casa Cherry held its collective breath as he returned with the envelope but YUSS, he only went and aced the blahhdy thing. Got the points he wanted and more than anything else, was as chuffed with himself as I have been since the moment I clapped eyes on him 17 years ago. A good day indeed. 

2. 'I'm a VIP, Momma'

Our second Moment is very closely related to the first in that it happened that night as a result of said results. Results Night!! I was told as Aaron dickied himself up and headed off into the sunset. 

He's only 17 so when I heard a friend would be working the door of their club of choice I was thrilled - when I still hadn't heard a peep from him by 3am- NOT SO MUCH. I called his number expecting him to be upturned in a ditch and he answered (!) 'Mam, we're VIPs, I can't leave, all the lads are shaking my hand for getting them in'. And so it begins...

3. Easy Parenting

Moment 3 is one I mentioned a couple of weeks back, being asked to contribute some advice to new Mums in Easy Parenting.

I'll never get used to the feeling of seeing my name in print I don't think but, hand on heart, I wish there was a resource like this available when I was starting out with these two man beasts. Thanks for having me Easy Parenting!

4. Not so Tough Stuff

Saturday saw me escape to Stillorgan, to the stunning Radisson Blu in St Helen's at the invitation of the one woman powerhouse that is Marissa Carter. (She's the beautiful brains behind the Cocoa Brown brand).

During this Lovely Ladies Lunch, however, I managed to nab an extra nice pressie - a very generous voucher for one of Dublin's top restaurants, Saba. How could I NOT know the answer was Cherry? Come on! (Chuffage and stuffage!)

5. Almost Instant Karma

I'm a big believer in paying it forward and that in doing so, you're setting the universe up to pay it right back to you. Some call it Karma, I just call it as I see it. 

On Saturday, while readying myself for the lovely Stillorgan lunch we were graced with one of the most torrential rainpours we've had of the Summer. Freezing bloody rain. I noticed there was a lady standing at the bus stop out side our place in just a blouse, drenched. Off I hared with one of the many umbrellas from the hall but had to stop her short of giving me a squelchy hug.

Once the rain had stopped I set off myself on the 39 to UCD, of course not realising that Google Maps is NO HELP IN A HURRY so stood by the Stillorgan road, being soaked, while I tried to get my barings. Up pulls a taxi to ask if I'm ok 'Yep, just a little lost' and asked for directions. 'Sure it's about 6 minutes down the road' said Nicholas, 'hop in'. I did and readied my cash. Once we'd pulled up though, he wouldn't have any of it. 'Sure do something nice for someone else' says he. 'I definitely will' says I, safe in the knowledge that Karma is alive and well!

Tell me, what's going on in your corner of the world then? Any Moments to brighten your day?