Friday, August 30, 2013

Luther the Movie?

It looks as though Luther fans may be in for a reprieve from series withdrawals if reports out this week are anything to be believed. There has been talk of a prequel movie that will focus on Detective John Luther's early career and some of the stories that made him into the tough, albeit jinxed, super cop he is today. 

Speaking at the Edinburgh Film Festival, series creator, Neil Cross said “Idris is a brilliant leading man, and we’ve hoped to turn Luther into a movie for a long time,”. He also went on to confirm that he has finished the screenplay and it is hoped it will go into production early next year. 

Alice (Ruth Wilson), serious bad ass, serious girl crush!
The final scenes of the movie are set to close and conincide perfectly with the opening scenes of series one (which can be found on BBC's iPlayer or Netflix) and I, for one, will be a little disappointed if they don't leave a little room for manoeuvre - they can't make a prequel of a prequel can they?

My worry is somewhat abated though with the follow up rumours that everyone's favourite sociopathic murderess, Alice, is set to get a spin off series of her own. Now, that, I'll be watching. 

Tell me, are you excited to see Luther on the big screen, would you Elba him out of bed for eating biscuits? Are there any other small screen roles you'd love to see made into movies? 


Nurse Fancy Pants said...

Aaah! Beyond excited! I love Luther! I think this is probably based on the Neil Cross book I got for my husband recently- it takes place just before the first episode so I'd be really interested to see what happens, as I haven't read it myself yet. Also, Alice...she's just the best.

S said...

I've never seen Luther at all! I've missed so many good series' this year. Must have a look at it online!