Friday, August 30, 2013

We're the Millers - Movie Review

Who's in it? 

Will Poulter & Ed Helms

What's it About? 

When small time drug peddler David falls foul of his dealer, he's forced into cross border drug smuggling. In an effort to avoid detection he's gathers together a rag tag team of people he knows to form a dysfunctional family to set off to Mexico. 

Any Good?

It's rare to find a laugh out loud funny comedy that'll satisfy most movie goers but We're the Millers almost made it.. almost. There are genuine guffaws to be had but when it gets close to the bone, we're talking pretty uncomfortable viewing and face in hands cringing rather than an easy, breezy laugh a minute romp.  

Image of a nuclear family. IMAGE. 

Coming from the makers of Dodgeball, the humour is the saviour here as under any kind of scrutiny the plot, characters or script really don't hold up. Subtle jokes and oddly sweet 'family' moments to counterbalance the all out outrageous scenes manage to keep the pace moving and mean overall we can forgive the movie makers when they overstep the mark (for the most part).

Stellar bit parts providing the lulz

Aniston's role as the down on her luck stripper putting on the act of her life is easily the stand out performance. She provides most of the wildly exaggerated lines and of course, that strip tease. I'm unsure as to what that adds to the plot, other than to sell tickets to the mens, I'm also unsure as to who would be oiled up and sporting 3 piece matching lingerie on a sweaty drug mule run from mexico but damn she looks fine. 

Her moments of ingenuity to save their collective bacon and heartfelt caring for her 'kids' round out the character brilliantly and it's just a shame that more thought wasn't given to the other cast members, who were shamefully underused. You only need to look at the constantly bewildered look on Kenny's face to start smiling, while the back and forward between David and Casey has some of the smartest one liners of the film. 

Kenny, the affable oaf. 

On the whole, We're the Millers brings something fresh to the table. Some of the jokes will have you chuckling long after the credits roll and some squirming in your seat even when you've gotten home but whether laughing uncomfortably or laughing involuntarily you can be guaranteed you'll be laughing.

If you're not easily offended and aren't going with your parents (regardless of your age) then have at it and be sure to stay for the post credit blooper reel, it's a doozy. 


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