Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things to Make You Go 'LOL'. Literally

Happy Thursday afternoon, everyone. If you're lucky enough to be on the Emerald Isle then this is your Friday WHOOT! Either way, it's Easter Bank Holiday weekend, full of sleeps, chocolate and the clocks going forward DOUBLE WHOOT! There's been many, many things making me literally LOL this week but I've whittled out five that still make me laugh looking at them now:  

  1. This picture sent to me by the eldest. Hilariously Jim -v- Dwight
  2. @SueKirk makes me laugh pretty much every day on the Twitter machine but when I saw her tweet 'WHORE!' with this picture attached I laughed so loudly I startled the dog. 
  3. I'm not normally the biggest Jenna Marbles fan but this video What a Girl's Makeup Means is laugh out loud funny because it's very, very true. Check out the doped out doggies at the end too!
  4. There may never be an Amazon review to rival the Veet ones but this one on a 55 gallon barrel of lube comes pretty blahhhdy close. Well played 'Jerome', well played. 
  5. This video of a baby laughing hysterically at her dog eating bubbles makes me well up with mirth. Definite LOL material. I'll be saving this one for cheering mahself up from now on. 
And that's them! I'd love to know if they gave you a chuckle and of course send on the link love if you've found something this week to make you audibly chuckle or laugh very, very loudly. 

Happy Easter, Peeps!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

First Look: Rimmel Salon Pro with Lycra Polishes

I'm a fickle divil when it comes to polish and for that very reason I'm always on the hunt for something that will cut down on application time and still look sweet. Sally Hansen's Complete Manicure range is a firm favourite for that very reason but Rimmel have once more teamed up with Kate Moss and they're about to take the one step manicure market by storm with the new and improved salon Pro with Lycra polish range. 

Taking the Eye out of One's Head with the Shine
Giving a gel salon finish without the hassle or the inevitable damage to your nails, these polishes have gotten the super shine down pat. But how? 

'Salon Pro with Lycra is enriched with clever Colour Script gel encapsulated microscopic tube particles'. 

Right, so.

All 22 colours from the new and improved range (Fuzzy iPhone Launch Pic)
While the polishes promise to be a one step wonder when it comes to your home manicure I'd still suggest a base coat with the deeper/stronger colours to prevent nail staining. But look at that shade range for choice. 

The new and improved brush is a stubby wonder. Short, sweet and perfect for full control and precision when applying your polish. 

Brit Pop and Punk Rock with no topcoat making my unloved nubs look a-ok!
The collection includes 9 shades of the 22 that were developed and named in collaboration with Kate Moss, each denoted with Kate's signature and to be honest they may be my favourites of the lot. We're talking minimal effort for seriously good results and isn't that what beauty today should really be about. 

Rimmel Salon pro with Lycra will be available from April 22nd and priced at a very reasonable €6.45 each. What think we? 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Attention Chanel Rouge Coco fans, come April 5th the brand is to extend their range of super glossy, semi transparent lip colours with several more deeply pigmented shades. Music to the ears of those of us that like a little more colour with our shine. Thanks to a 'Hydratender complex' these new shades, the COLLECTION AVANT-PREMIÈRE DE CHANEL will have 30% more pigment without sacrificing the shine or moisture synonymous with the Rouge Coco line. 

There are four new additions to Chanel's polish line, Starlet (LE) (Peachy pink with a golden pearlescent shine), Paparazzi (An intense plum brown), Cinéma (bright orange/red) and Provocation (Deep plum). 

With the exception of Saga (Rouge Coco Shine) and Starlet (Le Vernis), which are limited edition, the rest of the colours will join Chanel's permanent range. 

I know Ce Soir and Fiction will be mine, my beleaguered Laser card doesn't know that yet mind but tell me, despite the atrocious weather we're having of late, is there anything here that would get you in the Summer mood?

All colours will be on Chanel counters as of April 5th. 

You Down With OPP? (Other People’s Products That Is)

There’s one clear perk of staying with friends and relations (of the female variety) and that’s the inevitable rummage through their product stash. I say of the female variety as there’s only so much excitement I can muster for a shower in my brother’s Lynx Chocolate, the Sis on the other hand…

Each time we stay in a hotel, we have a little ritual where we use each other’s stuff. Sometimes it means I get to revisit goodies that I’ve donated to her cause and since lamented but more often than not I get to try out what she’s buying and loving. Our stay in The Morgan a couple of weeks back was no different.

Three newbies that I’d the pleasure of trying out this time were:  

Timotei  Vivid Colour Shampoo & Conditioner

Not since the school yard gonks calling me Timotei ( I had hair to my knees)(from my head) have I tried the old chestnut that is Timotei. I was more than pleasantly surprised with their Vivid Colour shampoo though. Light and easily foamed, it didn't strip my hair or feel too drying. The conditioner I could take or leave as it felt a little heavy for my grúaig requirements. Both smell divine though, I'd be tempted to purchase the shampoo with a different version of conditioner.  

Boots No 7 BB Cream

Boots No 7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream is easily one of my favourite OPP discoveries. Creamy soft and super flattering, it's an almost full coverage BB that lasted the entire day, while still allowing my skin to breathe. I was a woman on a mission to pick this up and had Clarins not have sent me their BB offering the very next day (More on that later) this would have been mine by the weekend. It still will be!

Molton Brown Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod

I could sum up Molton Brown's Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod in one word and that'd be 'Wowsers'. Containing pink pepper, African ginger and patchouli it's as manly man a woman's scent as you'll get. I didn't readily admit it but the only reason I had three showers during our day and a half stay was these beauties. I'm a huge fan of Molton Brown as it stands but hadn't the  chance to check out this version. It's luxury in a bottle and has shot to the top of my 'Do WANT' list. 

So g’wan, admit it – are you guilty of moisturising your entire body in your mother’s Crème de la Mer hand cream when staying over? How about shaving your pins with your brother in law’s favourite Mach 3 when drafted in to babysit for the night? Or are you just happy to have a little scout through and spritz of everything on offer? I won't tell, honest...

Monday, March 25, 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Celestial, Galaxy & Apocaliptic - Guest Post

This afternoon, lovelies I've more than a little treat for you, Lorraine Haigney aka Fancy Face, aka All the Rs (because of her twitter handle @Lorrrrrrrrraine) has done me the very huge favour of putting together a little su'him, su'him about Rimmel's brand new Apocalips. Lorraine is, without a doubt, one of the funniest peeps and most gifted writers I know so once you've had a read head over to her blog and give it a follow. Her pictures alone are stunners. Take it away, Fancy Face!

It's rare that a making a decision using awful logic turns out well. Leaving men with curly eyelashes aside (for once, wha?), nothing gets me to throw caution to the wind and dive right in like make-up with cute branding. I've purchased a nail polish the exact same shade that
I had at home because the new one's title reference Forrest Gump. Play on words, pull on my heartstrings. So, when Rimmel Apocalips hit the stands, they had to me mine.

And you know what? My poorly-researched purchases have turned out to be star buys. I bought two and later nabbed three more at their launch and love each one as much as the last. Each one is nearly opaque and mega creamy. You'll get along with the range best if you use 'em sparingly - piling loads on like a gloss is a sure-fire way to look like the joker before you've even left your make-up table.

The first one that caught my eye was Luna - because, hello? Harry Potter. It imparts a soft wash of peach, like you've just been eating an icepop. I'm wearing it in the shot below, for reference.

(The Fanciest of Faces!)

Next up was Nude Eclipse. Being a pale with a cool undertone makes finding nude lipsticks that suit me difficult but this is a winner. Because it's less-than opaque, you avoid going into that terrible chalky-lipped territory and end up with a polished, subtle pout.

Rimmel's Apocalips: €7.65

The three I picked up at the launch are all pinks, in an effort to make the boys winks. Celestial and Galaxy come gorgeous, office-friendly tones while Apocaliptic is a real head-turner. In fact, it's my pick of the pack.

Have you tried any yet? What d'ya make of 'em?

I've only just been given a couple of these beauties by the brand but have been nodding along at this entire post. Well done, All the Rs! In the words of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon 'Thank you, come again!'

Monday's Moments: 25/03/13

How do Monday, you don't have much power over us this week, wedged between two Bank holliers but I've five Moments to take the wind from your depressing sails anyway. Wanna see 'em? 

1. Aw, Fwends..

For my birthday last weekend we headed down to Offaly to one of my oldest pals for a little R&R (and several sociable shots). I was a little nervous as this was to be the first time she'd meet Himself. Of course there's no judge of character like a long time bestie so I was hoping we'd all get along. 

Needless to say, we'd an absolute ball. Everyone hit it off immediately, which inevitably led me to doing The Inbetweeners impressions for the two days. Good times, good Fwends. 

2. Employee of the Year Because of a Pal of the Year

I got this ridiculously delicious belated birthday surprise when I returned to work last week. Helen, who could give Nigella a run for her money, baked this Guinness and Chocolate beaut and I'm only sorry there's not smellovision so you could have a sniff. 

Under strict orders to bring it home and share it with the Gorgebags, that afternoon, sitting at my new work desk, I decided to do the daycent thing and share. Though unaware of it at first, I now know that I work with buzzards, appreciative buzzards no less. We scoffed this baby with a gallon of coffee and guess what? Now we're fwends! 

3. Please and Thank You, Pixmania

I showed you my lovely new DSLR in the last Monday's Moments, I had ordered it from Pixmania as recommended by several knowledgeable sources. I encountered some difficulty with my order though as 4 days after order they asked for 'Validation' for my card (though the money was gone and the camera should have been with me.) 

When I queried it I was ignored for the following five days. Until I tweeted them. I received a DM asking for my Order No and a short explanation of my difficulties. Within an hour I received a mail from Customer Services apologizing profusely and refunding my delivery costs immediately. Hello new camera bag. You gots to tweet the companies in question, people. It certainly paid off here. 

4. K Thx

I know we're all off for a long weekend this Friday but I've managed to wangle an extra couple of days (I think it was the cake), which means I've a two day week this week. 

Technically today is my Thursday and I'm not back till next Tuesday! I plan on catching up on elusive zeds and slapping the shizz out of this keyboard for some pretty cool blog posts (If I do say so myself). YAY for time in lieu!

5. Most Exciting Words in the English Language

 There are many exciting words in the English language, 'It's a boy!', 'It's another boy!', 'You've got the job!', 'Deluxe samples' on and on it goes. Well this week I read something that gave my heart a flutter as much as any or all of the above. 

'We want to fly you over', scrubbing my eyes I had to read it again and again. I've been given fabulous opportunities because of this here little corner of the internet but this one is going to  trump the lot. I'm going to be really cruel and leave the details until I have more of them (mainly because I'm terrified I'll get a 'Ah, soz, we didn't mean you' mail) but suffice to say, I'm getting my passport in order and thanking my lucky stars daily to doing something I adore and now being given a golden opportunity because of it. Watch this spaaaaace.....

Tell me, what's chasing away your Monday Blues this week?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cherry Pick of the Week: Justin Timberlake - Mirrors

This week's Pick had to be the first release from Trousersnake's new album, The 20/20 Experience.

While the rest of the album is growing on me slowly, Mirrors is an immediate indication that JT is back on form and yeah, he's still gorrit. 

Let me know what has you tapping your toes this week. Are you a fan of Justin's new schtuff? 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Things to Make You Go 'LOL'. Literally

We're on a short week, people, so we're going into this with mirth already, right? If not, I've 5 Literal LOLs here to help you out. Wanna see? 

  1. This gif is seriously hilarious on it's own merit but thinking of it in the context of my Sis and her Mother in Law every time the bill arrives and I can't stop laughing. 
  2. We celebrated Paddy's Day in Ireland at the weekend but not everyone was in a jovial mood. This picture, title 'Ye Little Bollix' almost did me an injury in work when I saw the Gard's face. Seriously. Look. At. Him. 
  3. I've mentioned my grá with moments of sheer comment genius on Reddit before but perusing one post titled 'What Sexual Fantasy Have You Acted Out and Still Regret?' This comment hit me like a slap with a wet fish. Even thinking about it now I can't help but laugh. 
  4. I'm a big movie fan, obvs, but this new blog that's replaced guns with thumbs is sheer genius. 
  5. Finally, check out this dude's MAD SKILLZ, how does he do it?! Hilar!

So? LOLs? Haz you got 'em? Let me know what's been tickling your funny bone this week too, ja?

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Look: China Glaze Colour Match App for iPhones, iPods & iPads

We all know I'm a little bit nuts about nails and occasionally, just occasionally one brand will bring something to the table that blows my socks off. That's just what happened last night when I discovered the brand new China Glaze App. Now apps that let you, with the aid of CGI 'try on' polish colours are nothing new but this offering is something a whole lot slicker altogether. 

Using cutting edge technology, China Glaze have developed what I think will be the biggest interest point for nail nuts and nail polish occasional fanciers alike, the 'Match a Colour' Feature.  

This feature allows you to take a picture with your phone and will instantly give you 8 choices of polish that best match that colour. Think of all the time saved when trying to find a polish to match an outfit for a special occasion. Think of the relief of no longer having to think of the name of a colour so you can google its closest corresponding shade. 

I've just given you a little demo here from my phone to show you how it works. Neat, huh? 

The China Glaze App is free on all Apple devices from the iTunes store, you can try its basic functions here, but it is hoped that it'll be rolled out to Android within the next two months. 

What do we think? Am I getting excited over nowt? I can't hear you over the sound of my camera, nails the exact colour of Mr Whippy's pastel van here I come! 

How To Top Knot for Under a Tenner for Short/Thin Hair

Every Blogger worth her Michael Kors, Rose Gold salt knows that the top knot it way to go when it comes to grúaig. But what if you're not blessed with either lustrous hair to cover your donut/rolled sock? 

How about if you're on your second day of Batiste and looking for something to get you out the door in a jiffy without looking like the Wreck of the Hesperus because you haven't had time to wash, rinse, repeat, AGAIN.  Well I may have stumbled across a cheap as chips solution that even the most cack handed of us can rustle up in minutes. Thank you Penney's! (Primark) 

Meet everything you'll need, a small (or large if you prefer) hair donut and a 4 pack of hair extensions from Penney's. €9.50. Seriously. Want to see how simple it is? 

1. After combing through your section of hair, begin to wrap it through the donut. 

2. Use the clips on the hair extensions to give you leverage as you continue to wrap the hair tightly. Always mindful to fan out the strands to cover the entire donut surface. 

3. Et voila! We have one completely covered donut i.e hair saviour. (If needed you can place a bobby pin or two underneath to back up the hair extension clips. 

And that really is that. These donuts and hair extensions are available in 3 colours at present blonde/black/auburn. While the choice isn't extensive the colour of the hair is surprisingly flattering with several tones throughout so you might just find your perfect match.

Now, unsurprisingly enough, it's damn near impossible to take a selfie with no tripod and a big ass camera so I've tried my best to give you the gist of how your messy top knot will look dans crown:

I've also reused the covered donut as a bun, which is a lot more office friendly when you're running late for IRL werk: 

So tell me, is this something you'll be giving a go for your grúaig? Truly, if I can do this to save my skin on the regular, then you can too. 

Have you any other handy tips or tricks when it comes to hair care? I'd love to hear 'em! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Stila Color Balm Lipsticks: Gemma Swatch

While chatting with Janie Howarth, Stila's UK Pro Make Up Artist last week, one of the newest introductions from the brand for their Spring 2013 collection really caught my eye. These brand new Color Balm Lipsticks, housed in high shine silver tubes and available in 18 stunning colours really pack a punch when it comes to pigment (Look Maw, I can do Ps)

Stila Gemma: €21.50
These creamy, extremely glossy shades have all the colour pay off of a long wear lipstick but are chock full of what makes balms so comfortable to wear. Hydrating emollient and cooling peppermint oil soothe the lips and mean that these Color Balm Lipsticks will give any lip butter a run for its money. There's also sunflower based polyglyceride that promises to ass volume and definition to your kisser. 

I've shown you here my natural lips, Gemma (bright violet pink) touched on lightly for a very wearable daytime lip tint with serious staying power and then full on colour. I've spoken before about how I'm more a coffee coloured lipstick fan  but this bright beauty is actually very flattering with my colouring and I've found myself reaching for it more and more. 

You'll find Stila Color Balm Lipsticks on counters now for the princely sum of €21.50 and with 18 shades to choose from you're guaranteed to find your perfect shade match. I know I'm hankering after another two already. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cherry Pick of the Week: Bastille - Pompeii

Can't get enough of this first single from British band Bastille, from their debut studio album Bad Blood. 

I can't help but be reminded of Sunchyme by Dario G (one of my all time faves) but that's just my crazy brain making connections that prolly aren't even there. Either way, Pompeii is a cracker give it a listen there, even two and I'm sure you'll agree. 

Lemme know what's been on repeat in your noggin this week, I'd looove to know.

Happy Paddy's Day, everyone!

Friday, March 15, 2013

NOTD: Oz the Great & Powerful: Evanora Inspired How To

I did mention that a new camera has joined the familia here at Casa Cherry didn't I? One of the things that makes me happiest about this news is that I get to back into the swing of things with both make up reviews AND nail art! Admittedly I'm a leedle bit rusty by Evanora from Oz the Great and Powerful up there has done me a solid and sported one of the simplest nail art looks to be seen in the movies in donkeys. Wanna see how simple? 

  1. For this look you're going to need a nude polish and a black and glitter striper. Of course you could use normal polish and a skinny brush but considering you can get 3 stripers for €7, I'm thinking make it easy on yo'self. 
  2. Paint each nail with two coats of your nude (mine is the new Naked Ambition from the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure range)(It's a nude with silver microglitter stunner)
  3. Using your black striper, start at the nail bed and draw two lines that meet at the tip, then colour in with the remainder of polish on the brush. You can use tape for this if you prefer but just placing the length of the brush on the nail will give you a almost straight line. 
  4. Using your glitter striper run two lines inside your new black triangle, allow them to meet at the tip. 
  5. Repeat for every pingy and finish with a high shine top coat i.e Seche Vite.
  6. Admire your ridiculously simple manicure. 

As you can see from this fuzzy close up, lines don't have to be perfectly symmetrical to achieve the desired look. Not only that the pointed tip gives the illusion of much longer nails so this is a great look for short tipped ladies too. 

What do we think? Will you try 'em? And of course, if this look still isn't easy enough for you, you could always give Evanora's Sister's Theodora's talons a blast?