Thursday, 7 March 2013

Things to Make You Go 'LOL'. Literally

'Allo, 'allo, Thursday again, isseh? I've been enjoying the first week of my fortnight off this week so it hasn't taken a lot for me to break into maniacal laughter - 'A crow? Cawing? Bahahahaha' etc but I reckon these 5 are the cream of the crop. Wanna see? 

  1. I happened upon this channel last week and despite the dude looking a teensy bit like the slightly insane Science teacher we all had (props to you Mr Fitzsimons) the commentary is hilarious. 'Do you do dances?' has now happily been added to my vernacular. 
  2. It's common knowledge that Mila Kunis rocks but not so much so Chris Stark from The Scott Mills Show, that was until this interview this week. He manages to make hitting on Mila look awkward yet still full of win. Love it. Wouldn't you prefer all movie promotional interviews to run like this? I know I would. 
  3. We all know I'm a lover of Example following my raving about his gig but dude made me guffaw this week with this tweet followed by this picture. So stupid. Loving your work, Elliot. 
  4. 14 songs you inexplicably know all the words to made me smile, chuckle and LOL this week. The California Dreams one especially 'What is this crud?' *Breaks into involuntary song*. Excellent work, as ever, from The Daily Edge. 
  5. Finally, this 50 First Dates-esque letter a friend made for his pal in hospital following his short term memory loss is brilliant. I nodded along, thinking how thoughtful and sweet, until I got to the bit about the floor. Hilarious. 

What do we think? Enough there to elicit a LOL? I'd love to hear whats making you guffaw this week too. Happy Thursday, peeps!

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