Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things to Make You Go 'LOL'. Literally.

Wowsers, Thursday again? Weeks are rocketing past though today is Pay Day, first proper one since Christmas and that's enough to make me LOL maniacally for the duration of this post. That, however, wouldn't be nearly as rib tickling as showing you 5 examples of actual hilarity though, so here, have these instead: 

  1. This youtube job application video was shared by my ever loving and quite hilarious Broseph. It shows pretty conclusively why I could never do Youtube videos with these messers in the house. I feel your pain, Jen, really I do. 
  2. The Poke made it into the top five again this week for their People v Fitness video. Seriously, I watched this in the car, with the windows up and guffawed so loud that I startled a granny getting into her car beside me. Genius. 
  3.  There's some pretty hilarious posts going on over on The Daily Edge but this ode to Pat Kenny made me crease up so much that I had to read it three times straight before trying to describe it to anyone who'd listen. Happy BDay, Pat. (I'm reading it again).
  4. This photo titled 'Why My Roomate is a F*cking Asshole!' made me burst out laughing so loud that it frightened the dog. Soz, Dog. 
  5. I know I've already given The Daily Edge a shout out but seriously, I couldn't NOT include this splutteringly good synopsis of this week's Deception (it's a gick show on Irish TV but not the way @michfreeman tells it). Every time an old crone mentioned, in all seriousness, how good the show was this week I could only chuckle at the memory of this post. Cheers Mr Freeman.  

And that's them, the five things that made me go LOL, literally. Do let me know of you enjoyed them and, as ever, share the link love below if there's something that's made you laugh, out loud this week, ja? 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentines (Self) Gift Sets from Lush, The BodyShop & Pixy

There's no denying it, VDay is hurtling toward us at astonishing speed. I've held off so far posting any schmaltz (you're welcome) but over the past couple of weeks there's been a couple of press releases dropped into my inbox that have suddenly become my shopping list for self gifts this Valentines. Not very surprisingly they're all the kind that can be enjoyed by candlelight behind a locked door with a large glass of vino... steady now, we're talking bath time. 

Lush never fail to impress when it comes to soapy goodness and bath time treats. Their Heart of Gold offering is not only chock full of soaps, bars and bombs but comes packaged beautifully in a heat shaped box. IMAGINE the 'stuff' I can put in that for storage afterward! 

I wrote about my serious grá for The BodyShop's Chocomania range before, well the entire family's grá to be honest. That's why both of our sets disappeared as fast as they were bought. This lusciously scented range is the ideal sweet treat for a loved one, specially if that loved one is yourself. Again LOOK at that box! (I may have an issue with pretty boxes)(It hasn't been confirmed yet). 

Finally, from my favourite Irish Natural Skincare brand, bar none, comes the Valentine's gift set. Lovingly prepared (I know, I've seen the photos) by the diligent Pixy team in Co Cork, this bath time bonanza will stock the bathroom in Casa Cherry beautifully. Fantastic value for money and pretty much guaranteed bath time bliss, Pixy are definitely onto a winner with this one. 

And that's them, the three gift sets that will mysteriously appear in my possession this Feb 14th, once I've melted my Laser just a little bit. As my mother would say 'Good to yourself, aren't you?' Yes, Momma, yes I am. 

Tell me, are you a believer in the power of the self gift? Will you be splashing out on yours truly this VDay or are you against the 'holiday' altogether? 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

**Exclusive Fine One One Reader Giveaway**

If you've dipped your toe in beauty tags on social media over the past week, you'll have seen that they're awash with #FineOneOne and #GetGorgeous hashtags. This new brightening cheek and lip colour from Benefit has Beauty Bloggers and devout Benebabes in a tizzy and with one look at the product, it's not hard to see why. 

Promising to instantly Lift, Shape and Pop your cheeks in one simple stroke, Fine One One is the ideal blush product for those of us wanting to skip a couple of make up steps in our routine. With three colours, Pink Champagne to highlight, Sheer Watermelon to blush and Soft Coral to softly contour, this roll up stick of loveliness is a cinch to use. 

Fine One One: €34

While not recommended for use over powder, if you find that Fine One One needs a little staying power on your skin you can double up by using your favourite powder blush lightly on top. ( I always liked that duality with Benefit products) Think SugarBomb as a day time choice and Bella Bamba for brighter cheeks in the evening, though I haven't had to top up at all as yet.  
While at the launch last week I was so taken with Fine One One that I knew you lovely CherrySue readers would appreciate the chance to be one of the first in the country to try it, luckily Benefit Cosmetics Ireland agreed and have kindly offered one up for the taking. 

Entry, as ever, couldn't be simpler. Give the widget there a click or three and voila(!) you're in the running to get gorgeous. Good Luck, everyone. 

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday's Moments: 28/01/13

How do, how do, coming at you muuuuch later than usual because of an impromptu day offline but I couldn't let Monday pass without lining up some Moments. There's a huge increase in lovely readers this past few weeks, 'Hi, everyone!' *waves* so I just thought I'd outline the premise of these posts again. 

Mondays usually stink, badly, so last year I decided to recount weekly five Moments that make my Monday suck less. It's been great for giving me some perspective and helping me see the silver lining. Please feel free to share your Happy Haps in the comments, it's trés cathartic, oui? 

1. My Mini What WHAT?!?

Owners of iPhones will know that messages have a tendency to light up on screen at the most inopportune of moments. Owners of teenagers will know that they're forever thinking up ever more devious ways to embarrass you. Downloading questionable apps on your phone for example. (Just mine?)

In a board meeting last week, I had my phone face up but on silent. That's when this doozy flashed up. Norman, my 'mini gay boyfriend' was apparently feeling neglected. 3 people saw this notification, THREE. The Engineer beside me touched the phone to better read the display. I died a little bit that day. Eldest Gorgebag died a little more when I got hold of him that evening though! 

2. We Do Science Us. 

I'm hugely thankful for each and every event invite I receive, this one from La Roche Posay though really takes the bikkie. Top Secret 'speriments with test tubes and Petri dishes are right up my street. 

I actually videoed us trying this in the kitchen lab but have a feeling the ISPCC would take issue with me poking Beaker (my Gorgebag assistant) and calling him chicken because he wouldn't spray more. Ah, happy families, wha? (Also DYING to see what the event will be - more after the 6th!)

3. Like a Bawss!

It's exchanges like this one that make me love Twidder with a burning passion (sometimes). Being the nosebag that I am, I butted in on a conversation on my timeline about Looper the movie. Recommending that the lads follow Rian Johnson (Looper's director). 

Within a couple of minutes Mr Johnson himself pops into the chat to say Hi, seriously, I know  I'm a bit of a dweeb but that's pretty cool, right? 

4. An Egg a Day is Good for you, Atchilee. 

There are times when only chocolate will do, unfortunately I'd one of those times during the week when there wasn't as much as a Horlicks in the press to take the edge off. 

Mentioning this to himself he arrived up the following night with an egg carton from other Cadbury's eggs that he'd filled with these beauts. Him being him though hid them so I'd have to find them. That 2.4 minutes of frantic searching easily afforded me two eggs in one go though, right? 

5. That's God Gettin' Ya...

Returning to the office from site on Thursday I was stuck in traffic in the wilds of North County Fingal. Being the nosebag I am (see Moment 3) I was staring at a couple arguing outside the shops. You would too, don't lie. 

Hedley Lamarr was pointing into his beleaguered girlfriend's face and shouting, though she wasn't backing down at all. He turns to storm off, straight in front of my car and falls up the path on the other side. Not an actual fall, more of a stumble/pretend run. He was RAGING, turned around puce faced to see if she saw and caught me guffawing at him. Lights turned green just in time and I laughed solidly while driving for the next 5 minutes. Ass. 

C'est Ca! Five Moments that have cheered me up this week. Do let me know what's been floating your proverbial goat, won't you? 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cherry Pick of the Week: Kodaline - High Hopes

The Dublin lads, Kodaline have done it once again. High Hopes is a hauntingly beautiful song but add in the mini feature that is the music video and High Hopes is pretty stunning. (Liamo included)

Give it a click there and enjoy, if the video doesn't move you in any way then you're probably dead inside. Seriously. You should have a doctor look at that. 

Lemme know what you're loving this week, ja?

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Last Stand - Quick Movie Review

What's it About? 

When one of the countries most notorious Cartel bosses, Cortez is sprung from federal custody the only thing standing in the way of his high speed escape across the border is Sheriff Owens (Arnie), an ex LAPD officer and his rookie deputies. Owens will stop at nothing to defend his sleepy Arizona town, neither Cortez nor pursuing FBI agent Banister (Whitaker) are prepared for what happens once this sleepy town wakes up. 

Any Good? 

I was dubious heading into The Last Stand, having seen the trailer but am delighted to report that I genuinely enjoyed every minute.  Korean film maker Kim Jee-woon directs and manages to pace the movie perfectly. In his first role in almost 10 years, Arnie is unexpectedly and surprisingly easy to watch, delivering his lines with tongue in cheek humour through a thick broken accent (still, Arnie?) yet still stepping up to the plate when it came to shooting guns and cracking skulls. 

The movie uses the  juxtaposition of the break neck speed cat and mouse chase scenes against the deserted border town, unaware of the impending danger as the backbone of the story. Flitting between the two for ever shorter scenes and building the tension for the majority of the 107 minutes. 

There's just enough dry, sometimes slapstick, humour to counteract the violent, very bloody kill shots and the result is a never less than entertaining action flick. The fact that it's in no way cerebral or even memorable really doesn't matter. 

The Last Stand is high octane and it's fast paced but most of all it's fun. He's still gorrit and you should go see it. 


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Things to Make You Go 'LOL'. Literally.

Howdy doody Thursday, we'd a fabulous reaction once more to last weeks post so let's go for the hat trick wha? The premise is simple, I'm going to show you 5 things that made me LOL, literally, at which point you LOL, literally. K? Let's go! 

  1. Between Two Ferns was a Funny or Die show hosted by Zach Galifianakis, during which he'd interview hilarious stars, between two ferns, in the most cringetastic way possible. I'd urge you to have a look through the back catalogue (Bradley Cooper especially) but this exchange with Steve Carell is one of the funniest I've ever seen
  2. Prince Harry has been in hot water this week with comments made about the Taliban, lucky then that there's a Mr Whippy on site to cool him down. And now I want a screwball...
  3.  This montage of mayhem put together by is one of the cruellest I've ever witnessed, ipso facto I laughed my face off for its entirety. So very cruel. 
  4. I used this little dude in Monday's Moments this week and have had umpteen mails and tweets about him since. I can't even look at him without laughing again. It's love.
  5. An autotuned Sweet Brown featured as a Cherry Pick of the Week back in November, it took a long time to get over my addiction to re watching the video but this week @Lorrrrrrrrraine dragged me right back in. I can't help but guffaw at 'Oh Lord Jesus it's a FAHR!. Choonage!
And there they be, the five things that made me go LOL, literally. Do let me know of you enjoyed them and, as ever, share the link love below if you've found something LOL worthy. I'll love you for it. Truly. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Smashing Work from Smashbox BB Cream

At a Smashbox event late last year, I was introduced to several seriously exciting products from the brand that I had yet to try. Being a long time fan of their Photo Finish Primer, the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream was right up top of that list.

Available in 5 shades, Fair, Light, Medium, Light/Medium and Dark, Smashbox make 5 fairly hefty promises for this product:

Primes: The creamy consistency smoothes skin, can be worn alone but also acts as a perfect canvas for foundation.
Perfects: The range of tints of this BB is matched to your skin tone to even out blemishes and dark areas.
Hydrates: Using anti-aging peptides, usage for 4 weeks has been proven to increase skin moisture.
Protects: Boasting one of the highest SPFs for a BB Cream, (35), Skin is shielded from damaging UV rays.
Controls: The oil free formula minimises shine and even with the additional SPF doesn’t leave a white cast.

I’ve been using Smashbox BB cream consistently for the past month or so, choosing to reach for it over heavier foundations even though we’re in the depths of winter. Just a pea sized amount is enough to give me complete coverage (once I’m not rocking any blemishes) but still its breathable and light on my skin.

Because I’ve become so accustomed to lashing this on, I’ve even been using it for evenings out. Buffing it on over my Photo Finish Primer and topping it with Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder. Just a dab or two of my favourite Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer and my fizzog is perfectly prepped for the rest of my schlap.

I’ve had no oxidisation issues, as I have with other BBs and certainly haven’t had the pore clogging disaster that plagued me with Garnier’s original BB offering. It’s an all round win from me.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream is priced at €40 and available from all Smashbox counters and online from Have you given it a blast yet?  

First Look: Olay Total Effects 7 Moisturiser & Serum Duo

My initial reaction having opened Olay post yesterday was definitely a positive one. Firstly, because I'm actually pumping air on my beloved Nuxelle Jeunesse (review tomorrow) and secondly because I've always had a soft spot in mo croí for Olay or Oil of Ulay as I insist on calling it. Olay Total Effects 7 Moisturiser and Serum Duo is promising some pretty big things though. Will it deliver?
Studies find that Olay rocks, apparently. 
Aimed at multi tasking women, wanting to skips steps in skincare yet not skimp on skincare effects, it would seem that this moisturiser/serum duo is right up my street. In its most concentrated formulation yet, Olay Total Effects 7 M&S Duo is based on the long standing market favourite, Olay Total Effects Day Moisturiser but with the added goodness of beauty lovers' current obsession, serum. 

First Impressions: Because this is a First Look post and I've only used the product once I can only give you my first impressions with a full review to follow. Here they be: 

  • Aesthetics: The bottle is compact, sturdy and the pump perfect for efficient one pump applications. 
  • Consistency: I was more than a little taken aback by the heavy cream formula but pleasantly surprised when it absorbed quickly and left no residue or greasiness. 
  • Scent: This has given me pause for thought with this product to be honest. Leaning toward Sudocrem with a hint of suncream, I'm guessing the SPF 20 is to blame. It's not unpleasant by any means but I'm not sure I'm a fan. 
  • On the skin: Having only used it once, my make up seemed to sit nicely for the day. My skin could breathe and felt comfortable for the duration. For now, it's a win. 

Olay Total Effects 7 Moisturiser and Serum Duo will be available from February priced at €23.74 (A lot more reasonably priced than the majority of serums and serum based products). While my first impressions are positive, I'm going to continue with my night time Origins routine and report back in a month with a full review. 

Are you an Olay fan? Will it forever be Ulay to you too? 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday's Moments: 21/1/13

Hey there Monday, thought you'd see me dying the death of a thousand dogs following a hectic weekend didn't you? Well no-siree, I'm fresh as the freshest of daisies this morning, though there were moments of ropiness throughout the weekend, and set to face another crazy week. How about some Moments, eh? 

1. Over 3,000 Thank Yous

I know full well that it's not about the numbers when it comes to this here blog. I love sharing the things I'm passionate about and am genuinely surprised and moreso thrilled when people actually have a little nosey. I like to make small goals for myself to check if I'm doing ok and one of those was to crack 4,000 hits in a day. 

Imagine my absolute chuffage when I logged on at lunchtime on Wednesday to see this! Over 3 thousand by 1pm. There was an audible 'OH MY GOD' at my desk and then a scatter to try and click off the blog when Mr Boss Man popped his head over, but seriously, thank you all very kindly for checking in. My total on Wednesday was 4,345 by the by, I need a new goal!

2. The 'Lady' in Red. 

I mentioned last week the über swennnky do I had planned for Saturday night (more on that later) but the past couple of weeks have seen me in a tizzy trying to find the perfect gúna. It's not easy when you're short on time and shorter on sheckles, believe me. 

That was until I popped in the Mecca of Mayhem that is TK Maxx, I picked up several options but once I'd tried this cherry red number on, it was love. It's a floaty jersey beaut and cost less than a fifth of what I'd budgeted. If you zoom in there you'll actually see the price. I can't bring myself to type it aloud. Needless to say, it's the bargain of the year and I loves it!

3. Pinkies Out. 

Friday evening found myself and my bestie, Lisa, in the very swish Shelbourne Hotel for the Santa Rita Winemakers dinner. We got to chat to André and Cecelia, the Santa Rita Winemakers and to see and hear more about their work at Casa Real in Chile. To say I was a little green at their lifestyle is an understatement. I'm fairly sure I uttered a sozzled 'You're living my dream' at one stage but they already knew...

We were treated to dinner, at all times keeping pinkies out, so as not to be found out as actual peasants but I have to say: hearing the love and dedication that goes into every vat and every bottle gave us a better appreciation of the wine we were tasting. ALL of the wine we were tasting. My poor, poor liver. 

4. The Swenkiest of Swenky

Saturday night saw me dressed up to the nines again and heading toward The Westin to meet Karen and Emma  for the Vichy Awards. Invited by the gorgeous Paula of Market Match to share the evening, we had an absolute ball. 

Laura Bermingham, stunner extraordinaire, (that's some of her in the photo there) hosted the evening as Vichy retailers from the length and breath of the country were recognised for their seriously impressive efforts throughout the year. Those girls could give our government a hint or two when it comes to rallying the troops and getting the job done I tell you. It was such a pleasure to see the genuine delight and pride of the winners and it was an honour to be invited to share their evening. Lil' ol' moi at swenky dos, who'da thunk it?

5. Himself. 

I really should have a better picture for this Moment, but you know me by this stage. Moment 5 comes courtesy of Himself. I've alluded to the fact that I've been seeing someone for the past several months but there are times when I reckon he deserves a Moment just for him. 

Seeing him in the lobby of The Westin at 12am, having cut short his night out because I was weary and needing to go home, has to be right up there. I've been seriously and sometimes stubbornly independent for a very long time (have had to be really) so someone wanting to take such good care of me is pretty alien to me. In all honesty I've never experienced it before and for that I'm truly grateful. Is nice, like. 
(I know, I'm sickening myself too, I'll stop now. Soz). 

Tell me this and tell me no more, people, what has been floating your proverbial bád this week then? Anything making you smile that you'd like to share? G'wan....

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cherry Pick of the Week: Walk Off the Earth - Trouble

This weeks Cherry Pick comes courtesy of the very lovely Heather that left a comment on last weeks post with this fantastic link. Thanks, Heather!

Walk Off the Earth are an awesome Canadian Indie band that do cheap as chips but blow your socks off covers of chart hits. Their most recent cover of Mz. Swift's latest release is no exception. 

Give it a listen there and hare over to their channel on the Tubes of You to check out some of their other crackers. 

How about you 'do a Heather on it' and let me know what's been on replay in your noggin this week won't you? I love to find and share new musical gems. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

**Smashbox Giveaway**

Hey, Happy Friday, beauty lovers. Normal Flicks on Friday service will resume later on today but first up I'd like to do something a little bit lovely. I have a serious grá for all things Smashbox and having met with the brands team before Christmas that love affair doesn't look like it'll be changing any time soon. I thought it might be nice though to share some of that love in the form of a Smashbox Try It Kit for one of you. 

The set contains 5 of the brands best sellers and is an ideal addition to any make up bag and an even better first introduction to each product, so you can get to know and love it before you shell out hard earned sheckles on replacements. 

This really is a Thank You Giveaway so is open to all followers (new followers included) and, as ever, the conditions for entry are simple. Just pop your details in the Rafflecopter doohickey below and I'll announce a winner on the last day of the month, Jan 31st. 

Open internationally and to all ages, though if you are under 18 please get permission from a parent or guardian to pass on your details. Good Luck, everyone!

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Things to Make You Go 'LOL'. Literally.

Well last week's Things to Make You Go LOL post seemed to go down a treat, so much so that the word 'LOLoisseur' was bandied about - not by me, I swear. Anywho, I thought I'd share a couple more instances of actual, literal LOLs, ready? 

1. David Thorne's entire site is hilarious but please, read this back and forth with his neighbour about a floodlight. Truly magnificent.

2. I've never been quiet about my Rideface grá but this clip of him with Will Ferrell on Jimmy Kimmel had me guffawing at my desk. The caption says they're selling knives, looks more like a gun show to moi...

3. Titled 'OH HOLY CHRIST', this gif has made me laugh so much that I couldn't even look at it again before linking it here. 

4. A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL gets funnier the more I watch it. Must have taken blahhhdy hours to get it so right (so wrong). 

5. You had one job, Phil! This picture tickles me even thinking about it. We can only hope the real Phil Tippett has seen it... and regrets his negligence. 

And that's it, five more things that made me go LOL, literally this week. Do share your own in the comments, I love to see 'em!. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

5 Makeup and Skincare Tips to Reduce Red Skin

I've a bit of a treat for you today, beauty lovers, the ever wise Susannah is back with 5 make up and skincare tips to help keep reddened skin under control. Take it away Miss Susannah!

Who wouldn't love glowing skin and rosy cheeks? The problem is when that glow is more radioactive than radiant, and that rosy is edging towards ruddy. From a hint of rouge to full-blown, sunburn-chic red, if you've got red skin you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Here are my top skincare and makeup tips to fix it!

1.       Use a Gentle Cleansing Lotion

It all starts with the cleanser you use when you wake up in the morning. Red skin is often accompanied by acne and unfortunately, many of the ‘anti-acne’ cleansers out there are really harsh on your skin. Irritated skin is red skin, so if your skin feels hot, tingly or sore after cleansing it’s time to swap your cleanser!

Look for a mild, gentle cleansing milk, preferably pH balanced to be kind to your skin. Avoid anything that contains alcohol or has ‘astringent’ written on the bottle!

2.       Invest in Natural Products

Even if your cleanser and moisturiser are ‘gentle’, that doesn’t mean they’re chemical free. Red skin is often a mild allergic reaction to the irritating chemicals found in so many beauty products today so if you’ve tried everything and your skin’s still red, it’s time to swap to all-natural products. Look for an all natural skin care for rosacea range, which is designed to calm and soothe angry red skin.

Naturals extends to more than just your skincare – there are plenty of all-natural cosmetics brands out there now too, and if you’re using a natural cleanser only to apply non-natural foundation on top you’re undoing all that good work!

3.       Use an SPF all Year Round

I don’t need to explain the link between sunburn and red skin. However, even if your skin doesn’t look or feel burnt, that doesn’t mean the sun hasn’t had something to do with your reddish glow. Sensitive skin can be aggravated by UV rays, so it needs a protective barrier.
Wear a minimum of SPF15 all year round – yes, even in winter! – or, if you’re like me and you just won’t remember, look for one of the many foundations that contain built-in sun protection.

4.       Use Green Concealer

When green concealer first became known to the high-street, I was a little sceptical. Surely caking green stuff on my face was going to make me look like a zombie, not a normal person? However, green concealers are actually one of those super secret products that top makeup artists keep stashed in their cosmetics cases, and for good reason too!

Green is opposite red on the colour wheel, which means the two kind of cancel each other out. The key is to buy expensive, and use in moderation. A cheap, green concealer will only make you look, well, green, so be sure to find a high-quality one. Apply it only to very red patches, not all over your face, and use just one or possibly two thin layers. Above all, be sure to wear under your foundation, not on top of it – green concealer needs concealing itself!

5.       Take the time to find your perfect foundation

There are literally thousands of foundations to choose from: cheap ones, luxury ones, liquid ones, powder ones, mineral ones... and, of course, every shade of ‘skin tone’ under the sun! When it comes to combating red skin, it’s imperative you’re using the right foundation. This is arguably the cosmetic item most worth splashing out on, since it’s going to be used on so much of your face.

Remember that foundation is not designed to cover up (that’s the job of concealer – unless it’s this foundation) your real skin tone, so it shouldn’t be too light (you’ll look pasty) or too dark (you’ll look like you’re wearing way too much makeup). Instead, spend the time – and money! – to find a foundation shade the non-red skin on your neck and décolletage as perfectly as possible.

Do you have any more tips to cover up red skin, or specific product recommendations that have worked for you? Please leave me a comment below...

Susannah Perez is a beauty blogger and fashion addict with a penchant for red lipstick – something that’s hard to carry off with matching red skin!

All hugely helpful tips, Thanks a mill, Susannah! 

You can read Susannah's previous guest post on how to fight acne naturally here (you know you wanna) and follow the lady herself on the twitter machine here. If you'd like to have a guest post featured on CherrySue, why not just drop me a line and we'll chat!