Friday, 25 January 2013

The Last Stand - Quick Movie Review

What's it About? 

When one of the countries most notorious Cartel bosses, Cortez is sprung from federal custody the only thing standing in the way of his high speed escape across the border is Sheriff Owens (Arnie), an ex LAPD officer and his rookie deputies. Owens will stop at nothing to defend his sleepy Arizona town, neither Cortez nor pursuing FBI agent Banister (Whitaker) are prepared for what happens once this sleepy town wakes up. 

Any Good? 

I was dubious heading into The Last Stand, having seen the trailer but am delighted to report that I genuinely enjoyed every minute.  Korean film maker Kim Jee-woon directs and manages to pace the movie perfectly. In his first role in almost 10 years, Arnie is unexpectedly and surprisingly easy to watch, delivering his lines with tongue in cheek humour through a thick broken accent (still, Arnie?) yet still stepping up to the plate when it came to shooting guns and cracking skulls. 

The movie uses the  juxtaposition of the break neck speed cat and mouse chase scenes against the deserted border town, unaware of the impending danger as the backbone of the story. Flitting between the two for ever shorter scenes and building the tension for the majority of the 107 minutes. 

There's just enough dry, sometimes slapstick, humour to counteract the violent, very bloody kill shots and the result is a never less than entertaining action flick. The fact that it's in no way cerebral or even memorable really doesn't matter. 

The Last Stand is high octane and it's fast paced but most of all it's fun. He's still gorrit and you should go see it. 


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