Thursday, 10 January 2013

Things to make you go LOL. Literally.

We can all be guilty of misusing the term LOL online, whether that be because we've run out of things to type in the little flashing box or you really want to get to bed and can’t be doing with midnight texting. Occasionally, however, we find things that make us literally LOL, so loud in fact that it becomes a wheeze with tears of mirth to accompany it.

While I always make an effort to share hilarity on my FB page here, I thought perhaps to cheer up a chilly Thursday I’d try a different kinda blog post to see what you think. A round up of rollicks as it were.

I give you ‘Things to make you go LOL. Literally’ Enjoy!

  1. This post from The Oatmeal is sad, then happy, then sad, then sweet but never less than hilarious. I LOST IT at ‘There’s a fire, pass it on’. Do NOT attempt to eat while reading it though, serious choking hazard alert. 
  2. The Onion is well known for its tongue in cheek tomfoolery but this article yesterday almost killed me. Having known the occasional ex that just doesn't like to let go, this really struck a chord. I had to reapply mascara before returning to work having cried tears of laughter. Many, many tears. 
  3. This gif called ‘How I drive all rental cars’, wait for it, had me burst out laughing as soon as I saw the flames. I’ve watched it approximately 23 times now. Gas. 
  4. Although I hearted the movie dearly, this review of Les Mis from @andywestradio
    was almost my undoing at my desk on Tuesday. Cracking stuff.
  5. I’ve mentioned the fabulous Blogger Bitches before but this tumblr made me honk with laughter in the Post Office queue yesterday. Attractive.

And that’s them, 5 gems that made me literally LOL this week. I do hope I’m not as weird as I fear and you loved them too. Do please let me know what had you Guffawing this week, leave a link below if you’re feeling especially generous. G’wan, gizz a laugh…

Hold the phone!! Last minute honorary mention has to be given to Aengus 'Blue Steel' MacGrianna for this corker. I like to call it 'WHAT'. 

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