Friday, January 18, 2013

**Smashbox Giveaway**

Hey, Happy Friday, beauty lovers. Normal Flicks on Friday service will resume later on today but first up I'd like to do something a little bit lovely. I have a serious grá for all things Smashbox and having met with the brands team before Christmas that love affair doesn't look like it'll be changing any time soon. I thought it might be nice though to share some of that love in the form of a Smashbox Try It Kit for one of you. 

The set contains 5 of the brands best sellers and is an ideal addition to any make up bag and an even better first introduction to each product, so you can get to know and love it before you shell out hard earned sheckles on replacements. 

This really is a Thank You Giveaway so is open to all followers (new followers included) and, as ever, the conditions for entry are simple. Just pop your details in the Rafflecopter doohickey below and I'll announce a winner on the last day of the month, Jan 31st. 

Open internationally and to all ages, though if you are under 18 please get permission from a parent or guardian to pass on your details. Good Luck, everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Sleepy Beauty said...

Thank you for the amazing giveaway

Unknown said...

Great giveaway :)

Anonymous said...

Great giveaway!!

remeneerb said...

Fab prize - thanks Cherry Sue!

Lifeinthesloelane said...

lovely prize count me in please. even though it wrecks my husbands head seeing all my makeup in the bathroom cupboard. But a girl can never have enough!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous prize. Smashbox cosmetics are so long lasting and fab quality in my experience :) Love the shades in there too! <3

Honora Livesey

Unknown said...

Wow awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance x

Makeup Over Mind said...

Fabulous! Thanks for the reminder! Totally forgot to enter the other day! :)

Anonymous said...

Great giveaway for a dreary January ��

Unknown said...

great give away loving it

Josephine M said...

Smashbox giveaway for one lucky winner

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

Fab giveaway! That kit looks amazing! :)

Leanne Cornelius said...

Fingers crossed - thank you!! xx

Anonymous said...

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