Friday, September 30, 2011

Naily Bargains from 'cross the Border!

On a stealth break for the border I picked up quite a few bargains but thought I'd share my polish mini haul, few nice ones here.
I reckon I was vay restrained

This Sally Hansen range is one of my favouties to work with, 5 steps in one polish, yes please! Got these in the Medical Hall in The Quays Centre for £5 each! You heard me, they're over €10 here, depending on where you buy 'em. Bastids. Colours shown are: Purple Pulse, Wine Not & Pedal to the Metal. That Wine Not is a gorgeous rich, shiny red & sure to be an Autumn staple. 

Two crackles from the Boots 17 range, I'm not normally a huge fan of crackles but these I like. I used the purple over Essence Lime Up for comparison & the black/gold glitter over Betty Jackson Gold. Both lovely effects for less than £3!

These I picked up in Superdrug Banbridge, from Miss Sporty & Collection 2000 respectively. I'm hugely impressed with both the colour & consistency of these little treasures. Creamy metallics with one coat opacity for less than £2 each? Get in mah bag!! So impressed am I with these that they feature in today's NOTD for the blogger meet up tonight: 

Isn't they gawjus? The little heart is done using the paperclip method I showed ye a couple of weeks ago. Simple! (The ring was less than a tenner too - Bargain!)

These I picked up for nail art specials & have several ideas bubbling up already. Full set were only £1.99 in a craft shop. They'll do the job nicely. 

& finally a couple of boxes of these creepy talons for practising said nail art. The Gorgebags are beginning to threaten me with the ISPCC if I continue to practice on them. Do NOT tell them I told you that, K?

So what do we think? Fancy the look of any of them? I was going to do a compete haul post but that'd just make me feel bad & we can't have that of a Friday, wha? 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Batman Live - World Arena Tour - Review

From tonight, the 28th, to Saturday the 1st of October the O2, Dublin plays host to one of the most elaborate and well executed shows your likely to see for quite a while. Batman Live.

Before the show even begins the stage is set with the cartoonish city spread of Gotham City, the enormous Bat as a backdrop is made of LED screens that transform throughout in a way that I've never seen used in a stage production before. Its evident from the beginning that this show is true to its graphic novel roots but even more thrillingly that you too will be drawn into the comic book world.

LED awesomeness. 

The story brings us from the very beginning, Bruce Wayne's fateful night out with his parents, and carries us right through to his meeting with his trusty sidekick Robin. They battle every arch nemesis you can care to remember in this mesmerising spectacle. From Catwoman to TwoFace, The Scarecrow & Penguin, they're all here and played out with an over the top gusto that's completely engrossing. At one stage I realised I'd a pain in my jaw from smiling and slightly dried eyeballs from forgetting to blink. Yes, I'm a nerd. No, I don't care.

The most impressive of all enemies though is The Joker (naturally). His acrobatic troupe of loons, his 'hang on a minute' magic tricks and his jaw dropping stage set pieces truly have to be seen to be believed. The arrival onset of an actual Batmobile was met with whoops of joy from both falsetto & baritone fans. As was the ensuing race to Arkham Asylum and the ultimate battle of good over evil.

Orla & Aoife my Loony nieces that sought us out at intermission. Exhausted, exhilarated & ready for more!
This night was, without doubt, one of the most fun family nights out we've had for a long while (& there's stiff competition). Asking the lads their opinions they were unanimous 'Brilliant!'. While the eldest Gorgebag insists that the Joker stole the show, his younger brother loved the Batmobile and the LED screens that changed so completely that you were transported to new places every time. He did mention that Batman himself was the hammiest actor he'd ever seen - that's the point, surely?

Batfans of all ages!

This show is sure to be a hit with fans of all ages, I did think the little 'uns would think it a bit dark but the Girls there are only 4 & their brother is 3. They didn't move once. While my lovelies are 14 & 15 and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The grown men in Batmen tshirts & (occasionally) capes seemed fairly sated too.

If you're looking for a family event or even just a night out, do yourself a favour & get to the O2 this week!

Heads Up: Big Thanks have to go to Darragh over at who chose us as the random winners for opening night tickets. Not only that but he wangled a third so that the youngest Gorgebag didn't have to be left behind & miss all the fun. A True Gent. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's Your Number? - Preview Review

Who's in it?

Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Blythe Danner,Joel McHale, Sylar!!

What's it about? 

What's Your Number sees Anna Faris decide post Marie Claire article reading that she will be alone forever because her 'number' is so far beyond the 'average'. She decides that one of her past 20 lovers must be the one & enlists the help of Chris Evans to track them down to find out. Based on the book 20 Times a Lady by Karyn Bosnak this is a lighthearted if in your face Rom-Com. 

Any Good?

Anyone that’s seen Bridesmaids will watch the opening scenes of What’s Your Number & think ‘Ah here!’ I can only imagine that the makers of this film cringed when watching Bridesmaids opening scenes too. Frame for frame it’s a carbon copy.

The storyline for this film is a relatively new one, its not often Hollywood sees a lead female speak so openly & freely about her sexuality. If only we had a better female lead. This may be prejudice on my side but I just don’t see the attraction with Anna Faris as an actress. Her delivery of lines seems forced and her lip work is overdone to the point of being distracting. That being said when she played her previous roles as a vapid, clueless blonde she seemed perfectly cast. Too cruel?

All is not lost though; there are some genuine Laugh Out Loud moments here. The rest of the ensemble pull their weight beautifully, Gwynnie’s Mam, Blythe Danner, playing Aly’s Mam here is genius. As is Chris Evan’s role as Colin Shea, the horny, bad boy neighbour cum saviour. He is sharp, funny and very often gratuitously nekkid, which doesn’t hurt. Before any of you yell hypocrisy at me Anna also gives her assets a good airing on set. Something for everyone, eh?

Nudeyness a GoGo!

This film, while yet to be classified is easily a 16’s rating. For the nudity and the language or simply the premise alone. It is definitely worth a watch though for light entertainment, if, unlike me, you actually like Anna Faris or get why she was included here then you’ll love this.

Having just seen an interview with the lady herself about the film I realised she’s actually the Executive Producer of What’s Your Number, in the words of KT Tunstell ‘Suddenly I see’

Vay Importanté: I'd like to thank the outstanding organising skillz & generosity of the Fabulous Kirstie over at Prudence for the chance to gawk at this early. Yay! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday's Moments - 26/09

Big apologies, folks for a late in the day instalment but hoooge Thanks for those of you that actually asked where this post was! Love it!

Without further ado - My moments of awesome this week have been...

1. I know I know you!

Sales of Dapper Dan shot up pre family reunion
This weekend saw us (Mamito & I) tootling off to Killarney for a family wedding. We had an absolute ball. Seeing cousins I literally have not seen in donkeys (they were never in donkeys) and Aunts & Uncles that only remember me when I wore pigtails (that was years ago, I swear).

Killarney is a beautiful part of our country but rocking the boat with people you haven't rocked the boat with in 20+ years? Now that's class.

2. Cha Ching!

Ever have too much month at the end of your money? Despite my efforts to the contrary it still happens occasionally. That's what makes it that much more Kick Ass when a rummage for toll change in the cars ashtray produces one of these bad boys!

Only thing better than finding money in the street? Finding money you forgot you had. Fact.

3. Oh, its on!!

Sometimes in life you witness something so funny, the mere recollection turns you to a jibbering wreck, you're actually frightened to tell people in case the memory is ruined by a deadpan stare & a 'You had to be there'. So I'm typing it, if you don't like it, feck ye!

On the way to a site visit last week I passed a field of cows, in the space of minutes it took to pass I witnessed two cows squaring up to one another, then shoving, then high kicking and the toppling of the loser into the ditch!! Like, who wrestles someone into a ditch? How does a cow get out of a ditch? Will there be a rematch? What does a farmer think when he sees one cow flailing in a ditch and the other grinning smugly? Vicious Cows!

4. Ta Dah!

My event was 'slightly' lower key than this

Part of my daily grind is setting up publicity and educational events. It's also 'apparently' being roped in at the last possible second to set up such an event. Who doesn't love needless pressure & next day notice?

I do love the job, love almost everything about it. Which, I know, makes me very lucky. But sometimes the pressure is almost too much. Last week saw just such an occurrence. Last minute, fly by the seat of your Hi-Vis pants but still pull it out of the bag event? Sorted. Now that's a great feeling.

5. Yay for the Tellybox!

I'm not a huge fan of this time of year, back to school, darker evenings, (More) miserable weather. But one thing I do look forward to is some of my fave tellybox shows returning. 

Downton Abbey, The Office, Modern Family, Blue Bloods. (I'm not admitting to X-Factor & Made in Chelsea. I'm not, but whoot!). Some serious televisual entertainment right there. Score. 

What's been A-OK with you lovelies this week then? Hmmm?

Cherry Pick of The Week - Rihanna/Calvin Harris - We Found Love

Loving this track, Rihanna & Calvin Harris, serious choonage. It's a rare first listen stomper.

Yep, I'm admitting I didn't love her at first, furthermore I'm admitting I'm gutted not to have picked up tickets for her Dublin show this week that Calvin will be playing. Who knows, that may be rectified!

What think we?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sleek Nude - Winner Alert!!

Apologies for the slightly later than advertised reveal, peeps but we gots a winner!!

There was a huge response, so thank you one & all but who got the goods, eh?

Lucky number 114, come on dowwwwnnnnn....

Nailish Ramblings lucky duck, you're now the proud owner of the entire Sleek Nude collection!!

For those of you beautys that haven't won this time, please don't despair, there's already another Giveaway live & kicking with even simpler terms of entry. 

This has cheered up my Humpday no end!

La Roche-Posay Tolereine Teint Review & Giveaway!

Not being a huge lover of compacts in the past, the mess factor puts me off, it's been quite a while since I've purchased one. Cue Lady Luck intervening, well her and the beauty brains that are Sinéad & Dee over on that saw me winning this baby last week. 

So what think I? Initial impressions saw me agreeing with the girls on the clinical look of the compact. It's not the prettiest, nor the most eye catching accessory to have in your mála, but I'm loving the large mirror for touch ups of every kind. 

La Roche market this new formulation as having 'New Exclusive Ultra Melting Texture' and you know what? It does. It glides on effortlessly, that'd be the 3D network leaving a homogeneous fine film right? Right. 

Dabbed straight on the colour appears dark
But blends beautifully 

This compact creme is aimed at 20-45 year olds and very unlike the Garnier B.B. offering seems to incorporate everything we're looking for in coverage, without drying out skin or appearing mask like.

I've noticed my skin can breathe easily through this formulation, which is more than I expected given the usual tendencies of compacts to cake. This lasts all day too, which rocks. Toleriane Teint provides SPF 35 protection, great news for those of us battling the dreaded crow's feet dancing a jig on their Súiles (not me, I'm only a chil').

Having received 3 compliments on my makeup in the first day wearing this it's safe to say I'm loving it. Available in 4 shades Ivory, Light Beige, Sand Beige & Golden, exclusively from chemists, for a not too extortionate €20, this is one I'm recommending.

So enamoured am I with this new discovery that receiving one as a press sample today from the oh so generous Paula my first instinct was to keep it to my face.

But that's just selfish, right? So, in honour of you lovely followers and in the spirit of sharing the love, I'm giving the new 'un to you.

Rules are simpler than ever & this time it's open internationally. Only stipulation is that you're a follower of the blawg through GFC (Blue doohickey on the right).

Leave me a comment below with your email address & will choose a winner on the 4th of October. Should you be under 18 & wanting this (You're gorgeous, you don't need it!) do please ask parent's or guardians for permission. 

Comp Closed Lovelies. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Garnier Skin Perfector - All it claims to B.B.?

I, no doubt like you, have been reading the reviews for the new B.B. (Blemish Balm) creams that have saturated the market of late. Yes, I'm a marketer's dream, so picked one up. 

First up, the claims! Being in possession of this little (it is very little) beauty means you should have: 
  • More even toned skin with a boost in complexion
  • A highlighted & illuminated fizzog
  • Smoother fine lines (not wrinkles though)
  • 24hr hydration
  • A unified complexion thanks to the antioxidants & pigments
  • SPF 15 UV protection
Actual size is only ickle (50ml)
I've been using this, on and off, to gauge results. The first thing to compliment is the smell, it is Divine! While the Asian original B.B. creams tended to be a deeper colour (obsv) I'm not sure I'm convinced Garnier have got the colouring right for calíns with this one. 

It does give a dewy finish but pulls towards orange, even on my skin. It seems like a good choice for those that like sheer coverage though. The problem being that the target audience for this product is 25-35, not a whole lot of us that would brave the sheer look any time past August. 

You're 37 & a half?! Stop using me. At once!
Even the light version is dark for us Peigs
It does make for magnificent mawlers though
While I do like this product, it's not one I'll be repurchasing. It's too sheer for work wear yet too robust to be used as a base. I can't help but feel that had Garnier released this pre 'summer' they would have sold an awful lot more. 

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector is available in two colours, Light & Dark, nationwide for €14.99, I picked this one up in Dunnes Stores for €9.99 a fortnight ago. 

What do you reckon, have you tried a B.B. cream yet? Are you bovvered?

**Edit** After 2 days straight of wearing this BB and nothing else my poor face broke out shockingly in painful, raised lumps. I'm gutted but it's definitely not for me. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Soul Surfer - Preview Review

Who's in it?

AnnaSophia Robb, Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid, Carrie Underwood

What's it about? 

Soul Surfer recounts the true story of surfer Bethany Hamilton who survived a horrific shark attack, losing her left arm at the age of 13. She refuses to accept defeat or to quit her beloved surfing on her native Hawaiian island. It’s a story of perseverance, faith, and family, capturing a determined teenage girl as she faces the biggest challenge of her life.

Any Good?

Although aimed at the teenage girlie audience, I really enjoyed this. Had I not realised it was a true story, though, I might have felt different. The acting was pretty wooden and the context a little Jesussy but it worked.

The first 20 minutes were taken up by flinching every time she went into the water, knowing Jaws was going
to chow down any minute - it seemed like unintentional tension. The actual scene though was brilliantly done. Although we only got a glimpse of the shark, the actors portrayal of the immediate aftermath was honestly frightening. 

The film goes on to show Bethany's recovery and eagerness to get back in the water doing what she loves best, championship surfing. Carrie Underwood's character, although based on Bethenny's actual Christian Minister Sarah Hill was trite and completely miscast, though necessary for the religious underpinning.

Bethany doing her thang!

While my youngest could easily make a better CGI shark, the camera work used to remove AnnaSophia's arm was excellent & very believable. Bethany herself provided the stunts for the movie and the footage is nothing short of stunning.

Shot on location on Kauai this film has reminded me once more, after 50 First Dates & Series 1 finale of Modern Family just how breath taking Hawaii truly is.

With a surprisingly good soundtrack and an inherently uplifting and inspirational message Soul Surfer is worth a look. Stick around for the actual footage as the credits roll too.

Monday's Moments - 19/09

Wha? Monday again? Huge welcome to any new followers, delirah to have you. Just a quick explanation, every Monday I remember 5 things that have made my previous week less rubbish. Cheers me up of a Monday & feels great to appreciate the small things so do please share your own Moments in the comments!

1. They Still Gorrit!

As my SOTW this week let you all know, the Daddeh & I had the chance at VIP tickets to Air Supply on Friday night. These chaps have been around for 30+ years (That's (marginally) longer than me) but they were phenomenal!

The Daddeh has equated seeing them with seeing The Beatles, such was his delight. We crowed the goldies & crooned the oldies and had a feckin' brilliant night. All together now... I'm all outta love..

2. G'wan the Boys!!

Being a Dub, born, bred & buttered, there's no way I could let a Monday's Moments pass without mentioning the historic awesomeness that was the GAA All Ireland final yesterday. 

No, I'm not an avid fan, Yes I watch on rare occasions but to see the sheer elation on the pitch yesterday as they played their hearts & souls out to beat The Kingdom was just outstanding. It's been 16 years since they've won the Sam Maguire and they deserve every minute of the glory they're basking in today. 

3. So long Suckers!

Saturday morning saw Casa le Cherry jonesing for McDonalds, hangover? Moi? Problem being that although you can almost see the golden arches from our living room window, half of Dublin takes it upon themselves to swarm the centre at the weekends. 

With the line of cars past our exit, I decided to try something different. Using the slip road I passed the first line as if to head for town, used the service entrance at the local industrial estate to double back and that  led me onto the slip road into the centre. Tootling along & not believing my luck I got around the roundabout, ordered our grub at the empty drive through and caught the lights just in time to pass the same line of traffic at our exit. Soz, dudes. 

Piping hot womacs & chips within minutes? Immense!! (Disclaimer: Yes I work in Road Safety, I'd like to point out that all manoeuvres were made safely, legally & hella smugly)

4. Easy does it...

As part of the job I regularly have to travel to seminars & conferences. Because my counterparts are in every county in the land these events are usually located in the midlands. 

Last Wednesday was no different but taking advantage of a midweek special deal I decided to head down the night before for a Spa Special for very few pee. This meant head, neck & shoulder massage & a couple of glasses the night before and up early for a quick dip & a soak in the jacuzzi before the others even arrived. 

Floating in as the masses sat down I was told 'Traffic was an unholy bitch this morning!' 

'Was it, yeah?'

5. A Lannister always wins his Emmy!

Lastnight saw one of the most deserving Emmy nominees & actors getting his just desserts. Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones was humble and genuinely grateful in his speech

Any of you that don't recognise him instantly need to get watching series 1 and reading the books! They've literally taken over my life for the past couple of months. I've yet to see an actor so perfectly cast for a part and so gracious in accepting that fact. The Emmys aren't always known for rewarding those the public expect though, case in point was Steve Carrell's snub last night (Are we watching the same shows judges?!)

Anyway Peter Dinklage rocks, Game of Thrones rocks - he got the Emmy! That rocks. 

That's me, chuffed up for another 7 days, any moments you'd care to share? Sure feels good.