About Me

Oh hai! I'm Sue from Dublin, Ireland. I'm a working Momma and in true Troy McClure style, you may know me from such shows as Virgin Media's Elaine or from working at the coal face of your local authority. I'm Mam to two full grown Gorgebags. One chalk & the other cheese but both my favourite kind. Having been a teen Mam, apologetic to the universe for my decisions, the big 30 brought clarity. 

Life is for living to the full. Every. Day. I grasp happiness where I can (Psst, its everywhere) and truly enjoy our lives. 

The Gorgebags in the flesh! *swoons*

Having given up my chance at college to raise my boys, I was determined to make life work for us. I earned my degree through part time study, while working full time but it was only when I began my blog journey that we literally transformed our lives. The site has since allowed me to put both lads through college, as a single Mam, that's the definition of success to me. 

This blog is my corner of the interweb to share my many loves, interests, a little positivity and a laugh or two - it's what life's all about. I'm passionate about raising the tide for all boats, blogging boats especially so if you've a question I can help with, fire away. 

Boys II Men (& their Maw)

My little Sis Corrina (It's Cherry Stone) hopped on board in 2016 to bring us tales of her world adventures with her 6.5 smallies in Tuesday's Travels, which has since earned her the Travel Blogger of the Year Award! In 2017 we launched Mums on the Run (with or without the little ones) Facebook group  to help Mams just like us get as an doras (out the door). 

No matter what we do, we do it as a family with a view to helping you and your family too. This is life, with a cherry on top!

SuperMum to 6.5 little ones under 12, my Sis, Corrina (It's Cherry Stone)
is the personification of 'The Map'

I've a serious grá for beauty products and love to bring you the scoop on new and upcoming launches across all platforms. You might find me popping up in print media too as I write freelance for many a mag & paper as the opportunities arise. I'm also a lover of all things media related, movies, theatre, TV and pop culture. 

Above all else, if it makes me pretty or makes me laugh loudly then you'll see it featured here. Yup, eclectic, that's me. CherrySue, just doin' the do.
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Any questions, comments or inquiries holler at me