Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Epic England Road Trip ~ Part 2 ~ Somerset!

Welcome back to our Epic England road trip across the south of England. Last time I told you about getting the ferry from Rosslare to Pembroke and driving down to Devon to visit The Big Sheep, you can catch up on all the fun HERE. This week I’m going to fill you in on our trip to Yeovil in Somerset.

What to see/do in Yeovil:

Yeovil is the centre for aircraft and defence industries in England which is why we chose to go there as my husband and kids wanted to visit the Fleet Air Arm Museum. The museum tells the story of British naval aviation through the years spread over four large halls filled with military and civilian aircraft. My kids loved the viewing area where we could watch military aircraft take-off and land.

My 8 year old son, Séamus and 9 year old daughter Orla were in awe at the simulated helicopter ride from Hall 2 to Hall 3 where we landed on the flight deck of HMS Ark Royal. I have to say I was blown away by how real the whole experience was especially the part where we were guided around the aircraft carrier by nothing more than lights and recorded spoken commentary.

Séamus was fascinated at the history of the Supermarine Walrus on display as it’s one of only 4 left in the world today; it was flown by the Irish Air Corps during WWII. In 1942 it was hijacked by 4 Irish lads who wanted to fly to France to join the Luftwaffe but they were intercepted by the RAF and returned to Ireland; where the Walrus was transferred to Aer Lingus after the war however they never flew it and sold it on to a Wing Commander in the RAF in 1946 where it was used by the RAF for recreational flights until 1949. In 1963 it was discovered in a dump at an airfield and presented to the Fleet Air Museum who took two years to restore it to its former glory.

We spent about 3 hours in the museum and I have to say it’s one of the best aviation museums we’ve been to; they’ve lots of hands on educational displays for children to understand things such as speed, height & distance in relation to ships & aircraft.

Our visit was complimentary. Avail of a 20% discount on door prices by buying tickets online priced at £11.20/€12.92 for adults & £8.40/€9.69 children over 5 years old, admission is free for children under 5. Discounted family tickets are also available. For further information visit HERE.

Where to Stay in Yeovil:

The Premier Inn - Yeovil

As we were on a budget we chose to stay in Travelodge’s or Premier Inns for the duration of our road trip. After spending the day at The Big Sheep we hit the road to drive just over 1 ½ hours to Yeovil where we stayed in the Premier Inn Yeovil Town Centre. We stopped off along the way to meet with one of my husband’s colleagues so we arrived quite late. 

The car park for the hotel consists of a handful of spaces which were all occupied when we arrived so it took us a bit of time to find on street parking at that hour. Our room was on the second floor of the hotel with a view out over the town. It was clean and comfortable; we couldn’t have gotten better for just £48/€55.36 per night B&B for 2 adults & 2 children. 

However check in was quite a slow process and the breakfast in the Beefeater restaurant wasn’t great, I wouldn’t avail of the cooked breakfast again as it tasted like the ingredients used were of poor quality. I’d just stick with the continental breakfast on offer.

All Aboard the HMS Ark Royal

Where to eat in Yeovil:

We didn’t want a restaurant dinner as it was late in the evening so my husband went out to try to find a pizza place for dinner; he struck gold mere steps from the Premier Inn. He stumbled upon Munchies a pizza, kebab & burger takeaway on Main Street. Their pepperoni pizza was absolutely delicious & was wolfed down by 5 hungry children! Even though it wasn’t deep pan it reminded me of the pizzas we used to get at the Chicago Pizza Pie Factory on St Stephen’s Green in Dublin.

Special Mention: The Grove Inn, King's Nymton

Earlier I said we stopped off to meet one of my husband’s colleagues but I have to give a special mention to where we met him. His local, The Grove Inn a wonderful 17th century thatched pub nestled in a picturesque village in North Devon. It’s easy to see why they’ve won numerous awards and been listed in guide books the world over. 

The low beamed ceilings, crooked stone walls and open log fire give it that welcoming homely feel. Unfortunately we didn’t get to sample their menu as they weren’t serving food the evening we visited but there’s always next time!

We could have also visited the Tank Museum in Bovington but we simply didn’t have enough time so we chose the Fleet Air Arm Museum instead as my husband had already visited Bovington. Check back next week where we continue our road trip and stop off in Bournemouth and the National Motor Museum.

Have you visited either museum? What did you think? Have you any recommendations of places to eat/drink or things to see/do in Devon or Somerset?

*** Disclaimer: As advised above we received complimentary admission to The Fleet Air Arm Museum. As usual all thoughts are my own, I was not asked to write this review. As ever neither free services nor payment would ever sway my opinion. ***

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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Things That Rustle My Jimmies - 25/05/17

I'm thankful to the beautiful weather we've been experiencing for many reasons, most of which are mood related. I had thought I wouldn't even need to unrustle my jimmies this week as a result - I HAD THOUGHT!!

In no particular order of rustling: 

1. Viral videos of a toddler being fed lines to sound like a jaded aul one. 
We have enough jaded aul ones online, thanks...

2. Every second friend request being from Stella Younique Jones or Mary You Know You Want Younique Smith...

3. Under Boob Sweat

4. Having to Give Back the Keys to the BMW loaner just when it was getting into my blood

5. Being nominated as 'Best Senior Blog' HERE

Tell me, can you relate? What's been rustling your jimmies this week? 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Expert Travel Tips for Travelling with Babies & Toddlers!

I think we've established at this stage that I've been bitten by the travel bug good and proper, yes? So many people ask me how things have changed since the arrival of our five little ones and the honest answer is, not by much.

Organisation is still key and, while I'm not advocating you feel bad about not venturing outside your door for the first year of motherhood, I am advocating that you give it a shot. Here's my top tips that've seen all seven of us around the world twice over.


Monday, 15 May 2017

WIN Your Own L'Occitane Travel Essentials Collections - FIVE to Give Away!

Long time readers will know I'm a long time advocate of award winning French natural beauty and skincare brand, L'Occitane. Their luxury products fit nicely into my 'Treat yo'self' ethos and several of their products make recurring appearances on my Holy Grail lists. So when they approached me to collaborate on an exclusive Travel Essentials Campaign (you won't see this on any other timeline), there was only one Mon Dieu! before I readily agreed. Could it BE a better fit?

With the countdown to summer being officially on, LOccitane have introduced their Build Your Own Travel Essentials Collection. Forget decanting, measuring and hoping your products make it past the eagle eye of airport security, simply choose a minimum of three deluxe minis from your body, hair & skincare faves HERE and nab yourself a complimentary, snazzy cosmetics case to go with!

This wouldn't be a CherrySue collaboration if there wasn't something in it for you, dear readers and L'Occitane wouldn't be one of my all time favourite brands to work with if they didn't agree, so to celebrate this special offer we've organised five, yep FIVE Travel Essentials Collections to be won. 

Simply pick your favourite 3 luxury minis & limited edition cosmetics case from THIS LIST and pop them in a comment below for your chance to win. For an extra entry, you can tag a pal to choose their own or you could share this post on your own timeline (be sure to tag me so I can count it, oui?).

Open to both Éire & the UK (sorry postage restrictions won't allow more) we'll announce five winners on May 31st. 

Bonne Chance et Bon Voyage! 

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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Things That Rustle My Jimmies ~ 11/05/17

Oh is it Thursday? I hadn't noticed *bites knuckle*. Here's some, SOME of this week's rustled jimmies - please tell me you relate - please?!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Epic England Road Trip ~ Part 1 ~ The Big Sheep!

Welcome to our Epic England Road Trip. We're going to show you just how easy it is to take to the road, no matter where that road is. This time around, we decided on England. I priced a few different options but eventually settled on a ferry to Wales and a road trip across the south of England to see the best of what’s on offer for families. 

Stick with us over the next couple of weeks as I detail our Epic England Road Trip that includes visits to the National Motor Museum, Chessington, Stonehenge & Bath among others but this week we’ll kick off the series with a trip to The Big Sheep one of Devon’s premier attractions.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - Movie Review!

Who's In It?

and Kurt Russell

What's It About?

While returning from a mission protecting stealing cosmic batteries from a pretentious monarchy, the Guardians are shot down and rescued by Peter's Dad - Ego.