Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Favourites 2014 ft Chanel, Clinique, Claire's, La Roche-Posay, L'Occitane, River Island, Kevin.Murphy, Shiseido & Shu Uemura

Shiseido Benefiance Retinol masks, eye masks, Kevin Murphy Dry Shampoo, Shu Uemura directional fixing spray, Hairspray, Loccitane Brightening Essence, La roche posay Effaclar duo +, River Island Iridescent clutch, Clinuque Feathering Mascara, Feathered Mascara, Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet

The months are whipping past at a rate that'd give even Willow Smith whiplash. How can it be the last day of April? Thankfully our weather has picked up too, we're blessed with more sunshiney days than not, Summer's in the air, can't you feel it? My April beauty faves all reflect that light and bright feeling. Ready? 

1. Corkscrew Hair Pins. €4.89 Here

I picked up these grúaig game changers on a recent trip to Galway and in the Claire's sale for €2. Just two of these twisty pins are enough to secure my entire mop into an upstyle that'll last the whole day through. If you need to pin your hair back for work or are FOREVER losing bobbins, because let's face it, who isn't? You need these corkscrew pins in yo' life. 

2. Shiseido Benefiance Pure Retinol Eye Masks: €69.49 for 12 Here : €41.23 Here

Infused with pure retinol, eye baggáge doesn't stand a chance against Shiseido's Benefiance Pure Retinol Masks. Truly, if you're under the age of 35 you really don't need these skin plumping wonders on your face, you lucky sucker. For those of us over that particular digit though, you won't have ever experienced a mask like this before. 

Within 10 minutes the saturated masks plump and brighten the eye area. I've found that the results last me right into the next day too, with concealer gliding on after use. Yep, they're on the spendy side but seeing is believing and now I'm a believer. 

3. Kevin.Murphy Fresh.Hair Dry Shampoo: 

When the lovely Amy from Publicity Loft told me that of ALL her dry shampoo hoards that Aussie Kevin.Murphy was her favourite, I knew I had to try it. Much akin to Batiste's rich uncle from Bel Air, Fresh.Hair is a different animal of dry shampoo altogether. 

The nozzle sprays a very fine mist of almost fragrance free formulation onto your roots. This means that not only is there zero chance of the dreaded Cruella streak but also that it can be brushed in to and out of the hair with ease. I've been reaching for this more than any other hair product this past month for volume and jujj (it's a word). Kevin.Murphy is a keeper. 

4. Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara: 

I've given Clinique's new Lash Power Feathering Mascara a glowing review here. Whether it's been that I haven't been out as much this past month (does that sound convinving?) or just that I've been favouring a more subtle lash look (much more likely) this dinky wand has barely been out of my hand of a morning. 

Water/sweat and tear proof, tacky from the tube but feathery soft on the lash, this buildable mascara has fast become a firm favourite of mine. Not only for the look it gives but also for the longevity and ease of removal. I've found myself wittering on about it to Gals on other beauty counters and urging them to check it out for themselves. I have it bad. 

5. River Island Iridescent Snakeskin 
Clutch/Cross Body Bag: €25 Here

Have you ever been inexplicably drawn to a product that your feet almost move without your direction and glide you all the way to the till in a daze? Well that's what this iridescent stunner did to me this past month. I saw it, I HAD TO HAVE IT. 

The detachable strap means that not only can it be used as a clutch of an evening but my bandy back delights as it can be worn cross body too. In the sunshine this mála truly is a sight to behold. I'm so in love with it that I don't even mind that I said dreamily to the sales assistant 'Isn't it just like Crystal Barbie?' and she furrowed her brow in return 'Eh, who?'. I ain't even mad. 

6. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+]: €19.99 Here

If you, like me, suffer from jaw achingly bad hormonal breakouts then you need Effaclar Duo [+] like yesterday. This anti-blemish, anti-mark gel works at a deeper level to unblock pores and smooth over skin. I can't count now the painful threatening Vesuvius' (Vesuvii?) that ED+ has saved me, my chin and my jawline from.  

Its anti shine properties mean that I've also been doubling up use of this gel as a primer to great effect. Just the smallest amount goes a very long way and doesn't leave a silcone feel or residue on the skin as other primers can. Can La Roche-Posay do any wrong? I've yet to see it. 

7. L'Occitane Brightening Essence: €53.50 Here

Only yesterday I waxed lyrical about the transformative powers of L'Occitane's reformulated Brightening Essence. Read that full review here. Blended with the essential oil of Corsican immortelle flowers and extract of wild daisies, my hyper pigmentation has been clearer than ever before in such sunshine. 

Proven in clinical trials and on my forehead of not simply reducing the effects of hyper active melanin but also improving brightness of my visage as a whole. This viscous serum is being used lovingly, if sparingly but will 100% be replaced once it runs out. 

8. Shu Uemura Detail Master Directional 
Fixing Spray: In Salons from May: Here €26.84

This Shu Uemura hairspray (because hairspray is what it is) has pretty much blown both Elnett and L'Oreal #TXT out of the uisce for me this month. That could be the beauty of the bottle, it could be the fine spray nozzle that ensures even distribution and high shine, holding results or it could be a mix of the lot. This stuff bloody works. 

I've been setting my hair each morning before heading off to the office with this Directional Fixing Spray and it's given my grúaig a shine like no other without the stickiness. My hair is held in place but not stiff and the minute I take it down just a rake through with my fingers is enough to give me full movement again yet still hold onto the body. It. Works. 

9. Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet: €39.50 Here

Not normally one to succumb to Chanel foundation hype, my urgency to get Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet on my face took even me by surprise. Having seen the lovely Lisa Eldridge work her magic with it and having subsequently read several glowing reviews, i made a beeline for the Boots Blanchardstown Chanel counter. 

I got on so well there that it even made this weeks Monday's Moments, have a squizz and see why I think you should satiate your Chanel needs there from now on too, should you be in the vicinity. Not only does this velvety second skin foundation improve my skin from the first application, but it's buildable and seriously long lasting. I'll have a full review very soon but in the mean time, I'd urge you to to sample this beauty. Do it. DO IT

What have you been loving this past month then? If you have an April Faves post do please feel free to leave a link in the comments and I'll be sure to check it out. 

The Wednesday Chattery - What's Made You Happy This Month?

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Midweek & the end of the month all rolled into one - can you believe it on either count? 

As is standard practice about these parts, we'll be talking today about our favourite products of the past 4 weeks - you'll have to wait another hour to see mine but what have yours been? 

Not necessarily just beauty, what's been your favourite bit of April, so far? 

What's made you happy this month? 

Let's Chat!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

L'Occitane's New Brightening Skincare - Treating Hyper Pigmentation & Dark Circles with Care

When I hear 'brightening' in reference to skincare my hyper pigmented brow always raises an inch. You see the return of the sunshine means one thing for my visage and that's the return of the dreaded uneven colouration of my skin tone as my melanin loses it's marbles and goes into overdrive. 

Thankfully L'Occitane have, this month, added to their Brightening Skincare range with a newly formulated Brightening Essence, a Brightening Touch Targeted Corrector and an Eye Care & Mask Duo for Brightening Correction. I was lucky enough to trial them for the past several weeks and the results are in. Can we say 'WHOOT!'?

Beauty, Skincare, Brightening, L'Occitane, Corsican immortelle, extract of wild daisy,  Brightening Essence, Eye Care & Mask Duo Brightening Corrector, Brightening Touch Targeted Corrector, Treat Hyperpigmentation
L'Occitane Brightening Essence: €53.50

Formulated by combining the essential oils of Corsican immortelle flowers (better known for their anti-aging wizardry in the L'Occitane Divine skincare range) and extract of wild daisy (for its brightening properties), this Brightening Essence has quickly become a staple in my morning routine. 

Slightly more viscous than any serum I have used, it is packed full of active molecules that promise to, not only reduce hyper pigmentation (they do) but to even the skin tone and brighten and smooth the overall skintone (they do that too). A little goes a very long way with this Essence and the amount shown above is exactly enough for my pre morning moisturising ritual. 

I found that the Brightening Essence is tackier on my skin quicker than any other serum, which speeds up my morning routine but it seems to boost my daily moisturiser too - currently Origins GinZing. Despite the glorious sunshine this past fortnight, my forehead has remained relatively uniform in colour and tone and I'm hoping that's a direct result of this Essence. 

L'Occitane says it is as this Essence works in 3 stages to prevent hyper pigmentation:  

  • Limits the production of the enzyme responsible for melanin synthesis (ie going WAILD)
  • Reduces function of this enzyme
  • Inhibits the transfer of melanin to the skin's surface
Neat, huh? My forehead says absolutely. 

Beauty, Skincare, Brightening, L'Occitane, Corsican immortelle, extract of wild daisy,  Brightening Essence, Eye Care & Mask Duo Brightening Corrector, Brightening Touch Targeted Corrector, Treat Hyperpigmentation
L'Occitane Eye Care & Mask Duo Brightening Correction : €37

Second in the new additions to the Brightening line up is the Eye Care & Mask Duo Brightening Corrector. Again, I'm a sucker for this packaging. The metal applicator is instantly cooling on the delicate eye area and works to calm puffiness and aid circulation. 

I've been having a rough time with sleep evading me of late, so much so that the boss has walked in on me with two cold spoons over my eyes to help my burny eyeballs so when I tell you this has been a manna from heaven, that's no word of a lie. 

This snazzy dual purpose treatment means that not only does it provide instantaneous cooling relief for tired eyes but it can be left on for 10 mins as a mask as a late night (or early morning after a late night) treat. My eyeballs thank you, L'Occitane, truly they do. 

Beauty, Skincare, Brightening, L'Occitane, Corsican immortelle, extract of wild daisy,  Brightening Essence, Eye Care & Mask Duo Brightening Corrector, Brightening Touch Targeted Corrector, Treat Hyperpigmentation
L'Occitane Brightening Touch Targeted Corrector: €30.50
Another of my serious beauty addictions is to brightening pens. I'm talking over 10 of these bad boys in my stash. The Brightening Touch Targeted Corrector is slightly different to most of my twistable loot though as it actually works to brighten both dark spots and conceal dark circles. 

I apply this under the eye in the three stroke format above but also to any area of the face that I'd like to highlight that day (under the brow, bridge of my nose & cupid's bow). I've noticed that not only is it soft and workable under my makeup but it is also delicate enough to use over. 

Of the three new Brightening products, if you didn't hare out and buy all three, this is the one I would recommend until the cows come home. Last Wednesday I survived a day at the office on just 2 hours sleep the night before with 3 applications of this and four times, FOUR, people commented how fresh my skin appeared. I'm adding this to the Divine Cream Hall of Wizardry, to be purchased again and again and again. 

Are you a L'Occitane fan? Any of these Brightening beauties tickle your fancy? 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday's Moments: 28/04/14

Morning All and welcome to a brand new week. Even before I give thanks for the awesome days that went before the spirits are high following the magnificent weather we've been having. I was born in the wrong country, I'm convinced of it. Here be 5 Moments that are happily chasing any residual Monday blues away though. Ready? 

1. An Unintentional Winner!

If you follow me on Instagram (you totally should by the way) you'll know that I post a lot of first impressions and mini reviews of beauty products before they even launch. I've found it helps hugely to keep on top of what's new in the beauty world, even if full review posts of every product don't make it to the blog. 

Last week I had an unexpected but AWESOME side effect of that practice. Smashbox US chose one of my initial pictures of the Full Exposure palette to win their competition! The prize? A Full Exposure palette and their new 24hr Photo Finish Primer. 

Yep, I was gobsmacked and v grateful. I've since regifted said palette to a gorgeous gal pal that had done me a solid in the past so she can share in the Full Exposure awesomeness. It's nice to be nice, wha? (But THANKS Smashbox!)

2. The Best Boy

One evening last week I asked Adam to bring me up a phone charger. When he handed it over on the landing, without even thinking I said 'Thanks Ad, you're the best boy'. Up pipes Aaron (18!) from his room 'I do stuff for you too!'. I had completely forgotten that I used to use 'The Best Boy' as a way to get each of the lads to help out when they were younger, it worked like a charm (and seemly still does).

Ahh, Irish Mammy Guilts, I'll have to brush up!

3. Pre Pay Day Pocket Palooza 

Please find the one plus to the rain showers we saw on Wednesday. I had to switch coats for the trek to work, once I got to the coffee shop and patted my pockets for my purse I heard an unfamiliar rustle. Hellooooooo day before pay day awesomeness. €11.01 of unexpected awesomeness to be precise.  

No, relatively speaking, it's not a huge amount of money but when I was preparing to count sheckles to add an extra shot, this was pay dirt. I ordered the biggest, fanciest coffee I could think of and I could almost swear, it's the nicest coffee I've had in a very long time. 

4. A HIGHLY Recommended Chanel Counter 

I'm entirely blaming this post from Simone Loves Makeup (thanks S!) for drawing me to a Chanel counter like a moth to a flame in the first place but once I'd gotten chatting to Róisín (Chanel counter manager) in Boots Blanchardstown about Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet I was in, hook, line and sinker. 

I had just had my brows threaded so she sat me down to give my slap a touch up and disguise the lobster like unibrow I was now sporting. Not only was she a font of knowledge about the products, she invited me back that evening to have a complimentary Chanel makeover before The BOPs Awards. 

Lisa was on hand to complete my makeover, again, Chanel, you need to send some gold stars to these gals. She did an amazing job on my look and because she didn't have Impulsive Rouge Allure in stock she gave me the dinkiest Chanel tester lippie vial with enough lipstick to see me through the night. (!)

If you're thinking of a Chanel purchase (and you friggin' will be after my Perfection Lumiere Velvet post) then I can't recommend the Boots counter in Blanchardstown enough. Down to earth, knowledgeable, friendly girls without any hard sell. They're a breath of fresh beauty air. 

5. District 9 in Howth

Yesterday was the day we went to Capri without ever leaving Ireland. The Dublin Bay Prawn Festival was being held in Howth and because the sun was splitting the trees outside I knew it was the perfect day for a visit and to get some heat in our bones. I know I'm biased about Fingal Co Co but when we do something right, boy do we do it right. 

Temperatures hit 18 degrees, numbers hit their thousands and the prawns, OH MAN THE PRAWNS. We ate, we drank, we strolled, we ate, we drank, we made merry. Genuinely, Howth Harbour in the sunshine could be anywhere in the world. I'm thanking the lord we thought to trial Ambre Solaire's Dry Mist SPF as the hazy sunshine toasted us but as days go? Sunday will be remembered for quite some time. Huge well done to all involved. 

The Monday Chattery - Your Go To Sun Protection Product?

How do all on the first day of the week once more. 

What did we get up to for the weekend? Care to share? 

I have a mention coming up in Monday's Moments about using Ambre Solaire's new Dry Mist SPF (which is amazing btw). I'm in the nightmare process of booking holliers though (biggest first world problem ever) and I'm just wondering...

What's your go to SPF? Cream? Spray? Which brand? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

Let's Chat!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cherry Pick of the Week: Lana Del Ray - West Coast

West Coast, Lana's second biggest US hit to date caused more than a stir when she unveiled it at her Coachella set this month. 

Dark & melancholic, its reminiscent of Young and Beautiful, one of my favourite additions to The Great Gatsby soundtrack and a foreshadow of Lana's deliciously dark rendition of Once Upon a Dream for Maleficent

To me this is perfect chilled out, driving in the sunshine track - that could be partly because of the echo of The New Radicals: You Get What You Give with the 'You've got the music in you' chorus line. 

The bottom line is, once West Coast lands this side of the pond on May 18, expect stratospheric things. 

What's been playing on repeat in your noggin this week then? 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Game of Thrones - Impressions So Far (NO SPOILERS)

After having spent the last week catching up on Season 3 in breaks between last minute college work, I am HOOKED yet again.
I had originally watched the first two season religiously and read the first book, but due to the Leaving I just kind of stopped.

The first three episodes of have been HUGE in terms of events for main characters. Having already had the biggest moments spoiled for me by those scoundrels over at imgur, I had expected a lull in the show but sweet baby jehziz I was wrong. With Stannis being the total manipulated mess he is in the show and Jon Snow and the wildlings doing the SAME. THING. OVER. AND. OVER; the real highlights of the show for me has been Daenerys Abraham Lincoln'ing her way towards Westeros and growing her army and dragons has been a real treat as a supporter of House Targaryen. I have also newfound love for both Jaime Lannister and The Hound, with The Hound being hilarious as of late and even in spite of the shows making Jaime look like a monster for things that weren't even in the book.

I would definitely recommend the latest three episodes and to get hype for the next as while it does look slow, that's a George R.R. Martin trick and that man is evil Santa Claus.

The (sigh..) Eldest Gorgebag

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

You know what day it is, you know what time it is - let's unrustle some jimmies, shall we?

1. Colleagues that Microwave FISH in the Office

 photo tumblr_lxgh4pemG31r5ruse_zpscc403bb3.gif

2. Cars that Rev at Pedestrian Lights

 photo tumblr_mcvv229WWP1r98m7m_zps620b01e8.gif
3. Showing Someone a Pic on My Phone 
& They Swipe Left
 photo tumblr_m5qk01ZYIo1r1mr1po1_500_zps88c1cfa9.gif
4. Dropping Toothpaste Down My Blouse 
MINUTES Before I've to Leave the House

 photo tumblr_m3botequtN1r1nmpao1_500_zpsf3bfc3d7.gif

5. Clueless Election Canvassers
 photo closedoor_zps17e5a6e0.gif

And just like that all is calm once more. 

Tell me, what's been rustling your jimmies this week?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara - Review & Pics

Clinique Lash power Feathering Mascara, New, Feather, Water Proof, Sweat Proof, Tear Proof, Easily Removed, Mascara for the Gym

When it comes to mascaras my numbers are many. When it comes to mascaras that actually do what they say on they do on the tube, those numbers dwindle significantly. I was thrilled to get the chance to meet with Clinique at a recent Dublin stopover to see what the brand had in store for summer 2014. One of those things was Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara - you'll be delighted to hear that it passes the 'truthful tube' test with flying colours. 

Designed to stand up to the humidity in Asian climates (we should be so lucky), Lash Power Feathering Mascara is waterproof (tick), sweat proof (double tick) and tear proof (ALL of the ticks after watching Eastenders last night whilst hungry, hormonal & dog tired). 

Clinique Lash power Feathering Mascara, New, Feather, Water Proof, Sweat Proof, Tear Proof, Easily Removed, Mascara for the Gym, Mascara to work out
Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara: €23 in BTs exclusively now & Nationwide April 25th

Lash Power Feathering Mascara is not one I'd automatically reach for were I hoping for tons of volume or for say, a night on the tiles when MOAR is more. It's more subtle than that. The small wand and brush are easily manageable to get right into the smallest of lashes and the wet, almost tacky formulation works a treat as it grabs every lash root to tip and coats them evenly. 

As buildable a mascara as you're likely to try, each coat dries quickly and allows you to add another and another to layer up to your desired eye look in no time at all. I expected clumps, they didn't appear. I expected my lashes to feel weighed down with product but again, nope. Feathery soft with a natural fuller lash look and zero fallout after a 10 hour day. We like this stuff. We like it a lot. 

Aside from the mascara mojo Lash Power offers through the day, there's another reason I'm impressed. I was dubious to say the least about instructions of removing this 10 hour strong formula with just warm water on a cotton pad (They're Real removal struggles, anyone?) but believe it or not it works. 

I've been using and loving Ren's Hot Cloth Cleanser  and only using a separate cleanser to remove my mascara, with this little pocket rocket, I don't need to do that. One gentle wipe on each eye of the rinsed out hot cloth and I'm baldy eyed again. Impressive stuff. 

We're not talking false lash effect with this mascara by any stretch of the imagination but for a wearable, flattering day time look that lasts and for genuine ease of removal, Clinique's Lash Power Feathering Mascara is a cracker. If you're looking for something to pop in your holiday bag or for natural, smudge free lashes for your work outs. Look no further. 

What think we? Are we a fan of the feathered look? 

The Wednesday Chattery - What's Your Favourite Beauty Brand?

Midweek - whoot!

I had a question on my FB page last night asking if I'd to choose only one makeup brand to use for the rest of my days what would that be... (thanks Amanda YOU DIVIL)

Ehhhhhhhm, I'd be forever choosing, that's the beauty junkie in me. Each brand offers something different and were you to see my (regularly culled) stash you'd see my loyalty lies all over the place. 

Gun to head though? It'd have to be Clarins for skincare and limited edition collections, or Estée Lauder for Bronze Goddess and Sensuous, or theBalm for Mary Lou Manizer and The Nude Tude, or Urban Decay for Naked palettes and 24/7 liners - can't forget Too Faced - 

Tell us, what's your favourite brand and why? 

Let's Chat!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Summer Nails Courtesy of LacqLustre (The Most Talented Nail Artist I've Seen in YONKS)

Summer Nails, Nail Art, Floral Nails, Gerbera Nails, Sunshine, Bright Nails

We know I'm a nail nut, we know I'm partial to a touch of my own nail art and we know I love to find people as crazy about the art as I am. Cue a chance encounter on Reddit last week, where I came across these stunning Easter Chocolate and Caramel Bunny nails by LacqLustre. It was only when I followed the link to her site that I found some of the most incredible nail art talent I've seen in quite a while, naturally I asked for a guest post immediately. Take it away, T!

Hello everyone! I'm just a girl who loves nail art and can never pick a favorite color. I have an obsession for the whimsical, the cheesy, and the sparkly! I started LacqLustre as a way to justify my insatiable polish hoarding, and it turned into an amazingly fun hobby. My favorite nail art to do is a three way tie between florals , food, and polka dots. 

Gerbera daisies are one of my favorite flowers and they never fail to cheer me up. I hope they do the same for you! 

Polishes Used:
Background color: China Glaze Electric Pineapple
Black: Wet N Wild Black Creme
Yellow: OPI The It Color, China Glaze Happy Go Lucky
Pink: China Glaze Sugar High, China Glaze Designer Satin
Orange: Sephora By OPI Paisley Me Attention
Red: China Glaze Roguish Red, China Glaze Ruby Deer

Thanks to Sue for giving me the chance to share them with y'all! -T

Well, huh? Isn't she a natural genius? Do yo'self a favour and go check out her site today, if you're a nail art nut on even the smallest scale you appreciate this girl's mad skillz. 

Thanks a thousand T, I'm definitely going to give these a shot now that the sun in shining in Dublin town *touches all the wood*. Also, China Glaze Electric Pineapple will be mine! 

If you'd like to see your work, nail art or
otherwise featured on CherrySue, do drop
me a line and let's chat!

The Tuesday Chattery

Morning All, we made it through the long weekend then?

If you're back to work this morning, as I am, take solace in the fact that there's another bank hollier in just two weeks. I know, that news brightened my morning too. 

Did you know today was Earth Day? Happy Day, Earth and all that that entails - I know the Aveda team over in Henry St Debenhams are celebrating by giving Glow facials and pampering for just €10 today with all proceeds going to Water Aid. If you hear of any other events I'd love to know. 

Tell us then, what did you get up to over the weekend? Pure scoffage? Not the chocolate type? 

Let's Chat!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cherry Pick of the Week: Röyksopp & Robyn - Monument

Yep this is 'just the tip' ie a snippet of things to come but new music from Robyn will always, ALWAYS be a Cherry Pick of the Week the instant it's released. 

'Monument' is the first track from the forthcoming 'Do It Again' mini album (5 tracks), which will be released on 26th May 2014 before they kick off their Do it Again World Tour in June. 

The want is strong in me to join them for Sónar by Night Barcelona, now that would be a weekend and a half!

Tell me, what's been playing on repeat in your noggin this week? 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Clint Eastwood to Direct Screen Adaptation of Hit Musical Jersey Boys!

 ALL MORNING I've been told to watch this trailer by my Mother - I was literally woken up to 'Clint Eastwood is directing a Jersey Boys movie!'.

Now I've never seen the Broadway show, but it certainly is a favourite with the family as you can see with Mother Dearest nearly having a aneurysm over it. Clint Eastwood is directing and with Grand Torino being the last of the films he directed that I have seen and with one of my favourite actors in Christopher Walken having a main part I'm intrigued by the film myself.

There's a Scorsese feel to production with travelling shots, speaking to camera and overall narrative. Give the trailer a watch and let us know if you're excited to see it too.  

It releases in the US on June 22nd - no word on the Irish release date but it should be soon after.

The (sigh..) Eldest Gorgebag

X-Men: Days of Future Past - Trailer

Returning to the director's chair for this prequel-sequel is the director of the incredible (and still considered on of the best comic book movies) X2 - Bryan Singer. The timeline for this movie seems to really divert from the source material by seemly introducing the Sentinels into the Marvel Universe incredibly early and while the redesign of them is a bit unnecessary; I'm just glad they're not 'tactical black'.

The movie seems to center around Wolverine (and to a lesser extent Mistique, Xavier and Magneto (Ma's new feller); but I think due to the time travel plot device one of my favourite X-Men - Cable - will be introduced to the world.

Possibly one of the most incredible ensemble casts are set to star - are you looking forward to it? 

It releases in Irish Cinemas May 22nd.

The (sigh..) Eldest Gorgebag

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Hello Jimmies my old friends, I've some to unrustle you once again. 

It's been one of those weeks, here's why: 

1. Chipping Nails Trying to Open 
Impenetrable Mascara Packaging

 photo tumblr_mjzmlr5eo71rflm2eo1_500_zps05d0e8e1.gif

2. Losing an Entire Instagram Post 
& its 12 Hashtags
When the Phone Rings

 photo banana-phone_zps36ea9857.gif

3. When I Blitz the House & 
Come Home to Find a Mug 
on the Coffee Table

 photo tumblr_inline_mik7xvIHKi1qz4rgp_zpse8cdd934.gif
4. Horizon Televsion

 photo c96_zps29427b42.gif
5. The Office Fridge...

 photo giphy_zps8a1116a4.gif
Oh Man that felt good, this is what temporary zen feels like - sooo cathartic. 

C'mom, share, what's been rustling your jimmies this week?

The Thursday Chattery

Hey Happy Thursday, everyone!

Today we're tackling the thorny issue of Easter eggs - how many have you eaten already?

Be honest now...

Let's Chat!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Essie Spring 2014 - 'Hide & Go Seek' Collection - First Look with Swatches

Oh Essie Spring 2014, why are you so pretty? Why must you draw my mother to my nails like a moth to a flame that results in me only managing to keep one third of your collection for myself. Why? 

With subtle spring pastels and exceptional bright staples there's not a nail in the known universe that couldn't be bettered with one of these brand new colours. From soft pistachio hues to red hot raspberry, I'm fairly certain there'll be something in the 'Hide & Go Chic' collection to catch your eye. 

All the following swatches are done with basecoat only to show the true colour and consistency of each polish. That high shine finish is all natural, yo!

First look at nail newness. 
You won't often see nail wheels for my swatches but then it's not often I open a press pack and have to see the colours in action immediately. Essie has that effect on me you see and I'm sure I'm not alone. How about some closer shots? 

Essie Fashion Playground Swatch, Spring 2014, Hide & Go Chic Collection, Pistachio Nails

Fashion Playground is a light pistachio green with very subtle shimmer throughout. The formulation is one of the lightest of the lot so you're going to need 3 thin coats for full opacity. I'd highly recommend letting each one dry for a moment first for best effect. Mint nails will be huge this season (as they were last) fresh, clean and incredibly easy to wear, regardless of your skin tone. 

Essie Spring 2014, Hide & Go Chic Collection, Spin the Bottle swatch

Spin the Bottle, a semi-sheer nude is a much thicker consistency and glides on easily. While one coat won't cut it, I'd advise you work with little polish on the brush to achieve the perfect even look. It gives me what I like to call 'Barbie Nails', the unpainted kind. While this one won't suit every skin tone it works beautifully with my pasty sausages. We're going to have a long and happy life together, Spin the Bottle and I. 

Essie Spring 2014 hide & Go Chic Collection Romper Room Swatch

Romper Room is as pale as pale pinks come. We're looking at a sheer veil of colour that needs at least two coats for even coverage but isn't it pretty? So very pretty. 

Essie Spring 2014 hide & Go Chic Collection Truth or Flare Swatch

Truth or Flare is listed as a 'vintage blue denim' but this soft blue grey creme is so much more than that. Possibly the most unassuming of the lot but the one that will appeal to most fingers, this polish is opaque in two thin coats and has garnered the most attention on my nails so far. I don't own another polish like it in my VAST hoard  collection and that really is saying something. 

Essie Spring 2014 hide & Go Chic Collection Hide & Go Chic Swatch

Now Hide & Go Chic, the namesake of the collection (Stateside anyway) is what I'd call a denim blue. This rich creme was the most difficult for me to work with but I got there. Each of these swatches are without top coat so they show the polish in its unaltered state but the brush stroke issues I had with Hide & Go Chic (as you can see) are only a coat of Seche Vite away from perfection. 

Again, this colour is an easy to wear dip of your toe (or finger) into the blue trend that is everywhere this Spring/Summer in fashion and beauty. 

Essie Spring 2014 hide & Go Chic Collection Style Hunter Swatch

Lastly, the jewel in the Essie Spring 2014 already encrusted crown, Style Hunter. This red hot crimson creme is quite possibly the most perfect raspberry I've ever tried and is unequivocally my favourite of the entire collection (if not my favourite polish of the year thus far). 

Bright enough to bring life to any look in just two thin, high shine coats, were you to buy only one polish from this entire line up, I'd make it this one. Isn't it be-a-YOOT-iful?

So what happens when I can't decide which of the lot to wear for a day of events? This happens. WEAR ALL THE ESSIE! It's hard to tell but there's a little bit of every colour right there on my pingies. Don't they play well together? 

Essie Spring 2014 is on stands from this month for €9.99 each. Have any caught your eye?