Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday's Moments ~ 31/08/15

Monday, Monday, so good to meeeee!

Moments of deadliness this week include but are not limited to:

1. Walking through the Back to School Armageddon in the shopping centre last week now that both lads are finished school! 

Friday, August 28, 2015

No Return - Movie Review

Who's In It?

, and 

What's It About?

When Luke Wilson uproots his family from Texas and moves to generic East Asian country, the Prime Minister is killed and the "protesters" start killing every non-national (Americans basically) they can find.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My 5 and Me Out to Sea!

I’m constantly looking for places to bring the children for days out during the summer months; somewhere that’ll keep them all entertained as I have 8 year old twin daughters & three sons aged 7, 3 & 10 months. A couple of weeks ago while mooching about on the internet I came across a great deal from Stena Line, €6 return for a foot passenger day trip to Holyhead from Dublin or to Fishguard from Rosslare! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to College with Life Style Sports!

There are many things I'm grateful for now that the Gorgebags have finished school entirely; no more uniforms, no more book lists, no more parent-teacher meetings (!), the fact that now they can eat a sack of peanuts for their lunch should they be so inclined and no more hefty back to school costs! 

I was, however ready to treat them to a couple of extras for their college wardrobes so when Life Style Sports approached us and offered to aid their third level wardrobe plight, sure there was no way we were going to pass up! I thought I might pop up a post in case you're in the final throes of Back to School panic, as I ever was in the last week of August so you know you have options that won't break the bank. 

It's funny that living within a ten minute walk of our nearest Life Style that I've never considered them for Back to School needs before but within 5 minutes of arrival I could spot black footwear, PE gear, sports socks and equipment & all manner of kit & school bags. 

Those and a swarm of Mums & Dads making the most of the specific sales for the occasion. I did have a pic of the specific sale prices but from memory it's up to 30%. That's a daycent amount of change over for smelly erasers & the eleventybillion copy books you're going to need too. 

Converse Sports Gear ~ Just one of the pleasant surprises for the lads
Aaron has always been an All Star fan, I can remember buying his first Cons when he was just a nipper so he was thrilled to find Converse sports gear on offer. I love these oversized hoodies, they always remind me of American college wear. He chose a heavy cotton navy hoodie for over his shirts but has since said he's going back for the legs. 

Team bags with up to 30% off
There's a huge array of kit and team bags on both floors of the store we were in. Ad opted for a Dublin bag for folders but chucked in a cheeky Adidas kit bag for the gym too. I think when kids are so restricted by uniforms, it's nice to let them choose their own málas to get them excited for back to school. If it sports their favourite team for secondary rather than their primary bag with Iggle Piggle waving his red hanky then mores the better. 

Stella for Adidas ~ Rawwwr!
While it's a definite help to see such good value for the little 'uns, I couldn't help but notice the choice for Mamas too. For the most part they're the ones doing the school runs, right? That and they're the ones squeezing in their workouts, while the childerbeasts are in school.

Every section has decent sales racks with a full array of sizes but it's the Stella for Adidas collections that caught my eye. I don't think I've been in store for a couple of years but their choice in women's kit has seriously improved from memory. Those leopard print sports leggings & bright cotton socks are going in my mála for Pilates the next time I'm in!

All in all I was seriously impressed with the value for money on big sports names on offer. I'll definitely pop back for a few bits. The fact they also stock Serious Mass & Gold Standard gym supplements at decent prices means Life Style have also won over a repeat customer in Adam.

If you're scrambling last minute to tick off your Back to School or College list I'd say pop in to one of Life Style's 60 stores or better still, save the sweat,  take a squizz online at their offers this week and let me know if you bagged a bargain!

Disclaimer: While this is not
a sponsored post, Life Style
Sports did gift the Gorgebags 
with vouchers for shoppng. 
The lucky gits!

Monday's Moments ~ 24/08/15

1. I often stay late in the office and go directly to town if I have an evening meeting or event scheduled. This means I bring my makeup bag and jacket if needed. On Friday, however I forgot both! 

Cue a 2pm delivery from Essence, including not only their A/W collection but a beautiful cream woolen shawl too! It's times like this I legitimately feel like I'm on Truman Show ~ if that's the case then I'm very grateful to the producers!

2. Speaking of Friday evening, it was spent on the rooftop of Industry & Co with the gorgeous girls Becky & Alex from Pink Elephant Blog & my good friend Vivi (and several new pals too). We were at a pop up long table supper by Jette Virdi, she's not one of the country's top food stylists for nothing!

The urban rooftop was transformed in the warm evening sunlight with wild flowers and again when twilight struck when the eleventy billion candles and outdoor string lights lit up. Phenomenal food and even better company meant it's one of the most uplifting dins I've ever enjoyed. Food for the soul. Quite literally. 

3. The evening was such fun that it continued into the wee hours. It was only when walking with Vivi to get cabs that I realised how late/early it was. There was a Nightlink waiting to leave that would drop me directly to my door! 

Accidentally making the Nightlink is one thing but his Leap machine didn't work either, so instead of paying the guts of €40 for a cab, I got a free ride home for zilch! Good. Times!

4. I posted on my instagram yesterday about my new talons. I'm not usually one for longer nails but having seen these rose gold beauties on Tropical Popical's Insta feed a couple of weeks back I knew I had to have them!

Jenny did an incredible job, and also shared the colour used (Orly's Rage). I was so instantly smitten that I ordered a bottle for both my Sis and I on Fragrance Direct for sheckles, while waiting for these bad boys to dry. 

5. Last and again BY NO MEANS least is Aaron being a ledgebag (more so than usual like). I came home on Saturday night after birthday cocktails and dins with good pals but exhausted from the weekend's shenanigans. 

As soon as I opened my bedroom door I could smell fresh laundry. He'd only gone and washed & changed my bed! Granted he did it because he'd left my door open and our big fat Rottie, Diesel had made himself at home on the duvet but still. I could have shaken him awake just to thank him. Unexpected fresh sheets after a long night? Best. Feeling. EVER!

So tell us, what's your Monday's Moments this week? 

What are you grateful for? Hmmm?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

1. People that say 'I wish I had the time to do that' 

2. The term 'Free Stuff' when it comes to blog work. 

3. Readying a summer rig out for work because it's been 22 degrees for 3 days straight. 
Then waking up to a Tsunami. 

4. Transfer from new black jeans making 
my hands & legs look dead!

5. Journalists that opine about social media being ruined by self promotion, while placing social media share buttons throughout 
and then tweeting links to the same piece. 

So tell us, can you relate? 

What's been rustling your jimmies this week?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Hollywood Fair, Wicklow ~ A Wonderful Step Back in Time

Lazing in bed on Sunday morning I was wondering what we could do for the day to spend some family time together with our five little ones. I was browsing Twitter & Facebook as you do, when I came across a post about The Hollywood Fair in Hollywood Co Wicklow. It’s a pre 1950’s themed fair held over a few of days in August each year, it’s a fantastic budget family day out as admission is only €2 for adults & free for children. Parking is also free, volunteer stewards direct you from the main road into a makeshift car park in a huge field.

The whole village is taken over with the fair; it was like walking onto a film set. Tons of people were dressed in period costumes from pensioners all the way down to babies in vintage Silver Cross prams. As you enter Hollywood the sights, sounds & smells transport you back to a bygone era. There were steam engines tooting their whistles, a huge stage was set up with a vast array of musicians continuously playing throughout the day. The Kitchen was making heaps of food including burgers (€3) & stew (€5) cooked over open fires in cast iron skillets & cauldrons. Bread making demonstrations where brown & white soda bread freshly made and baked in a turf fuelled oven in the middle of the field. Then promptly sliced & slathered with butter & jam to be handed out among the crowd.

My little ones loved the vintage cars, trucks & wagons on display. It really was a sight to behold, lots of people standing chatting having a drink or set dancing all dressed like extras from Peaky Blinders. I love getting our little ones involved in learning about our history and heritage so I actively seek out things to do with that in mind. As they say every day is a school day as the Hollywood Fair has been going on for years only half an hour from our house and I’m ashamed to say I never knew about it!

On the main road there were lots of market stalls selling everything from essential oils to wood burning stoves. The school hall was converted into a radio & telephone museum, my son Seamus (7) was thrilled when the gentleman there turned on a record player from circa 1910 & it worked perfectly. Further up the road in the main field there were demonstrations of craftsmanship from the olden days like stone cutting, basket weaving & horseshoe making.  My daughter Orla (8) insisted she needed a walking stick to be like the farmers with their sheep so we bought her one from a Gent sitting outside a beautiful little cottage for just €2.

Up the back of the town was where we found the sheep dog trials & the duck races. Old games were played in a field like toss the coin, a gold fish stall & horseshoe throwing. A sheep show and pet’s corner rounded off the day perfectly. It was such a lovely family day out I think one of the best things was that the atmosphere was fantastic with everyone in a good mood.  I know one thing for sure is that it’s going on my calendar for next year & we’re off to buy flat caps & braces for my lads.

Have you ever been to the Hollywood Fair? How did you get on? 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday's Moments ~ 17/08/15

1. When popping in for a takeaway salad beside the office last week, I realised it was 22 degrees and they had a terrace. Never one to shy away from a bite alone I ordered my salad to eat in and sat in the glorious sunshine for a full hour. 

There really is nothing like that kind of heat on your bones to clear your head & turn your entire day around. 

2. Speaking of recharging your batteries in the great outdoors, following the fab L'Occitane Christmas launch last week, we continued the party up to the rooftop bar on The Marker Hotel. 

The 360 views from the roof are stunning at the best of times but to see Dublin basked in sunshine then watch the clouds turn pink against the blue sky before a fiery sunset really was out of this world. Good wine & good chats with good people means my vitamin D levels are fit to burst this week.

3. I mentioned last week that we had topped 4k Instagram followers, well having given the account a Snapchat shoutout we blasted through 5k last week! Mind boggling stuff. 

As a thank you I have a Smoky Palette over there up for grabs. It's a Thank You giveaway for everyone that follows so there are no entry conditions. Just Double Tap HERE <3

4. The second of my lunch time Moments this week comes from forgetting my purse! Normally I don't mind but I was already in the queue in Boots, Meal Deal in hand when I copped. 

That's when the light bulb went off. I had my Boots card in my bag WITH points enough for my falafel wrap! I KNEW that makeup addiction would pay off eventually!

5. And last but by ZERO means least. My baby got his first choice for his degree course today!! I've a pain in my jaw from smiling as I type this. The Leaving results came out last week & he was 25 points off his top choice. Bereft. Low and behold when the first offers came in this morning, there was his. He had already accepted before he even woke me up. 

I couldn't be prouder of him. Genuinely he could be working shooting balls of gick to the moon if that was what he was good at, being paid for and making a contribution to society. It just happens that he can now do what he's good at and what he loves doing. The world is his lobster. Retirement at 40 you're not out of my reach yet!!

So tell us, what's the silver lining for you today? 

What's one Moment that means Monday Blues are a thing of the past. 

Tell us!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cherry Pick of the Week: The Weeknd ~ Can't Feel My Face

Questionable pineapple hair aside I AM LOVING The Weeknd!

Definitely reminiscent of an early Michael Jackson to me, this song has embarrassed me precisely 4 times this week because I just can't help shoulder dancing to it when out walking. It's a sight to behold...

Tell us, are you loving Can't Feel My Face? 

What tune is on repeat in your world this week? 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Fantastic 4 - Movie Review

Who's In It?

, and 

What's It About?

A scientist invents a teleporter, so the Government hires him to create a larger one to send people into another dimension. When drunk, four members of the 5 person team goes to the dimension and get super powers.

Any Good?

Fant4astic was clearly a rushed out who cares movie made to just hold onto the rights from Fox, and you can clearly see in some parts that it's two separate films.

There isn't much to talk about in this film because nothing happens for the first hour, and I'm not talking about Drive style nothing where there was little spikes, but literally nothing. Dr. Doom doesn't even have more than 15 minutes of screen time, and that includes reveal, motive to fight him and the fight.

The team itself was a mess - Sue listens to music a lot, Ben doesn't exist much at all until he becomes The Thing, Johnny is just there for Fox's idea of "diversity" soul music and all, and Victor just makes remarks while Reed draws things. The only interesting person in the entire thing was Dr. Doom, and he only okay; his dialogue was awful, like a greenpeace campaigner with the hate of PETA, but he was pretty scary in some scenes despite looking ridiculous and not having his mask.

The only worthwhile part of this film is a couple scenes where they wake up and discover their powers, and when Dr. Doom comes back. Watching those parts separately look like an interesting comic-horror cross, but we got this studio mess. I'd rather watch Pixels again.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Truth be told, things have been pretty sweet 'round these parts of late but still, STILL there's been a rustling of the jimmies. In no particular order of crappiness: 

1. Not screwing the lid back onto your lipgloss 
but not realising until you reach into your 
bag for your keys!

2. People that follow and unfollow. DAILY. 

3. Aggressive Chuggers!

4. Twitter's 'While You Were Away' feature.

5. Text reminders that your UPC bill is due 
the following week. 

See? That's so much better!

Tell us, what's been rustling your jimmies this week? 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Top 3 Day Trips from New York - How, Where & Why!

After I book a flight anywhere my wanderlust always kicks in and I want to know what else I can do or where else I can see while I’m in that part of the world. Today I’ll tell you about the trips you can easily take from New York, two budget options & one that’s expensive but so worth it.

I honestly can’t remember how many times I’ve been in New York City but I can tell you that I’m not done yet & would happily go again in the morning. We have an Aunt based on Long Island so there's always an excuse to scuttle over, even if some times we're so busy that we only get to see her for drinks! 
There is so much to see & do in NYC that the list is quite literally endless. 


Just over an hour flight to Logan airport will see you in Boston home of the Red Sox and Cheers bar along with many other cool places to see. We flew with Jet Blue & paid €100pp for flights. There are many ways of getting from the airport to downtown Boston, taxi, bus, limo, train & a few others but my favourite way is my water taxi. Not only are you avoiding the traffic you also get a fab view of Boston from the harbour. Massport run a courtesy bus between all terminals & Logan harbour. Costing just $3.25pp each way it’s also a great budget option.

As always my top tip for seeing a City in a short space of time is to do a hop on hop off tour. We paid $35pp (€30 approx) for a 24 hour trolley tour including a harbour cruise. Plan ahead & choose what stops you’d like to make, ensuring they are open when you plan to visit, this will save you time & stress while on holiday. We stayed on the Trolley for a full loop to see everything before deciding to hop off at Faneuil Hall Marketplace for a spot of shopping before a lunch of a burger & beer in Cheers. No they didn’t know our names! 

Boston is a beautiful city with lovely people so it’s on our list for a return visit.

Washington D.C.

Also an hours flight from NYC is Reagan airport in Washington D.C. We flew American Airlines & paid €125pp. I booked all flights before we left Ireland. At check in I asked if there were any first class seats available, we were in luck & they cost only $20pp. This entitles you not only to a far superior seat with lots of room you also get free drink & snacks on board. 

I found it gas when we were about to take off there was a short announcement that due to turbulence the in-flight drinks cart would not be in operation, the loos would be locked & passengers need to remain in their seats for the duration of the flight then the air hostess pulled the curtain, turned to us & said “that’s only for economy class, What can I get you to drink?”

There are lots of ways to get from Reagan airport to D.C. just 5 miles away, shuttle bus, taxi & lots of others but we opted to take the Metro to Union Station. Tickets can be purchased in the airport Metro station for just $2.20pp for the 20 minute ride.

Now this is where you really need to plan ahead as you’ll never do it all in a day, the hop on hop off bus has a staggering 57 stops, we paid €45pp. The bus leaves Union Station every 30 minutes. We crammed in lots Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, WWII Memorial, and Historical Georgetown even a quick visit to the White House. I loved Washington D.C. & will be back to do the other trillion stops!

Niagara Falls

I saved one of the best & most expensive till last. Niagara Falls had been on my bucket list forever but I just had to jump at the package deal we got for a daytrip from It cost us €450pp, for this you get an hour long flight to Buffalo airport in Upstate New York where your private chauffeur picks you up on a mini bus for a fully narrated tour of the American side of the Falls before going over the border to Canada to see the Canadian side. 

During the warmer months, included in your package is a boat trip on Maid of the Mist where you can get up close & personal with the Falls, they provide ponchos for a reason! In the colder months you get a tour underneath Niagara Falls, both are equally amazing experiences. 

Lunch is served buffet style in the Hilton Hotel just across the road. You can enjoy your meal while gazing through floor to ceiling windows overlooking the majestic Niagara Falls. After lunch you have a couple of hour’s free time to explore before being transported back to the airport for your return flight to NYC. 

We had a bit of spare time waiting for our flight back so I had some delicious spicy Buffalo Hot Wings with a cold beer in the bar. I loved this day trip so much that I went again a year later with my Mother while we were in New York for her birthday.

Would you consider a day trip outside your destination? 
Have you gone on any day trips from the Big Apple? 
Care to share?