Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday's Moments - 30/04

The last day of April is upon us, crazy - that and the fact that it's a Bank Holiday next Monday means it's already an ok Monday in my book but, as ever, I've got five moments to chase away the blues. Ready?

1.This Literally NEVER Happens

I had a post last week about the astonishing effects I've had with OPI's Nail Envy. The pic above is 3 weeks worth of nail growth using this wonder stuff and has resulted in this week's number one moment. 

This past week I've found my nails were too long, you read that right My Nails = Too Long! So for the first time since childhood, when D'Mammy used to cut all but one (My peeling nail)(The thumb with a beauty spot on) I actually clipped my nails. Seeing as they're usually stubby wonders what with work and general slavery, this is a revelation!

2. I Could've Died. Dead!

I've been making a concerted effort of late to be a little bit more active, doing an extra lap with the madra, consistently threatening to start the Couch25K, good stuff like that. That's why when I got a phone call from reception on Thursday that a package had been delivered for me, I thought 'I know, I'll trot down the six flights to pick it up'. 'Go me', I thought.  

Off I skipped, fully intending to get the lift back up (I'm not mad) when the unthinkable happened, our ever gorgeous and helpful security guard met me on the last step with the delivery! I could hardly push past him to the lift so I thanked him kindly, turned and made my way back up. Cue me sitting at my desk, breathing into my scarf like Darth Vader for 10 minutes, trying my utmost not to pass out. I'm starting that Couch25K. I am. 

3. Being Elmo

Myself and the eldest had the chance to head off to the Lighthouse cinema on Wednesday to see the screening of Being Elmo. It's the story of Kevin Clash, the man behind the muppet. I feel no shame in admitting that I love this little dude. His duet with Andrea Bocelli gets me every time so we were thrilled to get a chance to see this. 

We adored it. It was beautifully made, an absolute joy to behold and easily the feel good flick of the year, maybe of the past ten. Both Aar and I (though he'll bate me for telling) laughed and cried, even the little kids in the audience were silent for the duration, mesmerised by the screen. If you get a chance to see it, definitely do, you'll love it. 

4. I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends

The youngest has been complaining about his hair (again), this is the same child that was checking himself out in a car window and realised after a minute that there was a man sitting inside and all he could do was wave, while all I could do was convulse with laughter.

Well, he must have said something to his new girlfriend about it because on Friday this picture was posted on his Facebook timeline with the caption 'Love your new do, Hun'. I'm not going to lie, I almost choked - of course he has no clue who Worzel Gummidge is so thought it was 'random'. The fact that she's 14, knows Worzel and has a kick ass sense of humour? She's in!

5. Sigh No More: I Won't! 

Last up we have one of the Moments of the year so far, that'll probably only be topped on June 9th. MCD had a shout out for Mumford and Sons fans last week that might want to rock on down to their only Irish date in Galway and see the lads strut their stuff. How could I resist? 

Sigh No More is one of my favourite albums, every single track a stormer so I am literally counting the days to this! Turning it into a Spa weekend with the Sis after the show? Well it'd be rude not to, wouldn't it?

Sin an scéal for this week, got anything fab you'd like to share? I'd love to hear it. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cherry Pick of The Week - Gigi D'Agostino - La Passion

This week's pick is a blast from the past, of sizzling in the sunshine and a blast from Friday night out, when I was reminded how much I loved it. The official video is fairly weird but nonetheless this is one of my all time favourite Summer dance songs and is now safely ensconced on my iPod.

Have you a song that reminds you of Summer as soon as you hear the opening notes?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Micro Pedi by Emoji

I had the quite surreal pleasure this week of heading along to the Dylan hotel to meet the stunning Rosanna Davison, while having a pedicure. Weirdorama but it was all in a good cause, well the cause of good feet, which is similar, no?

We were there to be introduced to the Micropedi from Emoji. The new manna from heaven to get your feet flip flop ready and fab in minutes.

There's two choices of roller, blue for extra coarse skin and pink for coarse, they rotate 30 times per second to effortlessly leave you with soft, supple tootsies. Apart from the tickles, you barely feel it work it's magic at all.

During the Summer months D'Mammy and I regularly visit J Nails on Capel Street, Dublin for pedicures, they're cheap as chips and do a fabulous job. Considering she was only short of setting up a road block on my way home to relieve me of this beauty, I'm guessing we won't be doing that this year. She already loves it, which means Bucko here will have to buy her own because I'm pretty smitten too. 

Normally priced at €49.99 and available in Boots and all leading pharmacies, the Micro-Pedi is currently on sale on the Lifes2Good site for €34.99, that's cheaper than one decent pedicure, let alone an entire Summer of at home simplicity.

By the by, the gorgeous pink polish we received in the press packs is Zoya's Whitney from that we had a sneaky behind the scenes peek at last week. Isn't it fab?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Avengers Assemble - Movie Review

Who's in it?

Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston & many, many more.

What's it About?

Samuel L Jackson is back as S.H.I.E.L.D's Fury to assemble the superheroes and form The Avengers, their mission is to ward off the nefarious Loki, his impending alien army assault on earth and to regain the Tesseract - an alien source of pure energy.

Any Good?

Four years in the build up and cruel teasers at the end of every adventure haven't been fair to serious Marvel fans or y'know lovers of all things Super Hero *raises hand sheepishly* but Joss Whedon as Director here has given all of us more than expected with Avengers Assemble. The film is OTT and absurd in the most delightful way. Despite a particularly drawn out and wordy first act, used to tie up the loose ends from each of the heroes' solo quests, Whedon has surpassed himself in combining all of these larger than life characters and presenting a balanced ensemble of super. 

The Avengers. Assembled. 

Even though there has been a staggering overload of clip and footage releases for this movie there are still surprises, such as the crossover of characters from previous super hero incarnations, Pepper Potts and consistent Marvel lurker Agent Coulsen's characters are fleshed out and add to the layered, cohesive story telling. The script, while not as rapier as some reviews have gushed, is clever, sharp and at times laugh out loud hilarious. Robert Downey Junior (by far my favourite character) is on form and again leads me to wonder if he and Tony Stark are actually one, his one liners and quips flow easily and serve to slice through some of the more absurd elements of the film. 

The Hulk himself is epic, in every sense of the word, Ruffalo brings a sense of self loathing and depression to Banner, which dissipates entirely when 'the other guy' shows up. This green beast provides two of easily the funniest moments in the movie, drawing an enormous rupture of laughter from the audience, a near choking by myself and a lot of appreciative chuckles even as the show went on. 

Despite the common misconception, he's actually incredibly likeable when he's angry. 
 I'll come right out and say that, to me, Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow did nothing to add to the plot, it kills me to add that Hawk Eye (Renner) also seemed a little lost. In a cast of super heroes, their characters weren't very super is all - though I can appreciate the eye candy element each of them brought to the screen. Souped up Thor raised in my estimation though, following his wojus solo expedition last year and Captain America played his role with absolute conviction. Despite some shortfalls, they all amounted to a fairly kick ass assembly. 

If you're a fan of any or all of the Marvel characters you're going to love this. I found the beginning a little clunky but once the pace picked up, the 3D set pieces of mayhem were unleashed and the enormous CGI serpents roller coastered their way onto the screen spewing destruction I was in my element. To me, it's the popcorn, super hero blockbuster of 2012 to beat, that's said fully aware that the Dark Knight is poised to knock my socks off this Summer, but for now, grab your friends, grab your tickets and get yourself to see this!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fizzy Orange Nails FTW!

We've all heard tell of the hotly anticipated Caviar nails from Ciaté at this stage, right? Über 'spensive with waiting lists the length of your arm and the whole shebang? Well these aren't them.

They are exactly the same as them, only funkier, but they're definitely not them.

Wanna know how to have Fizzy Orange (Ordinge) non Caviar nails of your very own? Course you do..

  1.  You'll need an orange polish (This one was €2.49 in Hairspray), Orange microbeads (two pots for €2.50 in Hairspray), common or garden nail glue and fimo orange slices (available from Essence next month).
  2. I warm up the fimo slices first on my modem (or heater or kettle) they can be a little rigid but once warm they bend to the shape of your nail, apply nail glue and place one slice firmly onto the nail bed, holding in place until dry (approx 2 mins)
  3. Apply a liberal coat, or two, of your polish to your nail, careful to avoid the orange slice. 
  4. Dip your nail immediately into the microbeads and press firmly. 
  5. Press the beads onto the nail bed, gently but firmly to ensure full coverage. Excess can be cleared simply with a cocktail stick. 
  6. Apply clear top coat to the tips and wait for them to dry completely while your prop pretends he's not interested.  

It really is that simple, once dry (about 10 minutes later) there should be no fall out. Go about your daily business, flashing your nails like Wolverine's claws at unsuspecting passers by as is your want.

Realistically this mani will last you the guts of two days or one good night out. That is if you can resist the urge to pick at them (I couldn't).

If the whole hand is too much for you then just an accent nail with corresponding orange polish on the others is just as effective.

Will you be giving them a try? And more importantly, are you a Club or a Fanta girl?!

Pssst.. I did buy several packs of stunning microbeads online too, 
you see how alike these are to Caviar nails? 
You ain't seen nothin' yet!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Brains Behind your Favourite Beauty Sites - Cloud 10 Beauty

Following on from the skinny on last week, we have the gorgeous Blanaid, the brains (and surrious beauty) behind one of my personal favourite Beauty Sites, Cloud 10 Beauty. That could be because they take Laser, they have lightening fast delivery speeds, kick ass samples with every purchase or just because Blanaid is ridiculously lovely and one of the most helpful businesswomen I've had the pleasure of dealing with. Read on and decide for yourself.

Again we have 5 of the most in-depth questions Paxman would be proud of and also a looksee at the Lady herself (is it just me suffering from serious hair envy?)... Take it away, Blanaid!  


1. What inspired you to set up your site?

I was working within the beauty industry when I came up with the concept for Cloud 10 Beauty. While working with various brands in department stores and smaller retail outlets I noticed that there was a significant gap between the shopping experience available online and in-store for beauty products. I seen this as an opportunity to use technology to help bridge this gap and offer a better online shopping experience.

In store you can try products before you buy but rarely can you get that kind of experience online. Cloud 10 Beauty offers free testers of products like foundation which are notoriously difficult to choose so you can try the colour in the comfort of your own home before you buy.

When shopping in-store you also rarely shop alone so we wanted to create a website where shoppers can freely interact with each other and with us to get the help and assistance they need. On every product page the customer can read product reviews and also ask questions about the product. Clicking on the link from a product review brings you to the reviewers profile page where you can ask the reviewer any further questions you might have. You can also create your own profile page where you can promote your facebook or twitter page and also share your favourite brands, products and videos. In Share on Cloud 10 customers can also ask general beauty related questions in Chat, watch great tutorials in Watch or read the latest news on our Blog.

We wanted to create an enjoyable experience that is beyond a mere transaction. With our great Beauty Points scheme you can earn points not just by buying fabulous beauty products but also by reviewing products, signing up to receive our newsletter and by inviting your friends to join. Or even just by simply sharing the products you love with your friends on Facebook.

From the moment you arrive on Cloud 10, until your products are delivered to your door with your chosen samples, we aim to create a simple and fun online shopping experience for beauty that cannot be found elsewhere.

2. How long have you been beautifying the country?

Cloud 10 Beauty officially launched in October 2011 so we are a relatively young and new beauty website. We have been overwhelmed and delighted by the positive response since we launched and are really looking forward to celebrating our first birthday.

3. What’s your favourite part of the job?

Honestly, my favourite part of the job is choosing the new brands for our site! I love when a new brand arrives to our offices. Before deciding on any new brand for Cloud 10, we test the key products in the range but there is always still great excitement when the complete shipment arrives. I also love when we receive feedback from customers. We have received so many fabulous emails and facebook/twitter comments from customers and they really do put a smile on my face. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.

4. What’s the one thing about your job that people might not know?

I share an office with Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn! Well with their pictures :) 

5. If you could choose just one product to recommend to a friend – what would that be?

Of the established cult products on our site the Sigma F80 is hard to beat. However my personal favourite product at the moment is Nuxe Dry Body Oil. It is so moisturizing and leaves a lovely sheen on your skin. At this time of year, the scent always reminds me of summer.

Really interesting, right? Thanks so much for sharing, B! 

If you're still not in love with this girl or her work (seriously?), head on over to Cloud10, there's a special deal on REN at the moment with free gift flying about the place or check out their Facebook page, where there's a Sigma Premium Travel Kit going abeg. 

Next week we have the web hostess with the mostess, Steph from, giving us a little peek behind the revamped scenes of greatness! Don't miss that whate'er you do. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday's Moments - 23/04

Eh up Chucks, it's that day of the week again when I think back on fairly kick ass moments to help me through the day - ready?

1. Is There Anything This Stuff Can't Do?!

Since trying out Cicaplast Baume B5 a couple of weeks back, I've been astounded at it's multi-functional uses. Chapped lips, burned skin, scratches, burny balls...Little did I know it'd help the entire family...

Our big, fat hog, Diesel (a Rottie) has developed a little crack in his paw pad, most likely from bouncing on the trampoline trying to catch planes. I haven't been able to get him an appointment at the vet until Tues but looked up online to see if I could ease them before that. Turns out they're very common and can be treated with Udder cream or Lanolin. Brain wave. I checked the ingredients, figuring if Cicaplast was safe for toddlers lips then it'd be safe for Hoggness and might give him some relief. Three days later? The crack has completely healed! Of course it could have been his licking too but wowsers, saved me a fortune on a vet's bill!

2. What Could it Be?

There's a moment when you get unexpected post, be that something from a legendary Broseph that lives abroad or press samples that you didn't know were coming. 

I happened to take a photo of that moment this week - it's easily one of my favourite feelings IN THE WORLD. 

3. Meta Monday

I'm over the moon to say I've gained a fair few new followers over the past little while, 'Hey, everyone!' *Waves*, I'm absolutely thrilled and delighted for each and every one. 

I've noticed one thing over the past week though, as follower numbers go up, so too do my traffic stats on these very posts. There's been a surge in Monday's Moments viewings, right back to the start and I'm thrilled. People seem to be reading them again and again, one after the other. A Monday's Moment about Monday's Moments - how meta is that?! 

4. Scarlet For Me Having My Ma

Having the chats over dinner with the eldest last week he decided to tell me I'd made a show of him, 'How so this time, Sweetness?', as is my go to response for this regular occurrence. 

Turns out the girls in his class were talking about the blog (!). One of them had seen the picture of HB nails and tried to do them at home. 'Yeah, CherrySue, or sumthin', I'll Facebook ye the link'. Of course I was thrilled, Aaron? Not so much. I asked him if he told them it was me and he said 'Eh, they were, eh, too far away to talk to'. I can only imagine the colour of him, trying to get out of the class as quick as he could. 

5. I'm Lovin' Bloglovin'

Behold, the fluffy rainbow. I came up with these tactile lovelies for a guest post over on the gorgeous Adrienne's blog, The Sunday Girl last week. You can check out the simple tutorial over there. 

Not only was I hugely honoured to be a guest poster as I adore her work but I was even more chuffed to arrive home to a tweet from Adrienne informing me that the post was number 1 on Bloglovin UK and Number 2 on Blovlovin US! Peeps be flocking loving the fluffy rainbow all over the world! 

And that's Moi, five moments that have kicked Monday Blues to touch. What's happening in your part of the world this week? I'd love to hear. 

PS Adrienne is having an amazing week of Giveaways right now to launch her new Facebook page. All you need to enter is hit like. What's not to like? Get on it, lovelies x 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cherry Pick of The Week - Nicki Minaj - Starships

I'm going to preface this pick by saying our Nicki is prolly one of the craziest mo' fo's out there right now but anyone that can make me simultaneously shoulder dance in the car, fully believe I can rap and long for Summer holidays has to be doing something right. 

People say songs are dumbed down these days? 'Hoopty - Hoopty - Hoop' is probably my favourite lyric of the lot! 

Love this choon!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cabin in the Woods - Movie Review (NO Spoilers)

Who's in it?

 Kristen ConnollyChris HemsworthFran Kranz and Anna Hutchison 

What's it About? 

Five friends (stereotypical in slasher movie fashion) decide to escape college life for a weekend and head off to a cabin in the woods. Slowly but surely things start to go wrong, very wrong. Who'd have thunk it? Can they discover the secret behind this wooden structure in a wooded area? 

Any Good?

I'm going to try not to hype Cabin in the Woods too much and certainly won't be giving anything away (there's a special place in hell for movie spoilerers) but I do have to start by saying that this is easily my favourite film of the year, so far. I can't remember being so surprised at a movie since Scream in '96, the comparison lies only in their originality though, certainly not in content. 

Having seen the trailers and heard of the plagued release date set backs, I must admit I wasn't too pushed to see it, considering it a rehash of a dated, formulaic teen slasher flick. That may very well have added to my delight once the film started rolling and I was proven so very wrong. Buffy, Angel and the upcoming Avengers Assemble genius, Joss Whedon writes and produces with Drew Goddard of Cloverfield and Lost writing and directing. A match made in horror comedy heaven. If the fun I had watching is any indication, I can only imagine they'd the time of their lives making it. 

Whedon and Goddard. They're smiling on the inside. Obvs. 
The entire cast play a blinder, including the ones from the deepest depths of your nightmares, the scaredy fecks. Acting is fluid and, despite the outlandish scenarios presented, is always believable. Scenes are speckled with memorable characters of both Whedon's casting past and horror movies of yesteryear, which is a very nice touch. A stand out for me has to be Fran Kranz , the resident stoner, his medicine of choice leads to some seriously astute and often hilarious observations. 

As the story progresses you're launched from absolute distress, the kind that causes you to cover your eyes in horror to guffawing out loud and looking around to see if everyone else is finding it just as good. The timing of comic relief is executed with precision and very welcome on several occasions. A word of warning though, some of the horror scenes are about as horrific as they come, I can't remember when I last saw so much blood on one set so this isn't one for the under 16s by any stretch of the imagination. 

Cabin in the woods has been branded 'a game changer', 'meta as they come' and, by Whedon himself, 'a love/hate letter to the horror genre'. It's all of those things and more. It's carnage, it's hilarity and it's entertaining as HELL. I found myself wanting to see it again immediately during one scene then instantly swearing not to come the next, I'm not sure my heart could take it. 

If you're thinking this is just another Hollywood slasher churn out then, in the words of the token 'virgin' herself, Kristen Connolly, 'You're missing the point'. If you want to experience something very new and exciting that'll stay with you for a little while, then get yourself along this weekend, it's definitely one to see on the big screen but hold your popcorn tightly, it's a jumpy, rollicking ride.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoos (Picture Heavy)(You're Welcome)

Aside from Revlon Lip Butters, Maybelline 24 HR Color Tattoos have been the most eagerly anticipated import from American shores so far this year.

Much like every other European or Irish Beauty Blogger, I too was beside myself with the want to try them - to smear them on my eyes and be happy for ever and ever and ever amen.... but did that happen?........... Eh, yeah!

Prepare to want to leggit out the door as soon as you've finished reading, k?

First up, I have to say a humongous Thanks to Karen over at,  were it not for her selflessness and sharing the love I wouldn't have gotten these so soon, nor would you be getting a peek, so if you're not following her yet, do please head on over there, laugh your face off and sign up.

OK, let's get cracking. 

  1. Permanent Taupe is the creamiest shadow I've yet to use (& that includes MAC Painterly Paint Pot!). It's a soft taupey brown in the pot but a beautiful mauve taupe on the eyes. This one has to be seen to be believed. (keep scrolling, you'll see it)
  2. Endless Purple is a vivid, eye wateringly bright, blue toned purple. Although it looks a little daunting in the pan, it swatches as one of the lightest. 
  3. Immortal Charcoal is a deep slate grey with a silver micro shimmer. It has a slightly granier texture (as most shimmer products do) but not by much.
  4. Eternal Gold is basically gold leaf in eyeshadow form. Patted on gently it brightens and lightens the eye beautifully. 
Wanna see swatches?

How about some actual on the eyehole, while I look wistfully away, swatches?

I've used no primer or liner in any of these shots, just a coat of Maybelline's Big Great Lash (one of my faves). Wear time on the Immortal Charcoal and Permanent Taupe was easily 10 hours with no creasing or fading but they wiped off nicely with my cleanser, no muss, no fuss. I've yet to give the others a full time test. 

Can you tell my love for these yet? I can see them as being multifunctional in my kit. Permanent Taupe being one of the most easily worn shades of all. Endless Purple will make a fabulous cream liner. Immortal Charcoal has smokey base written all over it, it has honestly quenched my want for another MAC Paint Pot and Eternal Gold will be one of my go to highlighters when I'm needing a lift.

Those of you that haven't already legged it to your nearest Superdrug or Boots to hand over your €6.15s, tell me... have you tried Color Tattoos yet?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

OPI Nail Envy - Astounding Results Already!

I'm constantly on the lookout for something to help strengthen my nails. I try all the usual tricks, cuticle oil, massaging hand cream into my nail beds and a multi vitamin with Vit A&C to try and boost growth. They're usually in fairly good shape but serious rumblings in the Blogosphere about OPI's Nail Envy meant I had to give it a shot.

Luckily at the Beauty Pro Expo in the RDS earlier this year there was a stand from Hennessy Hair and Beauty full to the brim with OPI delights. I managed to pick up Nail Envy and it's Matte counterpart for €10.80 and have been using it since early March.

Want to see my nail results after 3 weeks?

Excuse my middle nail, it was lost in the Battle of the M&S Basket (Almost lost my pingy!)

That's some difference, right? You can check out further evidence of nail stubbery from January here. All in all I've been using it for a little over 5 weeks but my nails had been filed to nubs at an event (*shakes fist*) so this growth is since then. All of my nails are strong and healthy and growing like wildfire. I'm actually filing them back at this stage (with a glass file), which I have never had to do.

Application is simple, it's an opaque polish and you apply two coats to your baldy nail, polish can be used too (thankfully), then one coat each day thereafter. The only time I can remember my talons being in such good nick would be after a sunshine holiday and, Lord knows, I haven't had one of them.

I could scratch eyes out or anything! 

OPI Sez: Nail Envy Original provides maximum strengthening with hydrolysed wheat protein and calcium for harder, longer, stronger, natural nails. Ideal for weak, damaged nails.

Nail Envy comes in several versions: Original, Matte, Dry & Brittle, Sensitive & Peeling or Maintenance and retails for €24.99 in Boots, though chances are you'll pick it up cheaper on eBay.

This is the first product, let alone nail product that I've used that I've seen such a drastic difference with in such a short space of time. If your digits are in need of some help, I can't recommend it enough.

Have you any hints or tips for tip top talons? 
Think you might try this out?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Brains Behind your Favourite Beauty Sites - SuperNail Ireland

One of the things that fascinates me most as a blogger and an avid buyer of all things beauty (It's called product piggery and it's an illness) is the story behind some of our favourite beauty sites and the ridiculously friendly and professional people that work tirelessly to run them and ultimately make us beautiful. That got me to thinking, if I'd be super interested to hear their stories, maybe you would be too...

Over the next couple of weeks I have lined up some of the best in the business to give you a little insight into their worlds and maybe a snakey inside recommendation or two for the ultimate beauty buys from their sites, who doesn't want to know that?!

First up is Nila (& her hubby John) of SuperNail Ireland, they're easily one of the nicest couples I've had the pleasure of speaking with and this here be their story:

Nila, born in London (half Irish/Indian), trained as a nail technician in 1996 with Supernail of Los Angeles (Now Supernail UK). Over the years she has worked in salons and as a mobile technician around London. Nila moved to Ireland in 2003 with her Irish husband John, where they run, bringing beauty to the masses. Here's what she has to say in response to my Jeremy Paxman level of questioning. 

1. What inspired you to set up your site? 

In 2011 Carolyn Sears founder of Supernail UK asked me to become their Irish distributor (Carolyn could do with a whole blog herself - she is known as the first lady of nails, due to the fact that she set up the first nail salon in London in 1979 with Barbara Rossendale  - aka Gwen Steffani's mother in law. They had a client list to beat the band). This was mainly to do with the fact that I couldn't get my beloved Zoya over here and nobody seemed to know anything about fibreglass nails (the backscratchers system). Supernail UK is the European distributor for these brands, but the postage is £24 to the rep of Ireland, so I thought having a distributor over here might just make these fantastic products cheaper and more accessible to the people of Ireland.

2.  How long have you been beautifying the country? 

I stopped working as a nail tech for a few years whilst my children were very small, but opened up my nail salon in Kilfinane, Co.Limerick in 2010. It made me realise just how much I missed the world of nails, so in 2011 I took all my trainer exams in London and became the sole distributor and trainer for the rep of Ireland. I started Supernail Ireland in September 2011 with my husband John. John had been a building contractor, but due to the damn recession, could find no work in his field so joined me in SI. He is good at business, and I am good at nails. It is sometimes a marriage made in heaven. Supernail Ireland is the sole distributor for Zoya, Backscratchers, Qtica skin systems and Pharo sugaring systems.

3.What's your favourite part of the job? 

I love meeting people and anything to do with nails, so for me this is a fantastic oppotunity. Zoya and the other brands are excellent products. I have been using them for the past 15 years, so  when it comes to helping someone choose the perfect shade of pink, or getting someone trained up as a nail technician I never feel like this is work. Myself and John had a ball doing the Irish beauty show recently. I also love when our customers give me a call to chat about colours or our other products. I am still a working nail tech as well as a distributor, so whenever our customers want advise or have a nail related question, I am more than happy to help!

4. What's the one thing about your job that people might not know?  

Well I suppose that many people might think that we are just distributors for Zoya, Qtica etc.., but as previously mentioned I am a working nail tech using the products all day long myself, so I genuinely want people to get the best product for them. So if any of our customers want some pre purchase advise, or have a nail related query, then please get in touch. In today's financial climate nobody can afford to be buying products that just sit on the bathroom shelf. I won't ever recommend something that I don't think will work for or suit a customer. We are also home grown distributors, and very proud to be a small Irish business. 

5. If you could choose just one product to recommend to a friend - what would that be?  

Ooh this is difficult! Different friends, different products. For those who want an excellent hand and body moisturiser, it has to be the Qtica Intense Hydrating Lotion. Not the cheapest, but a little bit goes a very long way. For the best nail polish remover/ nail prep, it has to be Zoya Remove. It really does remove nail polish super fast, but without drying out your nails. Finally for all my nail tech buddies, it has to be Backscratchers Fibreglass. This product allows you to overlay, create extensions and repair natural nail breakages without any damage to the the natural nail, which to my knowledge no gel or acrylic can do. These are the products that my friends seem to love (unlike my baking...)

And there we have it. The low down on all things Super Nail. Fascinating, right? Thanks so much Nila and John for sharing your story. 

If you, like me, are gagging to get your mitts on the new Zoya Beach and Surf collection then head on over to their site for a looksee but please don't blame me when you want everything! To celebrate the new launch, prices on all of the award winning Zoya polishes have been slashed to €9.90 with free delivery on all orders over €30. 

Coming up next week is the brains and über beauty behind Cloud 10 Beauty, Blanaid!