Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fizzy Orange Nails FTW!

We've all heard tell of the hotly anticipated Caviar nails from Ciaté at this stage, right? Über 'spensive with waiting lists the length of your arm and the whole shebang? Well these aren't them.

They are exactly the same as them, only funkier, but they're definitely not them.

Wanna know how to have Fizzy Orange (Ordinge) non Caviar nails of your very own? Course you do..

  1.  You'll need an orange polish (This one was €2.49 in Hairspray), Orange microbeads (two pots for €2.50 in Hairspray), common or garden nail glue and fimo orange slices (available from Essence next month).
  2. I warm up the fimo slices first on my modem (or heater or kettle) they can be a little rigid but once warm they bend to the shape of your nail, apply nail glue and place one slice firmly onto the nail bed, holding in place until dry (approx 2 mins)
  3. Apply a liberal coat, or two, of your polish to your nail, careful to avoid the orange slice. 
  4. Dip your nail immediately into the microbeads and press firmly. 
  5. Press the beads onto the nail bed, gently but firmly to ensure full coverage. Excess can be cleared simply with a cocktail stick. 
  6. Apply clear top coat to the tips and wait for them to dry completely while your prop pretends he's not interested.  

It really is that simple, once dry (about 10 minutes later) there should be no fall out. Go about your daily business, flashing your nails like Wolverine's claws at unsuspecting passers by as is your want.

Realistically this mani will last you the guts of two days or one good night out. That is if you can resist the urge to pick at them (I couldn't).

If the whole hand is too much for you then just an accent nail with corresponding orange polish on the others is just as effective.

Will you be giving them a try? And more importantly, are you a Club or a Fanta girl?!

Pssst.. I did buy several packs of stunning microbeads online too, 
you see how alike these are to Caviar nails? 
You ain't seen nothin' yet!

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