Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Chocomania from The Body Shop

Whether you're cutting back on chocolate, have eaten your egg already (like me) or are looking for an alternative Easter gift, The Body Shop Ireland has you covered. To say this range is delectable is an understatement.

I was more than thrilled to receive a *ahem* taster of the range last week and when I say it was almost inhaled, I'm not exaggerating. Both boys were immediately smitten too, so much so that the poor tub of Body Butter was almost decimated in the five minutes it took me to read the Press Release!

You'd think as Blogger's sons they'd realise the sanctity of a 'before' photo. Philistines! 

Containing 13 Community Fair Trade ingredients, synonymous with the Body Shop, this Butter (€18.95) is, by far, my new favourite. (Knocking Mango off the top spot). It promises 48 hours of hydration. I'm not sure about 48 but using this before bed, the heavenly scent and velvety feel was still about following work at 6pm the next evening. I'm not sure how many times I had to explain to colleagues why I was sniffing my own arms though. (weirdo)

I did have initial reservations about the scent, The Body Shop were responsible for such olfactory crimes as Dewberry and Fuzzy Peach back in the day but this is scrumptious. Not so much chocolate as cocoa,vanilla, buttery cream and toffee. Seriously, go sniff it. I've been so taken with it that I've ordered the scrub and shower gel to match.

The Gals over on ran a piece on this range yesterday, which took into account the high pricing we face in Ireland for Body Shop goodies in comparison to other countries. It's well worth checking out if you're considering making a purchase. Personally, it doesn't stop me buying but it does make me reconsider where I buy.

Have you tried any of this range yet? Tempted?

ps.. have you eaten your egg already? Tell the truth and shame the divil..

EDIT: Psst the scrubs and butters are 2 for €30 in The Body Shop at the mo!

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