Saturday, 7 April 2012

Super Easy Easter Nails

Easter is upon us, can you believe it? Any excuse for me to have a little go at some free hand nail designs.

These designs are pretty generic so I can't really take credit (though the Chinchilla like bunnehs are my own). Dots are courtesy of dotting tools from the lovely Karen's Birthday gift to me. So Yay, Karen!

Fancy a closer look?

As you can see, they're really simple to do and even simpler to recreate on your own pingies. Dots can be made using dotting tools, hair clips or toothpicks and the Easter egg design and more delicate areas are done using a toothpick too. Here's the colours I used but any pastels should do the trick nicely:

While I had said dotting tools out, though, I did try one more look, it might be a little easier to wear, it reminds me of the Easter ribbon D'Mammy used to buy D'Sister & I to plait our hairs up into Easter baskets (we were Rapunzels)

I've got to admit I'm a little taken by the pastels and that's coming from a notorious magpie! 

Have you tried any Spring time/Easter manis?

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