Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday's Moments - 30/6/14

Testing, testing, is this thing on? We're coming to you from deep in the Welsh valleys today as we're visiting with family and generally having our feel good tanks topped up. It rocks. 

As well as feeling incredibly lucky to have a great family and be so well taken care of, there's Moments that I just couldn't let pass today without acknowledging my gratitude for. They say that we've become addicted to talking about our troubles and we should count our blessings more , well that's exactly what Monday's Moments are for so do please share your happy haps in the comments - it's cathartic, I swear!

1. Just Do It

It's not something I usually post about but 100% it's a Monday's Moment of mine this week. I had been putting off going for my scheduled cervical check for months now because of my back and because I'm a wuss. The letter glared at me from the fridge every time I entered the kitchen. 

I decided before hols that I'd just get mad and book it for my return. Of course on my return I was raging I did but I popped across to the clinic on my coffee break. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes, it was less painful and less time than a wax and a hell of a lot better for you too. I even had time to grab a coffee before my smug return to the office too. 

If you're aged between 25 and 60, your cervical check is free in Ireland (more info here) that and those 10 minutes could very well save your life. I've had my results through, less than a fortnight later and I'm all clear for another 3 years - there's no feeling like that all clear. Just do it, ladies. Pick up the phone and do it. 

2. Cross Border Creeping

If you saw my Twitter feed last week or my Jimmies, you'll know that Adam attempted to kibosh our trip away by losing his passport. I'm sure he did it purposely... An entire night and day before leaving we upended the house to no avail until the taxi arrived to bring us to the airport. 

Sweats and panic all the way to the terminal as Aer Lingus insisted on national photo ID for a 16 year old, which is non existant. It's just as well the lady on the gate was feeling generous as she waved us through because he was travelling with his Momma. His Momma that mini pinched him across the aisle for the entire 40 minute journey. 

3. We're All Going To Hell

A hand that Aaron, my son, born of a teenage pregnancy, played to me!
The lads had been looking forward to this trip ever since my eldest Bro sent the tickets as a surprise a couple of months back. Eager to get their bromance on with their Uncle Rob, Aaron ordered Cards Against Humanity (the most hilariously offensive game ever invented) to be delivered before we arrived. 

If you haven't played this game, do but be warned, a sense of humour is required at all times. A side dark, hell-bound humour is what you'll need to win it. This hand is just one example - outrageous. I think Adam said it best (and revealed his true nature) when he said 'I don't even want to win, I just want disgraceful answers!' .That's mah boy. 

4. Hello, Is It Me You're Lookin' For?

You know I love when the majority of searches for this here site are people searching my name, I've spoken about it before. Yep, the scandalous searches that still bring people to us are a joy too but I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I think people are looking for us and just us. 

Well Moment 4 happened this week when Aaron made a discovery. When we touched down he had to clear his cookies and cache to check if his movie review had published. He input the word Cherry and we were first in the Google rankings!! It's a little thing really but it's a little thing that warms the cockles. Thanks Google & Viva la Cherry!! 

5. Hangin' With Mah Homies

Last and by no stretch of the imagination least, is the past few days we've spent together here in Wales. My eldest Bro, one of my favourite people on this very planet, and his beautiful wife flew us over to spend a couple of quality days with them and their little chicken, Alexander. 

It's very hard being separated from family for extended periods of time, especially when you're missing life changes happen. Yep, online communication rocks, WhatsApp works to keep you connected and phone calls count but there's nothing quite like a bear hug from your eldest Bro to set the world straight. 

Seeing the lads look at Rob and Cath with such love and respect reminds me that I've done something very right with them too - that and the muttley laughing for 90 minutes straight when we played Cards Against Humanity... It sometimes takes a trip like this to help you take a breath, look at what you've all achieved together, be thankful for one another and just exhale. Love yis innit. 

So tell us, what's the one thing you're grateful for this week? 

What's chasing your Monday Blues away? 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Get to the VIP Launch Party of Get Sh!t Done with Niall Harbison!

Get Sh!t Done, Niall Harbison, Entrepreneur, Guide, How To, Launch Party, Giveaway

If you're Irish and you've been online, chances are you've heard of and/or chatted to Niall Harbison. Brains and brawn behind digital agency, Simply Zesty, which he has sold at an eye watering profit, Niall is now to be found at the helm of his new baby The online community and digital bigger-upper of the best city in the world (yeah I said it). 

Not one to be bored, Mr Harbison is also building PR Slides, an online resource for journalists and brands in Ireland. If you haven't heard of it as yet, you will. During all these shenanigans, Niall has found the time to pen a entrepreneur's guide to achieving the life you want, Get Sh!t Done. 

We've teamed up with the social media savant to invite two of you with a plus one each to the VIP launch party in The Button Factory, Dublin this Thursday July 3rd. 

The tickets include two complimentary books, a Jameson drinks reception and access to the VIP Speaker After Party ie cocktails in the Liquor Rooms  - inspiration and imbibement - what's not to love?!

To get yourself on the VIP list just tell us in the comments, what's your favourite inspirational quote? 

Here's one I live by: 

We'll announce our winner Tuesday morning to give you a chance to 
get your glad rags on and join us in Dublin (the best city in the world). 

Good Luck!

It would appear Google+ is screwing up comments!! :(
Do feel free to post your inspirational quotes to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and just remember to tag me - I'll count one and All :D

Cherry Pick of the Week - Iggy Azalea - Black Widow feat. Rita Ora

While sitting in Wales amidst a sea of laptops and male Jordans, I was setting up this Iggy number as my Cherry Pick of the Week - the reaction was uniform from the mens 'That's such a woman's song'. If anything, that confirmed my love for it. 

In yo' hairy faces, bishes!

The newest offering from Mzz Azalea features Mzz Ora and one of the catchiest beats 
you'll hear this summer. Black Widow, Baby!

What's been playing on repeat in your noggin this week then? 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Three Days to Kill - Movie Review

Who's in it?


What's it about?

Kevin Costner's ex-CIA agent is dying of cancer and returns to Paris to see his family when Amber Heard's Operations Head offers him a life saving drug for each kill he makes in a final job.

Any Good?

There's a couple of things in this movie that don't 'add up', and by don't add up I mean they're totally ridiculous. A man who lived in Paris, got married and had a child there not speaking a single word of French may sound like an American cliché, but come on now, adding in that all the French speak fluent English 24/7 was just stupid.

Kevin Costner is a cowboy CIA I'm too old for this sh*t type, but he can be funny at times even through his angsty father style. He is brilliant in some scenes as Liam Neeson in Taken saving his daughter, while the daughter is kind of like Kristen Steward with a little more range and a lot more annoying script. Mitat is hilarious, all his dialogue is as funny as the trouble he gets himself in.

Even for what I said at the beginning, I enjoyed this movie because it was an entertaining with all the action scenes and it was funny more often than thrilling. The whole father-daughter thing had one good part of the film but the rest was annoying because of the annoyingly written daughter part.


The (sigh..) Eldest Gorgebag

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

It's Thursday again and Thank Jebus it is - it's been a long wait for this unrustling of the Jimmies and at times I was sure I was gonna blow. 

Here they be: 

1. 'That Email Must've Gotten Lost'

 photo tumblr_lxz5jdupzy1qbuq5xo1_250_zpsf2e20fcb.gif

2. When People Complain About The Heatwave

 photo svjcztjpg_zpseeae6d26.gif
3. Waiting 20 Mins+ For The Bill In The Restaurant

 photo cookie_monster_waiting_zps3f71f7ef.gif
4. People Being Faux-fended When I Call Someone Out
 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-11811-1371060414-30_zps3dffa59d.gif
5. Realising a Passport is Lost 

 photo gonnalosemyshit_zps7a8d9242.gif
Aaaand that's how we feel better about ourselves 'round these parts. 

Tell me, what's been rustling your jimmies this week? 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New L'Occitane Limited Edition Frisson de Verveine

If there's one thing I look forward to each summer, aside from the fortnight or so of clement weather, it's the limited edition verbena release from L'Occitane. The summer time marks the start of the verbena harvest in Provence (home of L'Occitane) so it makes sense that we're spoiled with the bright, fresh products every year. In 2013 we had the minty fresh Verveine Menthe and this year we're all about cooling refreshment as Frisson De Verveine is set to hit stores in July. 

L'Occitane Frisson De Verveine: 100ml - €45
Frisson De Verveine is again a unisex scent, great news for gift buyers, not so much for me as I've been stashing this uplifting beaut from grabby teen mitts every single day. 

Smellophones needed!!
The sparkling, citrussy notes are rounded out with a base of musk and cedar wood that makes this EDT one that will appeal across the board. 

Fresh Shower Gel: 250ml - €17.50
As I do every single year, I'm going to recommend this fresh shower gel as an experience you need to have. Bubbles of air suspended in the citrus gel burst on contact to give an almost fizzy effect on the skin - glorious after a long muggy commute in the summer sun. 

Frisson De Verveine Icy Gel for Legs & Feet: 50mls- €23.50
Probably the stand out of the collection for me this year is the Icy Gel for Legs & Feet. This seriously cooling gel is dispensed using a cool metal roller ball for instant relief of tired calves and feet. 

I've been keeping this in the fridge for extra cooling sensation and I can't tell you the relief it's given me from sciatica and general summer cankle awfulness. If you know a lady of the pregnant variety, I urge you, buy her this. She will love you. Long time. 

The Frisson De Verveine cooling collection is rounded out by this refreshing little lot. While I'm not sure I'd ever take a bath to cool myself down so the salts aren't for me, both that hand cream and Refreshing Body Mist will be joining my desk summer stash toute suite. 

Frisson De Verveine is not due to hit L'Occitane stores until July but, if you're quick, you can nab the EDT online for the reduced price of €42 here. If you haven't decided on your summer scent yet, I'd advise you, strongly, to smell this first. 

What's your go to summer scent? 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Route 66 - Travelling The Mother Road with Babies and On a Budget. Chicago to Oklahoma!

Hey, welcome back! 

When we parked last weeks Tuesday's Travels we were watching fireworks over Chicago's Navy Pier (catch up here if you haven't seen it) or buckle up and speed right in to the next installment now: 

All roads lead to the Mother Road. Mostly. 

After breakfast in Chicago we hit the open road and drove through the town of Joliet made famous by The Blues Brothers movie. We headed further west and stopped at a few of the many photo ops along the way. First stop was Pontiac Illinois, famous for fabulous murals. There’s also a Route 66 Hall of Fame & a US Army Museum in Pontiac. We stayed the night in the Super 8 Motel in Pontiac, it was very clean & in a great location (we paid approx $50 B&B per room). 

We ate dinner in an old style restaurant opposite City Hall. Colin, my hubby asked for chips with his steak & I tried to warn him but would he listen? Well I just had to laugh at his look of disappointment when his steak was presented with a bag of crisps!!

One of the many murals in Pontiac, Illinois.

Our next 200 miles would bring us to Collinsville, IL. On the way you pass through the towns of Lincoln with a watermelon monument as Abraham Lincoln christened the town with watermelon juice in 1853 and Springfield the State Capitol. Collinsville is the home to the world’s largest ketchup bottle. 

Every town tries to have a quirky attraction to bring in tourists & they’re great for photos. Again we stayed in a Super 8 we had a huge room for $60 for the night including breakfast. Directly across the road was a lovely traditional Mexican restaurant, we didn’t know what to order so we tried lots of dishes & the bill was slightly over $30. That was even with me sampling a few $1 margaritas!

The Gateway Arch St Louis, Missouri - (It's like a gateway drug, for arches)

The next State is Missouri home to The Gateway Arch a 630 foot monument that symbolises the gateway to the West. You can take an egg shaped lift that you have to sit in to the top to see an amazing panoramic view of the City. It costs $10 for adults $5 for children & under 3’s are free.

Another stop on the way is the home to the “king of beers” the Anheuser-Busch Brewery where you can take a complimentary tour and if you are over 21 you can even sample the freshest Budweiser you’ll ever taste! You know I had to send the hubby & children off for a walk while I did the tour. unfortunately I left my camera in the baby bag so I didn’t get any snaps inside. Trust me the beer is mighty fresh. They also have a beer garden where you can sup from the 13 different beers on tap while lapping up the glorious sun.

Budweiser Factory, St. Louis Missouri.

On the road again now the real old neons of 66 start to be found! First up Lebanon, Missouri The Bell Restaurant is a Mom & Pop diner of a bygone era where you can get corn bread, tater tots & sweet potato pie. It’s not to be missed.

The Bell Restaurant, Springfield, Missouri

Beside it you'll find an old neon sign for the Munger Moss Motel. We spent the night in Springfield, MO it’s a beautiful little town full of vintage businesses & Motels.

Munger Moss Motel Springfield, Missouri.

Last stop in Missouri was Joplin for my husband Colin, as he wanted to drop into one of the home of Peterbuilt Trucks. The guy in the factory loved that we were Irish and even let Colin drive a new truck off the factory floor to the parking lot, with the girls sitting in it too!! There is also a humongous Harley Davidson Shop in Joplin.

I'm sure I didn't see a washed out road in Kansas on the map...

As a lot of Historic Route 66 is no longer in use we found ourselves jumping on & off the freeways to get from place to place, this is quite easily managed as it’s well signposted even in the middle of nowhere. You only cross the corner of Kansas just 13 miles, two lovely little towns to visit are Galena & Baxter Springs home to a Civil War Graveyard complete with cannons.

Are you still with us in the back there? Pay attention or we'll turn this jalopy around! 

I jest of course, pop back next week for more on Oklahoma & further west!

And hey, if you ever have any questions or just fancy a travel chat, come tweet me right here =)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday's Moments - 23/06/14

Ah Monday, you almost escaped me. Not quite though. I've been counting my blessings more this weekend than any other - preparing for the Aussie Blog Awards tonight, where I've been nominated as Most Aussome Beauty Blog AND Reader's Choice and packing myself and the Gorgebags up ready to visit my eldest broseph in Wales. It's always nice to take time to take stock though, right? 

Here's the five Moments that've meant zero Monday Blues pour moi: 

1. Al Fresco Dining

There's my Modcloth owly lunchbag, innit cute? 
You'd have to be living under a particularly large rock not to have noticed the glorious weather we've been having on the Emerald isle. Yep, we need all that rain to keep the isle emerald in the first place but isn't the sun a tonic? 

I know I've cut right down on office hours to concentrate on freelance and digital work but it's still a killer being chained to a desk in 30 degree heat. Managing to escape to the park for a 45 minute sojourn so has been a godsend. Viva la sunshine! 

2. Moonstones & Mommas

It was during a particularly poop day last week that I got a text from my Momma, the Elder Cherry herself asking if I fancied a coffee. 'Absolutely', says I, 'C'mom over'. 

When she got here she pulled out a little velvet pouch with a 'just because' gift (my favourite kind). She'd been working on new necklace designs and because of my fascination with moonstones had decided to rustle up a little something lovely for me. Isn't. It. FAB?

 3. Summer Solstice Awesomeness

Mid Summer, Summer Solstice, Date Night,
We got a last minute gift on the summer solstice (Saturday gone) from the very gorgeous and very generous Ellen of Waxperts fame - two tickets to the Dublin Zoo Midsummer BBQ!

Myself and my favourite eldest son readied ourselves and headed down for a fabulous evening with a VIP after hours tour, BBQ and DJ till late. The Zoo has always been a favourite spot of ours, I used to clock off work and pick up the boys from junior school and head down every single day there was fine weather. We hadn't been in years and can't thank Ellen enough for the Momma/Son date night with a difference. 

4. Tahitian Talons

Having spent lastnight out catching up with family and LOLing our chops off, I had zero plans for this morning. That's when I got a mail to remind me of my manicure and tan booked in Bespoke Beauty in Donnybrook, courtesy of Sally Hansen. 

Of course my plans for tidying the kitchen flew out the window as the taxi pulled up to whisk me away to an afternoon of pampering. I don't think I'll ever stop being blown away by the fact that I get to do such genuinely lovely things on a normal day like a Monday. It won't ever stop being head-shakingly surreal. Thanks, Ladies! 

5. 4,000 FTW

Talking about surreal, the site hit another fabulous milestone today - 4,000 Facebook likes!
I'm absolutely thrilled as I love to work on that page as much as I do the blog itself and use it to share hilarity, videos, pics and have a LOL or two with everyone that comments daily. 

I've already planned some fab surprises to give back a little something to all of you that check in regularly. That's only fair, right? You can check out the page and the current amazing summer giveaway here. 4,000 peeps can't be wrong, wha? 

Tell me, what's chasing away your Monday blues today? 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cherry Pick of the Week: OK Go - The Writing's On the Wall

They're back. 

OK Go, the alternative rock, catchy choon, mind bending video makers are back with The Writing's On the Wall. 

Their vid is great fun with optical illusions a go go but don't be fooled by the unassuming tune. It's a definite grower and sure to join the band's back catalogue of ear worm awesomeness. 

What's been playing on repeat in your noggin this week then? 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Jersey Boys - Movie Review

  Who's in it?


What's it about?

Jersey Boys is the story of how 3 criminal minors met a brilliant song writer and went from being safe-stealing messers to the most popular band pre-Beatles in America.

Any Good?

I liked this, I don't know if it was the AMAZING soundtrack or the Joysey charm the accents brought, even with the ridiculously long 2 hours and 14 minutes run length filled with fluff. Even with an easy hour of pure filler the main story can hold up if you pay close enough attention, with great extra characters like Joseph Russo as the truly funny Joe Pesci. 

The fourth-wall breaking talking to the camera really shined at times, but I did notice that not once did Frankie himself do it until the final scenes, more the other characters for him and it reminded me a lot of Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad's later seasons if you see what I mean.

The acting was pretty solid to say the least, Vincent Piazza as the total D-Bag of the film was genuinely aggravating, which can be huge props for a role like that. I liked Erich Bergen in this, he was the best of the entire band and I really did care and root for him whenever he was in an argument. 

Christopher Walken was Christopher Walken in terms of his role of mafia man Gyp, but there's one scene where he goes to see Frankie sing and his acting is out of this world, incredible for the entire duration.

I've said it and I'll say it again, I liked this. It had the early rock sound that just hasn't been replicated since The Beatles and it sounded great. One thing I just realised is that this movie is an actual musical due to the amount of songs featured, but it's done so well it just feels like the songs are meant to be there each time. Not bad Clint/Frankie/Bobby et al, not bad at all.


The (sigh..) Eldest Gorgebag

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

My Jimmies? Rustled. 

Here's why:

1. Dragging Yourself to Bed & Remembering 
 That You Stripped the Beds That Morning...

 photo tumblr_mgdmdkfsbJ1qgiq62o1_500_zps5b0243a9.gif

2. 'Oh You're a SINGLE Mother?'

 photo tumblr_n06aih3vBH1t5l2uco1_r1_500_zpsa016f6b4.gif

3. The Speed At Which Aldi Groceries Are 

 photo celeb-rundown-4-22_zps28cb4237.gif

4. That One Blue Bottle Bating Against 
the Wide Open Window

 photo giphy_zps4d4d724a.gif

5. The Choir of Childerbeasts Scream/Singing 
'Let It Go' on Repeat Outside My Window

 photo Owxi9_zps6dd567aa.gif

Jimmies: Unrustled. 

Tell me, what's been making you stabby this week?