Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Meeting Stila's Sarah Lucero & Her Top Summer Makeup Tips

I spoke yesterday about how very lucky I've been with blogging and some of the incredible opportunities it has afforded me. Meeting Stila's Global Director of Education and Pro Makeup Artist, Sarah Lucero is a prime example and I had that great pleasure just last week. 

Sarah has worked on some of the most prestigious fashion houses' runway shows in NY, Paris and LA, bringing her own twist to the makeup showcased. That twist can be seen echoed throughout Stila's makeup collections and is one of the reasons it's so popular with those that love to play with colour. 

(She is also a celebrity makeup artist and pal to the stars, counting Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham as one of her favourite people, professionally and personally. No biggie)

Of course I couldn't let Sarah swoop into Dublin's fair city without asking for some summer makeup tips for us Irish gals as there's a good chance we'll have a day or two of it this year. 

1. When it comes to summery makeup, Sarah, do you recommend Barely there or all the trimmings? 

I prefer to enhance the natural beauty that is there rather than mask it. Think about the product you're using and the effect you want before choosing brushes or fingers to apply to your skin. 

2. We know you love colour in your cosmetics, would you advise coloured liner or coloured mascara? 

You can achieve so much more with coloured liner.  Make it more wearable by framing the eye with black liner first and then draw your coloured liner on top (so you have two lines). Or think Periwinkle over navy, white over any darker shade. Play with your makeup, that's what it's all about. 

3. Would you advise concentrating on bronzer or highlighter? 

Both! I love fresh healthy glowing skin.

4. Playing it safe or taking chances? 

Taking chances!  As Stila products are multi-use you can play around with the function of the product. Bright colours such as peaches and golds give a carefree, natural look to summer skin. Metallic shadows can be played up or down with the rest of your products, depending on the look you're after. 

5. Daddy or Chips?

Sarah declined to answer this one as, let's face it, there is no definitive answer. Is there?

When asked the best overall advice she could give for people starting out, Sarah replied 'Find your passion and work at it'. That's pretty stellar advice, regardless of the industry you're in I reckon and so far it's obviously been working for Sarah herself as she left us to jet off to London for her next press stop.  

Apart from seeing her inspiration throughout Stila's beautiful products, you'll find Ms Lucero over on Twitter and check out her out on Instagram for behind the scenes peeks at red carpet events, rubbing shoulders with stars, life as a celeb makeup artist and some seriously inspirational juju. She's just good people. We like her. A lot. 

Had you a chance to ask Sarah just one question, what would it be? 

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