Friday, June 06, 2014

Oculus - Movie Review

 Who's in it?


What's it about?

After Tim Russell (Brenton Thwaites) is released from a psychiatric hospital, his sister Kaylie Russel (Karen Gillen) brings him to their old home to prove that the murder of their mother by their father was not of his own accord, but under the influence of an evil mirror.

Any Good?

This film is a true investment compared to The Conjuring (which I have seen it being likened to a lot today), the beginning actually had me cringing with the terrible script, bad story and Anakin Skywalker being Amy Pond with an American accent's brother. But when it gets to the mirror messing with Tim and Kaylie's heads by making them have extremely convincing flash-backs to the childhood murders and hallucinations it's truly entertaining.  

The ever incredibly beautiful Karen Gillan wasn't actually bad in this, giving a fairly alright performance and showcasing her flawless American accent by successfully acting both confidant yet afraid at the same time. Brenton Thwaites was just plain bad to begin with, but as the film went through the flashbacks he started to improve vastly. Rory Cochraine was great as the possessed Da, snapping at the annoying kids (I do NOT enjoy children - as blubbering actors especially) imprisoning the feral mother like something from Silent Hill 2. 

Listen, I know it's an evil mirror. No, no, I know it's awful at the start with Star Wars II tier acting - but seriously, just sit it out and bear with it, it honestly gets good. It's well worth a watch and is really entertaining, thought provoking and atmospheric once you slog through the tripe at the start. It also has Amy Pond, and that's a reason to pay full price to see any movie, good or bad.


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