Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New L'Occitane Limited Edition Frisson de Verveine

If there's one thing I look forward to each summer, aside from the fortnight or so of clement weather, it's the limited edition verbena release from L'Occitane. The summer time marks the start of the verbena harvest in Provence (home of L'Occitane) so it makes sense that we're spoiled with the bright, fresh products every year. In 2013 we had the minty fresh Verveine Menthe and this year we're all about cooling refreshment as Frisson De Verveine is set to hit stores in July. 

L'Occitane Frisson De Verveine: 100ml - €45
Frisson De Verveine is again a unisex scent, great news for gift buyers, not so much for me as I've been stashing this uplifting beaut from grabby teen mitts every single day. 

Smellophones needed!!
The sparkling, citrussy notes are rounded out with a base of musk and cedar wood that makes this EDT one that will appeal across the board. 

Fresh Shower Gel: 250ml - €17.50
As I do every single year, I'm going to recommend this fresh shower gel as an experience you need to have. Bubbles of air suspended in the citrus gel burst on contact to give an almost fizzy effect on the skin - glorious after a long muggy commute in the summer sun. 

Frisson De Verveine Icy Gel for Legs & Feet: 50mls- €23.50
Probably the stand out of the collection for me this year is the Icy Gel for Legs & Feet. This seriously cooling gel is dispensed using a cool metal roller ball for instant relief of tired calves and feet. 

I've been keeping this in the fridge for extra cooling sensation and I can't tell you the relief it's given me from sciatica and general summer cankle awfulness. If you know a lady of the pregnant variety, I urge you, buy her this. She will love you. Long time. 

The Frisson De Verveine cooling collection is rounded out by this refreshing little lot. While I'm not sure I'd ever take a bath to cool myself down so the salts aren't for me, both that hand cream and Refreshing Body Mist will be joining my desk summer stash toute suite. 

Frisson De Verveine is not due to hit L'Occitane stores until July but, if you're quick, you can nab the EDT online for the reduced price of €42 here. If you haven't decided on your summer scent yet, I'd advise you, strongly, to smell this first. 

What's your go to summer scent? 

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