Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Space.NK.apothecary: Plans to Celebrate Its Dublin Opening!

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By now you'll have heard that we are indeed to have luxury brand mecca, Space.NK open its doors on Dublin's Grafton St this June 19th (OHMYGODTHATSONLYTWOWEEKSAWAY). 

Did you know, however, that there are plans afoot to make it an opening to remember? 

Need the deets I can share so far? Yeah you do:

JUNE 21 - SPACE NK Summer Party

To celebrate the opening of Space NK Dublin, we’d like to invite you to our summer party. Join us in-store and enjoy a skincare consultation with one of our beauty experts then perfect your makeup look with a professional artist. Plus, the first 100 guests to make a purchase will be entered into our exclusive Space NK Raffle, with prizes ranging from full-sized products to hampers worth up to €1,000 – so be sure to get in line early!

A summer party on the summer solstice? Oh, Space NK, you're going to fit right in 'round these parts. 

Now for something even MOAR exciting...

JUNE 25, 3pm-5pm - Caroline Hirons' (!) Drop-in Skincare Clinic

Beauty blogger and skincare guru Caroline Hirons is hosting a drop-in skincare clinic. There’s no need to book – simply pop by to have your beauty questions answered between 3pm-5pm

Straight talking Caroline is not only font of all skincare knowledge, being that it's her actual job but she's also a pretty hilarious laydee that I'd very much like to bring for a pint. Imagine my woe when I realised I was flying out to Wales the night of the 25th. Actual woe. 

You, however, are not flying to Wales and I'm trusting you with the job of bringing Caroline tea in my stead, she asked nicely an' all . Whether or not she'll be hungover is dependent on whether or not I can kidnap her the night before for said pints so the strength of tea has yet to be decided. 

There are, of course, plenty more celebrations, events and gatherings to be held in your new favourite store, which I'll be attending with proverbial bells on, as soon as the Space.NK nod is given I'll be sharing all of the details here so keep your eyes pelt. 

Tell me, how excited are you for the 19th? How are your tea carrying skillz? How prepared is your bank manager? But mostly how excited are you? 

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