Thursday, February 28, 2013

Things to Make You Go 'LOL'. Literally

*Sniff Sniff* Can you smell that? It's the weekend, people and it's fast approaching, if that weren't enough to get you smiling, even chuckling a little, then how about 5 things to make you LOL, literally? 

  1. This teaser trailer made me guffaw at it's stupidity, Bob's Burgers is one of the most underrated, hilarious shows on TV and of you haven't seen it yet then I'm jealous of all the awesomeness you have to catch up on. Genius.  
  2. Glozell is hands down one of the funniest Youtubers there is. Here she discusses Ke$ha's song Die Young. I can't help but laugh at her expressions. Loon-Atic. 
  3.  We all know I'm a big fan of Reddit, never mind Russian dashcam videos. This vid is one Russian man's reaction to the meteor that hit a couple of weeks back. DO yourself a favour and read the comments below. Feckin' gas. 
  4. It's not often that a picture makes me laugh days after seeing it, truth be told This may never get old. So true. 
  5. Finally, I mentioned the hilarious goats screaming like people last week, right? Well this week has seen just about every song ever made improved 1000% with the addition of those goats. I could be all day linking them oooor I could direct you to this page that has catalogued every one and is being added to daily. Do NOT eat or drink before watching 'em.   

I do hope you've LOL'd at these gems, do please let me know what's been making laugh this week, sharing is caring dont'cha know? 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer SPF30

Promising to 'blur the lines between skincare and make-up' I was pretty chuffed to receive a couple of deluxe samples of Dermalogica's SkinPerfect Primer last week for review. I'm a bit of a primer fiend you see, Benefit's Porefessional, Smashbox's Photo Finish and La Roche-Posay's Effaclar Mat have all featured regularly in my make up routine but Dermalogica? Dermalogica is a little different. 

Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer: €39.99

With the slight tint (provided by pearl powder and earth minerals) in this primer you could be forgiven for thinking it's more of a BB than an undercoat for foundation and truth be told I've worn it as such (and even left the house!). The velvet, soft tinted formulation has more than a little feel of silicone to it and that's what makes your foundation glide on effortlessly and stay put for the duration.  

What do the brand have to say? 

Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer SPF30 is designed to smooth away fine lines, brighten and prime the skin. Velvety silicones create an instantly smooth surface. Neutral tint helps balance tone and enhance luminosity and radiance. Peptides and AGE Smart® actives help firm and shield against MMP and free radical damage, as sunscreens shield against sun damage.

As I say, I've only tried two (albeit deluxe) samples of Dermalogica's Primer but I'm hooked. The lavender (to my nose) scent, which might not be to everyone's taste is a first for me when it comes to primers but has added to my enjoyment of the product - I mean I'm sitting here right now, sniffing the swatch on my hand. This is definitely one on my wishlist come Pay Day this Thursday

What's your 'Optimus Prime'? Or do you use primer at all? Do let me know. 

Proactiv Anti Blemish 4 Piece Kit: A Four Week Trial - Week 4

Can you believe it's four weeks since we started this here Gorgebag trial? Nope, me either. It's been emotional, in that I've had to check each night and morning that Adam was using the product, that always involved him in boxers and several times plowing to music with his iPod in their waistband *shudder* There are some things even a Momma shouldn't have to see! So how have we done I hear you ask - well let's take a looksee...

Our final shot from the front sees Ad's face not hugely improved in the 4 week period. I know spots on the chin, especially large ones, can be hormone related and if there's one thing teenagers have in spades it's hormones. His overall skin tone and texture has improved though and he continues to use La Roche-Posay's Nutritic Intense with the Proactiv treatment. 

Again on the left hand side of Don Juan's kisser the skin's texture has improved but the acne remains. In the four weeks of use his frequency of breakouts has slowed down though and his skin appears to be healing in some areas. 

On the right hand side we can see that even though the number of breakouts has decreased and that skin has healed that there are a couple of really sore pimples coming to the surface. Of course, he's a teen and that happens but I had hoped that they would be cleared by this stage. 

Before Treatment
After 4 Weeks of Treatment: Twice a Day
As I've said, it's crazy to think four weeks has passed already and having had a chat with Adam he's happy to continue to use Proactiv until this 4 piece set is used up. It may have been over zealous to think that a product could work completely in one month especially since according to some lovely commenters (Thank you all, sincerely), it can take up to two months to see a marked improvement. 

For the moment we're going to continue on with the treatment (though with less of the jocks dancing supervision) and we'll put together a final post when the Proactiv kit is completely used. That seems like the fairest way to do it. 

Let me know if you've used Proactiv before and, vitally, how long it took for you to see your skin clearing. It would be really appreciated, ja? 

If you do want to give the treatment a go for your very own kisser you'll find it, still on special, on  for €45.79. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mammy's Day at Harvey Nic's

Now we all know I'm not usually one for chucking up a Press Release but I thought this was such a lovely idea that I had to share. (That and you'll need to call fast to secure your booking)

This Mammy's Day, March 10th, Harvey Nic's are set to team up with Crème de la Mer to offer the perfect pampering treat to Mas and daughters (or sons). Read on peoples... 

Enjoy a three course meal in the First Floor Bar & Brasserie and an invitation for you and your mum from Crème de la Mer to enjoy a complimentary on-counter treatment and a deluxe surprise and delight sample sized gift.

The three course Mothers Day lunch is available for €35 per person. Reservations available from 12.30pm to 3.30pm . 
To make a reservation please call 01 2910488 or email 

*Bookings for Crème de la Mer treatments to be made in advance, subject to availability. To book call 01 2910425

I just thought it'd be a genuinely lovely way to say 'Thanks Ma' because, honestly, all any Mammy really wants is to spend time with her childer. (The Crème de la Mer hand massage will just be the icing on the cake, obvs). 

What do we think of this idea? Have you already made plans for your Mamito? 

Monday's Moments - 25/02

Happy Monday one and all, the last one of February no less. As ancient and farmer like as this makes me sound, isn't there a grand stretch in the evenings this week? Really does the heart good to see a bit of sunshine (albeit baltic) for an hour or so after work . 

How about some Moments? 

1. Gorgebags, For Example 

I mention these dudes a lot, what with them being the achievement I'm proudest of and all but it took seeing this pic taken on the way into the Example gig t'other night for me to realise that they're not ickle babies any more. 

Of course the fact that Example was one of the best gigs we've ever been to could be a Moment in itself. Seriously, if you get a chance to see him you should, I can't guarantee you'll have arm candy like those handsome hounds up there but you'll have a ball anyway. 

2. Maith an Gardaí

I know this Moment will make me sound like an absolute Granny but I'm putting it out there regardless. On our trip into Example we decided to take the Luas. If it's good enough for Olly Murs thought I. I didn't factor in the bus loads of drunken, screaming, brawling teens that would also be taking a leaf from Olly's book. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way intimidated by rowdy teens but when I have the lads with me it's a different story (see Moment 1 - I still think they're infants). It was pretty disconcerting to make the 15 minute trip in a tube of deafening mayhem with no supervisors or inspectors to keep the rabble in check. That's why when the Luas opened it's doors at the O2 and was met by a line of Gardaí that simply removed drinks from hands and trouble makers from the crowd (by the scruffs) I couldn't help but admire their work. I'm an aul one. I know this. 

3. Finding His Groove

If you follow me on Twidder you'll see that I regularly post pictures of this little cutie patootie, Cillian. He's my Sis' youngest and he's just found his feet and started to walk/run at breakneck speeds). 

The newest addition to his skillset has to be the boogy, though he hasn't quite perfected balance whilst getting his groove on. There's nothing more comical than seeing him really get into a dance and forget to move his squidgy feet. So far it's resulted in him keeling over and convulsing in chuckles before getting up to try again and it's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

4. You Spin My Day Round, Sally, Right Round

I've spoken before about my gratitude to ever receive products to try here at Casa Cherry, there's not one time the postie knocks that I don't count my lucky stars to be doing something that gives me so much pleasure. I've been having a pretty gick time in work of late (who hasn't) and it was starting to get me down a little with Friday being the worst day of the lot. 

Cue Mr. Courier Man delivering the brightest, most delicious Press Pack I've received to date to the office. Truthfully, I had a little sit down to take a gander at the gorgeous contents and sat down for five minutes more to count my lucky stars. My IRL werk might be gick right now but when blogging brings a Moment of brightness like this, it's all good, right? (Swatches will be up tout 'sweet')

5. He's Still Gorrit!

It was a busy week gig wise pour Moi this week as I headed back to the O2 on Friday night for The Killers and a slight perv on Brandon Flowers (hummunah). I was a little surprised that the crowd seemed a lot older than Example on Tuesday but relieved too as we'd be in the Mosh Pit (eh, standing). Then the music started. 

The atmosphere was absolutely electric and we were thrilled to see the entire crowd rocking out. I didn't even mind this dude's egg in a nest blocking my Brandon birds eye view because he was having such a fantastic time. We still gorrit, kids. 

There you have them, the five Moments that are brightening my Monday Blues. Tell me, what's been cheering you up of late? There's gots to be something? 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cherry Pick of the Week - Passenger - Let Her Go

Cherry Pick this week sure is a pretty one, I can't for the life of me place where I heard it first but that hasn't stopped me from falling instantly in love. 

I was only reminded of the melody on Friday when playing What's That Tune on the phone (It's a kick ass game app, try it) and its been on a constant loop in my noggin since then. 

If you've heard this recently do please let me know where, I'm sure it was a programme on TV and would really like to know. 

Let me know what you're singing this week too, I always look forward to hearing. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Things to Make You Go 'LOL'. Literally

Happy Thursday everyone, just one more day to the weekend wha? This week has flown past, thankfully but I thought I'd take a little time out for some actual LOLs, interested? 

  1. This 'Had One Job' website is a hilarious collection of mammoth cock ups, be warned though, the more OCD amongst us will lose their shizz while scrolling.   
  2. They say if you do what you love then you'll never work a day in your life. This traffic cop in Manila got that memo and then some. Have to laugh at his finding the groove in the centre of bedlam. 
  3.  I can't for the life of me decide which of these goats is the funniest, though the argument at 1.23 makes me laugh even at the memory.  
  4. The inner workings of Tumblr usually stump me, I'm blaming my aging brain but this one called Justin Timberlake Does Things is truly genius. Completely understated and guffaw out loud funny. I loves it. 
  5. We're all beginning to wane a little in our appreciation of Harlem Shake videos but this Ode to Father Noel Furlong (Graham Norton) is guaranteed to make you laugh. Fr Ted will never stop being funny. Not ever.   

There we are 5 literal LOLs that have tickled my funny bone this week. Let me know if you enjoyed 'em and more importantly do please share the link love below if somethings made you laugh out loud. Sharing is caring yo. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MAC Aprés Chic: Fireside Mineralize Eyeshadow

Could we just take a moment and look at how stunning the visuals for this Springs Aprés Chic collection from MAC are? Every time I pass that beautiful lady in a super snood I just want to knit a scarf on two logs and lounge in it for days. Seriously - where did she get it and why did she ever get out of it? 

When it comes to MAC I'm more of a dabbler than an avid fan, with each release there's always something to pique my interest but I can usually resist as I find their pricing a little on the ouchie side. But I'm not always so restrained as a search under 'MAC' in the sidebar will show. 

Aprés Chic is yet another limited edition collection, you'll find the serious skinny for the entire kit and caboodle over on Temptalia, with Christine's signature swatches, breakdowns and ratings of every single product but 'round Casa Cherry way we're tightening a belts a little (lot) so I've made do with the one piece that, had it legs it would have jumped up and bitten me. I'm talking Fireside. 

Fireside is one, if not THE ONE of the five Mineralize Eyeshadows from the collection. Very like Earthly Riches in it's purple/plum loveliness, it's a reddish brown (which my green eyes adore) and shot through with a metallic teal, very like my other MAC hero, Club. 

Fireside can be used dry as a wash of colour all over the lid or using a dampened brush, it's a beautiful crease colour for a neutral smokey eye with a bit more interest. As you can see from the picture below swatched on the skin there's almost a bronzed effect when the colours are blended together. It's only when the light catches them that you're given the slight hint of duochrome from the teal. 

Left: Dry & Right: Wet

I'll be featuring Fireside in an upcoming post on volumising mascaras so you'll get a chance to see it on the actual eye (well its lid) but until then, should you like the look of this puppy then you need to hot foot it to your nearest MAC counter, this was the second last in BT2, Blanch and it's already sold out in Dundrum. 

It'll set you back €21.50 but as with all of the MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows will last you forever and a day. 

Have you been tempted by anything from the Aprés Chic collection? 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Proactiv Anti Blemish 4 Piece Kit: A Four Week Trial - Week 3

Here we are at Week 3 of the Proactiv Gorgebag Challenge and we might just have some results. Again, big thanks for all of your kind words and compliments for Ad, he's driving me nuts nodding at me Joey Tribbiani each time I read one out so, yeah, Thanks for that. (I jest, you're all wonderful). Wanna hear how we're doing? 

We're still in pretty great shape up front though you can just make out Ad's dry skin around the bridge of his nose from the Proactiv use. Thanks to Có, a very helpful commenter last week we've now started to use La Roche-Posay's brand new Nutritic Intense to help with this. It's working so well with the Proactiv system that it actually made Monday's Moments yesterday. It's that good. 

We can see on the left side of Ad's kisser that the inflammation and breakouts have calmed considerably. They're still there but are giving up the fight reluctantly and we're hoping will be even clearer with another weeks use. 

Again, on the right hand side his face has calmed right down. There is a significant change in the texture and tone of Ad's skin with a lot of the little lumps and bumps now cleared. I'll have to be completely honest and attribute some of this texture change to the serious hydrating effects of the Nutritic Intense but things are looking good. 

Our final summary for Week 3 is a positive one. Adam's skin has calmed and cleared a good deal in the past 3 weeks and although he finds the solution itself drying, the addition of a super hydrating cream has made things a lot easier. Here's hoping we've an even bigger improvement for next weeks final installment. 

Another snippet of advice: if you're planning on using Proactiv, be sure to use old towels and face cloths when washing and drying your kisser, I've just lost half a DKNY towel bale to blahhhdy bleach stains (bastadin' benzoyl peroxide) *shakes fist*. Again, should you wish to join us in the Proactiv Challenge you'll find the range on with several other products to choose from too. 

See you next week for the final reveal everyone *runs off to buy tiny curtains to attach to Gorgebag's fringe*

Check out Week 1 of the challenge here and Week 2 here

(Am I the only one noticing that Ad's face is
 actually changing shape in front of our very 
eyes? Dude has grown about an inch since we 
started this challenge and is almost creaking 
in front of me. I'm not for one minute saying 
Proactiv is 'manning him up' but wowza he's growing fast.) 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday's Moments: 18/02/13

Oh hai, everyone, can you believe it's Monday again? The last week has absolutely hurtled past with events, screenings, fashion shows and a cheeky Valentine's break all thrown in so, as you can imagine, I've a lorra Moment's vying for the top spots. I've managed to wangle it down to 5 though, wanna see 'em? 

1. Aaaaand Breathe...

As I mentioned above Himself and I managed a sneaky midweek break last week with Thanks to a voucher I'd won last year. I'd been saving it for a special occasion and, what with life getting in the way an' all, it was never used. 

That's pretty fortuitous given the past couple of weeks of trials and tribulations, which meant we could really enjoy the pamper package to its fullest at the perfect time. Moment numero uno had to be checking in, seeing the gorgeous view and just exhaling in good company for a couple of days. Bliss. 

2. There's No Denying Him 

I managed to catch a glimpse at the youngest Gorgebag's Valentines card before it was handed over. This free hand drawn declaration of lurrrve had me splutter my coffee with pride. 

Just to note he wouldn't allow me see the actual message he'd written, blahhdy killjoy! 

3. Perfect Product Symbiosis FTW 

If you've been following our ProActiv Challenge of late you'll know that Ad had been encountering a touch of the Reptar's because the active ingredients are drying on his little kisser. The very lovely mentioned in a comment to maybe try a rich moisturiser to help and a lightbulb went off. 

You see I'd just attended the super sciencey launch of La Roche Posay's Nutritic Intense that promises to 'relieve, comfort and soothe dry and sensitive skin'. I gave Ad the tube on Tuesday and got a phonecall on Wednesday morning to say his skin felt 'gorgeous'. Once again I thank you LRP! 

4. Au de Café is High Fashion Dahhlink! 

Before the swish Harvey Nic's S/S fashion show on Friday evening Lorraine and I decided some cáca milis and a coffee were in order. Because they're super swish in the Harvey Nic's Café they decorated our lovely cake like this and because we're messers we couldn't resist the urge to twitpic - we're classy like that. 

What we're not though is completely on the ball of a Friday evening - can you spot what's wrong in the picture above?... It was only when she sat up to regain composure that the lovely Lorraine (and I) realised that she had her gorgeous Pre-Raphaelite curls dunked in her flat white all along! How we laughed.. well I laughed while Lorraine looked a little bereft... then laughed. 

5. But, But, It's YOU!

I'm only now realising that 3 of this weeks Moments relate to this cute little bugger but Moment 5 is so strange/surreal that I couldn't not share. On Saturday a notification popped up on my FB feed that Ad was commenting on a photo, I had to do a double take when I saw said photo and the caption. 'OMGZ, ADAM ITS YOUR TWIN!'

Eh, this fresh faced doppelganger (found by Adam's friends) is not only the actual image but it turns out he's a South African/Australian Youtuber/Actor named Troye Sivan and once I'd seen his videos (they're hilarious by the way) I realised their mannerisms and humour are almost identical too! When I showed Eldest Gorgebag Troye's channel what did he say 'Oh My God, that's freaky, there's another one?!'. No doubt about it Monsieur Sivan is a brother from another mother. Weird huh? 

So tell me, what's been rocking your week then? Good Valentines? Better day after Valentines? Lemme know! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cherry Pick of the Week: Icona Pop - I Don't Care, I Love It

This week's Pick is a throwback to last year that's only hitting the radio waves now. It was the final song at the Harvey Nichols S/S show on Friday and the heads beginning to nod along right through the marquee were like a Mexican Wave (of Noggins). 

Youngest Gorgebag has told me that this Pick is 'A failure at life' but I just turned it up and sang it louder 'I don't care, I LOVE IT!' (He loves when I do that). 

Tell me, what choons have you been Harlem shaking along to this week then? 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Things to Make You Go 'LOL'. Literally.

Oh hai, can you believe it's Friday already? I've been swanning about on the other side of the country for the past week so it seems to have flown. Anywho, in the spirit of Friday being the second best day of the week, second only to Pay Day how about some literal LOLs, eh? 

  1. This week I learned what the Harlem Shake was, conveniently in my research I stumbled across Mashable's compilation of videos here. It's so stupid you can't help but laugh.  
  2. is genuinely one of the funniest sites I've ever stumbled across. Not only that but it's updated regularly. Literal LOLs on the regular? What's not to love? 
  3.  So this happened to a chap in Dublin yesterday. I know, I know it's fierce cruel but truly I laughed so suddenly that I swallowed my chewing gum. Bitches be Crazy! 
  4. Those Facebook pictures begging for likes really grind my gears, that was until I saw this one this week. Genius! 
  5. I have a serious grá for the irreverent hilarity on Holy Moly but this advice article from Gwynnie really hit the spot. Do yo'self a favour and follow these dudes, they make me laugh every single time.  

And c'est ca, the top five Literal LOLs I've had this week, lemme know what's been tickling your funny bone wont'cha? Ooh and Happy Friday, everyone!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Voya: Oh So Scented - Organic Reed Diffuser

I had intended to put together an entire reed diffuser post such is my grá for these genius home smeller uppers but Sweet Baby J, when I got one sniff of Voya's Oh So Scented Reed Diffuser I knew it needed a post all of it's own. 

Made using only organic essential and fine fragrance oil, every single time I open the front door I'm transported back to a relaxing spa chill out room awaiting my treatment (albeit with just a robe between I and a restraining order from the lovely therapists). 

Branded as organic lime and French basil, the Oh So Scented diffuser is so much more. I get citrus immediately with mandarins, lemons & limes but that's warmed by basil and patchouli and what sniffs to me like Ylang Ylang (even if it's not on the ingredients list). 

If you were to make one scented housey purchase (€40) I couldn't shoulder you in the direction of Oh So Scented enough. Its bright and fresh in the mornings to wake us up and still feels warming and cosy in the evenings. Never thought I'd hear myself say this about an air freshener but I'm hugely impressed. 

Have you tried this diffuser yet? Are you a lover of the Irish organic brand anyway? Lemme know! 

Psst: How about this for a brilliant Top Tip, eh? 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Proactiv Anti Blemish 4 Piece Kit: A Four Week Trial - Week 2

So we're into Week two of the Proactiv Gorgebag Challenge and going strong. You can check back on Week one here for the down low on the range and the claims that the Proactiv Anti Blemish 4 Piece Kit have made. I do want to take a minute to Thank you all for the lovely compliments here and on the Twitter machine about this Cutie Patootie, that's really appreciated, by both of us so Ta kindly. So how are we getting on with the challenge eh? 

First some pictures then some observations: 

Add caption
On the left, we're looking about the same. Blemishes seem to have come to the surface though and are clearing. That'll be the exfoliation, won't it? 

On the right hand side things have definitely calmed down. There's a little redness but that's because he was scratching his kisser before the picture was taken. Seems more promising from this side. 

Now face on things aren't as clear as we'd like but, realistically, we're only one week in. As the lovely Mary commented last week it took 3 months for her daughter to be blemish free but once she got there she hasn't looked back. (Thanks Mary). 

So we're seeing some changes one week on but nothing too drastic. On a related note though, Adam has been commenting on his skin being extra dry using the kit both night and day but not where you'd think. 

Across his eye area and nose seem to be flaking a little and because we're not going for a flakey Zorro mask at any stage he has started to use less of each product but is keeping up regular use. 

Tune in next Toosdy to see if we've seen an improvement and better still if Adam can come up with an even more slick face on pic (I'm not confident on that score). 

Proactiv Anti Blemish 4 Piece Kit is on sale 
from right now for €45.79
should you want to join in our trial.