Thursday, February 28, 2013

Things to Make You Go 'LOL'. Literally

*Sniff Sniff* Can you smell that? It's the weekend, people and it's fast approaching, if that weren't enough to get you smiling, even chuckling a little, then how about 5 things to make you LOL, literally? 

  1. This teaser trailer made me guffaw at it's stupidity, Bob's Burgers is one of the most underrated, hilarious shows on TV and of you haven't seen it yet then I'm jealous of all the awesomeness you have to catch up on. Genius.  
  2. Glozell is hands down one of the funniest Youtubers there is. Here she discusses Ke$ha's song Die Young. I can't help but laugh at her expressions. Loon-Atic. 
  3.  We all know I'm a big fan of Reddit, never mind Russian dashcam videos. This vid is one Russian man's reaction to the meteor that hit a couple of weeks back. DO yourself a favour and read the comments below. Feckin' gas. 
  4. It's not often that a picture makes me laugh days after seeing it, truth be told This may never get old. So true. 
  5. Finally, I mentioned the hilarious goats screaming like people last week, right? Well this week has seen just about every song ever made improved 1000% with the addition of those goats. I could be all day linking them oooor I could direct you to this page that has catalogued every one and is being added to daily. Do NOT eat or drink before watching 'em.   

I do hope you've LOL'd at these gems, do please let me know what's been making laugh this week, sharing is caring dont'cha know? 


Tinks_1983 said...

Ah man the goats! Absolutely hysterical :)

Chloe said...

Oh I LOVE GloZell!
This video really made me LOL last night
I was a bit down & literally clicked on your blog last night & went through this entire series again! X

S said...

Had to stop looking at goat videos, some of them are so funny! I've never seen Bob's Burgers, that trailer was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

As usual you made me LOL! I seriously love these Sue!!! x

Anonymous said...

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