Thursday, February 07, 2013

Laura Mercier Body and Bath Collection: Fresh Fig

Psst, I'm going to let you in on a little secret, 2013 is set to be the year of the fig - well for my product piggery purchases anyway. My love affair with this soft, sweet, fleshy fruit started as a nipper, grew when tasting fig and goats cheese tart in Paris and has full on 'sploded Thanks to my good pal Lorraine's super thoughtful choice of Christmas pressie this year, the Laura Mercier Body & Bath Fresh Fig gift set. Seriously luscious. (Thanks so much, Fancy Face). 

The unique fig scent is exactly the same in each of these delectable products. Figs blended with fruit bouquets of apricot nectar and sensuous Ylang Ylang. I've yet to open any of three without inhaling deeply. The gentle scrub is made up of fig seeds and jojoba suspended in a thick, luxurious cream with shea butter and honey, I'd consider this more a polish than a scrub. 

The fresh fig creme Body Wash lathers up quickly and feels soft and moisturising on the skin. A little of this fig/Ylang Ylang wash goes a very long way with just a euro coin sized helping in my natural sponge being more than enough for a deliciously scented shower. 

Last in the trio is the Fresh Fig Soufflé Body Creme, it combines the ingredients of the previous two with grape seed, macadamia nut and rice bran oil to condition the skin and sweet almond and rice proteins, along with Pro-Vitamin B-5 provide moisture balance and protection all whipped together to make a rich, soothing cream that melts into the skin. 

Even as I'm typing this I'm looking at the picture and rubbing my fingers together. I loves it. While it doesn't leave any residue on the skin once applied, the scent of all three lingers for hours, just the way I like it.  

The fact that you only need very little of each product is a blessing as I've been using them sparingly such is my grá for the scent and the condition of my skin afterward. I'd recommend you drop by a Laura Mercier counter ASAP, inhale the fresh fig scent deeply and try your best not to buy it all. That or get yourself a seriously cool pal like our Lorraine with all of her thoughfulness and kick ass pressie buying skillz. 

Are you a lover of the scent of figs? Anything I should be running out to sniff? Rumour has it Diptique have a perfume that I HAVE to try, even more exclusive rumour has it that Roger & Gallet might have something along a figgy line in their upcoming plans too! (Say nathin'!)


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

This looks and smells gowge dunnit? Will have to invest next time I see them on sale again. And a little admission, every time I see a fig cut open like that, I always always think of that episode of Sex and The City...

Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy!

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