Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Proactiv Anti Blemish 4 Piece Kit: A Four Week Trial - Week 3

Here we are at Week 3 of the Proactiv Gorgebag Challenge and we might just have some results. Again, big thanks for all of your kind words and compliments for Ad, he's driving me nuts nodding at me Joey Tribbiani each time I read one out so, yeah, Thanks for that. (I jest, you're all wonderful). Wanna hear how we're doing? 

We're still in pretty great shape up front though you can just make out Ad's dry skin around the bridge of his nose from the Proactiv use. Thanks to Có, a very helpful commenter last week we've now started to use La Roche-Posay's brand new Nutritic Intense to help with this. It's working so well with the Proactiv system that it actually made Monday's Moments yesterday. It's that good. 

We can see on the left side of Ad's kisser that the inflammation and breakouts have calmed considerably. They're still there but are giving up the fight reluctantly and we're hoping will be even clearer with another weeks use. 

Again, on the right hand side his face has calmed right down. There is a significant change in the texture and tone of Ad's skin with a lot of the little lumps and bumps now cleared. I'll have to be completely honest and attribute some of this texture change to the serious hydrating effects of the Nutritic Intense but things are looking good. 

Our final summary for Week 3 is a positive one. Adam's skin has calmed and cleared a good deal in the past 3 weeks and although he finds the solution itself drying, the addition of a super hydrating cream has made things a lot easier. Here's hoping we've an even bigger improvement for next weeks final installment. 

Another snippet of advice: if you're planning on using Proactiv, be sure to use old towels and face cloths when washing and drying your kisser, I've just lost half a DKNY towel bale to blahhhdy bleach stains (bastadin' benzoyl peroxide) *shakes fist*. Again, should you wish to join us in the Proactiv Challenge you'll find the range on BeautyFeatures.ie with several other products to choose from too. 

See you next week for the final reveal everyone *runs off to buy tiny curtains to attach to Gorgebag's fringe*

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(Am I the only one noticing that Ad's face is
 actually changing shape in front of our very 
eyes? Dude has grown about an inch since we 
started this challenge and is almost creaking 
in front of me. I'm not for one minute saying 
Proactiv is 'manning him up' but wowza he's growing fast.) 

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