Saturday, February 09, 2013

Things to Make You Go 'LOL'. Literally.

Oh you thought I'd forgotten the LOLs this week didn't you? Well not a chance, there's been many, many contenders - not least the endless photoshops of Beyonce (This being my favourite so far) but there's five other doozies that I loved even more. Wanna see? 

  1. This video showing the troops in Afghanistan taking off the Miami Dolphin cheerleaders move for move made me wheeze with laughter. Protecting their country and proving it is possible to be distracted from hot chicks in bikinis. Epic work, Sirs. 
  2. Troy's Sneeze proves in 14 seconds why Community is one of the funniest comedies ever made. Lightening fast wit for the absolute win!
  3.  This picture made me guffaw suddenly, it reminds me of one of my most used quotes from the awesome Leslie Neilson. RIP big man. 
  4. The Worst Things About Valentines from The Oatmeal has given me words to live by this week - 'Less Complaining, More Sexy Rumpus'. Seriously, someone should cross stitch that shizz!
  5. One more VDay nod for number five, this selection of Tryannical Valentines Day messages had me chuckling for days. FYI, I'd be thrilled with any one of 'em. Just sayin'.  

That's them, five occasions on which I laughed, sometimes maniacally but always out loud. I do hope you enjoy 'em. Lemme know if something has been tickling your funny bone too, ja?  

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