Monday, 4 February 2013

Monday's Moments: 04/02/13

Monday, Monday, so good to me... Monday, Monday..  How do, everyone, good week? Crazy weekend? I had a smattering of both thankfully and Moments aplenty to make up today's post. Shall we get cracking? 

1. He Be Savage

To look at those peepers you'd think butter wouldn't melt right? I've been known to forget how protective he can be too. On Wednesday morning of last week he reminded me though. 

What could have been disaster when a scuzzbucket broke into my car was averted when this beast right here launched himself at the front door. It being 4am I was convinced it was the cheeky fecker neighbour cat that was annoying him again so I turned on all the lights and came down. Unbeknownst to me that was enough to see the dirtbag off before he could do any damage. Have to admit I was sorely tempted to leave Diesel IN the car the following evening.

2. As a Hobby Like

I'm not sure in all my bigging up of the Gorgebags that I've ever mentioned youngest dude's ridiculous artistic talents but even I was wowed by this. I went up to check on him because he was meant to be doing homework and got the fright of my life when I saw the tips of this peeking out of his sleeve. 

Apparently he'd spent the previous hour productively giving himself ink poisoning. Though it's pretty feckin' cool, right? When his friends were telling him he should be a tattoo artist for a living? 'Nah man, there's definitely not enough pay in that for me'. Love ish. 

3. You're Killing Me Here

I was very late to the Forbrydelsen party but holy smokes I'm all up in there now. I clicked play on episode one last Monday and have been hooked ever since. 

The Danish crime thriller is slow moving and subtle but never feels like it. I'm 8 episodes in and all I wanna do is wear a geansaí, chew gum and continually press 'Next episode'. If you haven't watched it yet - get on it! If you have, doesn't it rock?

4. Angling Anglo

After a spectacularly bad day in work on Friday my Sis, the legend that she is, decided to leave ALL the childer with her husband and head up so we could enjoy a Ladies Day in town. While having super exciting chats and LOLs with Karen and Lorraine, Sis got a call from World Irish

Turns out she'd entered the Anglo the Musical competition and the lovely Darragh was calling to say she'd won! While we got fab seats, she managed to have a chat with the Manager and wangled us one of the empty boxes for a bird's eye view. There were some serious literal LOLs going on. 

5. There's No Bogey Men Under There N'Anyway! 

To round off our day on the razz super thoughtful Sis had booked us into The Gibson for the night. (She's the bees knees yo) It's that lahhhvely place up by the O2. 

When navigating the bajillion light switches to find one with less voltage than a floodlight in Croker, I happened to switch one by the door and THIS happened. Under bed lighting, poifect for sleeping by. Ambient night light AND zero chance of bogey men? Score! 

You're turn, my lovelies, what's been making you smile this week? Anything lightening the load that you'd like to share? 

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