Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Proactiv Anti Blemish 4 Piece Kit: A Four Week Trial - Week 4

Can you believe it's four weeks since we started this here Gorgebag trial? Nope, me either. It's been emotional, in that I've had to check each night and morning that Adam was using the product, that always involved him in boxers and several times plowing to music with his iPod in their waistband *shudder* There are some things even a Momma shouldn't have to see! So how have we done I hear you ask - well let's take a looksee...

Our final shot from the front sees Ad's face not hugely improved in the 4 week period. I know spots on the chin, especially large ones, can be hormone related and if there's one thing teenagers have in spades it's hormones. His overall skin tone and texture has improved though and he continues to use La Roche-Posay's Nutritic Intense with the Proactiv treatment. 

Again on the left hand side of Don Juan's kisser the skin's texture has improved but the acne remains. In the four weeks of use his frequency of breakouts has slowed down though and his skin appears to be healing in some areas. 

On the right hand side we can see that even though the number of breakouts has decreased and that skin has healed that there are a couple of really sore pimples coming to the surface. Of course, he's a teen and that happens but I had hoped that they would be cleared by this stage. 

Before Treatment
After 4 Weeks of Treatment: Twice a Day
As I've said, it's crazy to think four weeks has passed already and having had a chat with Adam he's happy to continue to use Proactiv until this 4 piece set is used up. It may have been over zealous to think that a product could work completely in one month especially since according to some lovely commenters (Thank you all, sincerely), it can take up to two months to see a marked improvement. 

For the moment we're going to continue on with the treatment (though with less of the jocks dancing supervision) and we'll put together a final post when the Proactiv kit is completely used. That seems like the fairest way to do it. 

Let me know if you've used Proactiv before and, vitally, how long it took for you to see your skin clearing. It would be really appreciated, ja? 

If you do want to give the treatment a go for your very own kisser you'll find it, still on special, on  for €45.79. 


Chloe said...

I think the overall amount of acne has improved a bit, but poor Adam's skin looks a bit sore! In fairness, I remember being really impatient with everything - Once everything comes to the surface, it'll hopefully be gone for good! He's lucky to have you & your knowledge ;)

Heather! said...

I'll be honest since you asked...I, personally, found Proactiv to be useless. My dermatologist agreed. To be fair, however, I was using it for adult acne, which has somewhat different root causes, I think, but I ended up giving my stash away because it did nothing for me. The only relief I got was from finally going on antibiotics, a practice which, as I understand it, isn't very popular in this country. (I'm from the States where they're probably over-prescribed.) They worked almost immediately. I've been on them for about ten years or so now, and my skin is finally clear at age 40.

Two cents...and probably worth every penny! ;)