Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday's Moments ~ 28/09/15

Happy Monday, one and all! We're still floating on a cloud of euphoria after one of the most inspirational weekends we've ever spent with some incredible people. If you're new here following the Irish Blogger's Conference in Cork, WELCOME! 

Corrina & I spoke about changing your mindset to change your life and these Monday's Moments posts are about exactly that. Each week I post the five Moments I'm grateful for; whether big or little, not only does it put everything else into perspective but it helps me to see the silver lining in every situation. I then look back at year's end at just how far we've come, personally and as a family. I couldn't recommend it more. 

So this week, in no particular order of deadliness: 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Doctor Who & Limitless!

Doctor Who (Season 9)

Up first is something I've anticipated for about a year now - and it certainly felt worth the wait. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

It's Thursday, praise the lord Jesus and all the holy saints that it's Thursday...

1. Two day hangovers when I don't have time for two day hangovers. 

2. Unsubscribing from an old favourite blog SEVERAL TIMES and STILL receiving targeted advertisement emails...

3. Aer Lingus REFUSING to accept a debit card number then timing out to reset EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

4. Brats pulling up everyone of the neighbours' flower beds, while they thought I was working...

5. The notion that a 5 year old runs her own style instagram... Or the fact that a 5 year old HAS an instagram account in the first place..

Tell us, what's been rustling your jimmies this week? 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to Get the Best from Your Short Breaks ~ Book Your Shenanigans Before You Go!

Let’s be honest when you go on a City break you really want to cram in as much as possible, especially if you’re only there for a weekend. There are a few things you should try to book before you go saving you money and more importantly precious time queuing. As always with City breaks I recommend doing a Hop on Hop off bus tour, I find is brilliant for these tours world over. I’ve booked with them many times and never had an issue. Here are my top tips for other things to book before you go:

Friday, September 18, 2015

Doctor Who Season 9!!


After waiting 10 MONTHS (not including the Christmas special) (Nu)Doctor Who is back, and the first episode looks CRAZY.  The trailer above is for just the first episode and it has more happening than in some seasons *ahem*last season*ahem* in their entirety - with weird eye hand things straight out of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Daleks and the Doctor with a guitar for some reason. 

I've been dying to see this ever since stills of the episode were shown, I just hope they don't put everything in one episode and have nothing left for the rest of the season.

Doctor Who Season 9 starts tomorrow the 19th of September at 7:40pm on BBC here in GMT and 9:00pm EDT in the States, with the other timezones HERE.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Thursday couldn't have come 'round quick enough this week. It's been a tough one. As ever, do please release your very own Kraken in the comments or across my social platforms ~ the catharsis is there for the taking. 

In no particular order of pissiness this week: 

1. Snapchatters sending their entire story to your inbox when you're not friends... 

2. People that believe CRUNCHY Nut Cornflakes 
are an appropriate desk snack...

3. U2

4. The Sony Z3 managing to be the slippiest mudderfuppin' phone EVER INVENTED! 
I've yet to put it on a surface it hasn't slid right off - 
including tables!

5. Still feeling like I'm on the set of Mean Girls at Thirty. Jaysus. Seven.

I don't call out appalling behaviour toward me online, preferring to ignore and rise above but when insidious behaviour has gone on, quite literally, for years unchecked it's a bit much. 

You can't change how people are wired, I know this, but when I'm now feeling panicked & anxious talking to lovely people in case they're secretly side eyeing me for a concocted slight? That's just not right. 

I'm a good person, I have loved and raised good people. I pride myself on trying to find the silver lining in every difficult situation but this is exhausting. Even for me. Exhausting. 

Tell me, can you relate? 

What's been rustling your jimmies this week? 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Orly's Rage is the Rose Gold Chrome of Your Dreams!

If you've followed any of my social channels for any amount of time, you'll know my love for rose gold EVERYTHING is real. Imagine my joy then when I spotted rose gold chrome talons on the Tropical Popical feed. I knew I had to have them. Before visiting the kitsch nail oasis on South William St. I was sure that this colour was Gellish (which you can also get) but it turns out this version is Orly's Rage. 

It's a rose gold foil shimmer that translates beautifully to the nail. Retaining all of the shimmer and all of the foil effect, which is pretty rare for a chrome polish like this. Isn't she pretty? 

Gel extensions by the very lovely nail maven, Jenny in Tropical Popical
So enamoured was I with the job Jenny did in Tropical Popical that while I sat and waited for my talons to dry, instead of leafing through the magazines I hopped online to hunt down Orly's Rage for my Sis & I. 

Turns out the folks at Amazon and eBay have cottoned on to the popularity of this rose gold polish so prices were in excess of €20 for the lacquer and up to €30 for postage to Ireland?! Get UP the actual yard! A good ten minutes of wading through shysters later and I happened upon Fragrance Direct. BINGO, they have Rage and they have it for £1.99 HERE!

Orly Rage ~ still sparkling even in artificial light!
I opted for a bottle each and standard delivery and it took just under 3 weeks, which handily enough is just as long as my extensions lasted. There is also an option for Express Delivery for £1 extra, which will get the polish to you in 2-3 days ~ I've since done that too, so enamoured am I with this rose gold beauty that I needed back ups. 

Those of you that have been reading this little blog for any amount of time will know that we had a nail and nail art focus here for quite a while, so admittedly my polish stash is quite substantial. Saying that, I have never been complimented on a polish as much as I have Orly's Rage. People have, quite literally greeted me by grabbing my fingers to get a closer look. 

The glitter triggers I have pictured are a H&M rose gold glitter that I have been unable to source. It's old stock that Trop Pop have but seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth other than that. It's a nail nut's worst nightmare. I've since found Julep's Jane that's a possible dupe. What do we think? 

Tell me, are you as enamoured with Orly's Rage as I am? Will you be making a purchase? 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Flying When You're Expecting ~ Helpful Hints & Tips!

Let’s face it with 5 little ones I’ve been pregnant a lot, well more than your average woman. That coupled with my love of travel means that I have a shed load of experience travelling during each trimester. Having spoken to several first time mums now, reluctant to travel while expecting, I thought it an idea to share my top tips for flying during pregnancy.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday's Moments ~ 14/09/15

It's been a long Monday, timely reminders if ever they were needed that's it's never all bad. Here's what's chasing my Monday Blues away today:

1. The lads doing their first adult thing without me. They made an appointment, organised their forms & photos and went to town to renew their passports. As adults. 

They didn't need my signature, my permission, my interference! 

2. I was lamenting an evening in alone, inhaling Narcos on Netflix when there was a knock on the door. It was only ALL of the Stone Babies!! 

Corrina had popped by with the little ones on their way to the circus. It was such a lovely surprise, I very rarely get to see them as they live in Athy and NEVER get to see them as a surprise!

3. Receiving my first Spring/Summer press email! 

4. Aaron being stopped 6 times total on Thursday by people that recognised him from Snapchat. My Snapchat!

5. Enjoying a glass of red on Saturday night but getting the goo for something a little savoury. Adam mentioned a complimentary snack box Tesco had delivered with our shopping that day! 

Crackers, ham & Charleville cheese. Tasty in their own right, downright delicious as a surprise! 

Tell us, what Moments are making your Monday? 

Friday, September 11, 2015

American Ultra - Movie Review

Note: A lot of dialogue in this trailer was different in the movie - which is a good thing

Who's In It?

, and 

What's It About?
Stoner and general waster Mike is preparing to propose to his girlfriend when he is activated as a government asset, causing the CIA to want him dead by any means necessary.

 Any Good?

Okay, I'll get this out of the way immediately, American Ultra, despite its original concept yearnings, is a more gruesome but ultimately poorer version of Chuck. I still enjoyed this offering though, despite far preferring the Josh Schwartz created action-comedy/spy-drama television series.

My main concern is that this film has shaken my faith in a Jesse Eisenberg Lex Luthor. Even in his badass super soldier mode he was still the usual stuttering nervous mess he plays, but then again most everyone phoned it in here. The most tenacious character was played by Kristen Stewart, but Phoebe, seems as though she was written just for her.

Watch it if you haven't, seriously

The story is basically Chuck with bite, finding its raison dĂȘtre in one of the CIA ULTRA projects, which I find incredibly interesting. The below par delivery is fleshed out with great back-stories to several secondary characters, which ultimately saved American Ultra face. 

I liked this, which is a little underwhelming considering the cast and the premise. It's not funny when it should be and not engaging enough despite promise but I found it entertaining. Definitely one for the adults in terms of gore, I'd recommend watching it at home as soon as it's available.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Welcome back to the great unrustling ~ do please feel free to unburden yourself too!

1. When your gel extensions start to grow out making your nails WAY longer than you can manage.

2. Writing considered Snapchat responses only for them to be stuck in limbo when the sender can't receive a response...

3. The word 'Methinks'

4. 'What a beautiful little boy, how old is he?' -  
'32 weeks'...

5. People that feel the need to post pictures of humongous house spiders to social media!!

Tell us, can you relate? What's been rustling your jimmies this week? 

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The Ice House Hotel ~ Ballina

Earlier this year Sue & I were invited down to the Ice House Hotel but we had a bit of an adventure getting there. I hopped on a train in Athy to get to Dublin so I could meet Sue in Heuston and then get the train from there to Ballina. Unfortunately my train was delayed so it was already 30 minutes later than expected before it arrived in Athy. I jumped on as I was advised by the stationmaster that we’d make up time on the way to Dublin but this wasn't to be. 

Monday, September 07, 2015

Monday's Moments ~ 07/09/15

Happy Monday, one and all! For those new to our corner of the web, this is one of my ongoing weekly posts, in which I give a little nod to the Moments that mean I have no Monday Blues and absolutely encourage you to do the same. In no particular order of dealiness this week: 

1. ONE glass of wine after work glass with a good pal turning into an all night, setting the world to rights sesh (and surviving same). 

2. Finally upgrading my phone to the Sony Xperia Z3 w 20.7mp camera, 2160p@30fps video, 
Quad Core CPU & a two day battery(!)
 (AND it's in rose gold natch)!

3. Having someone in the canteen tell me that I was featured alongside the fab Girl Crew gals in the Irish Times, chatting about making friends online.

4. Planning a New York trip for the Gorgebags & I! Adam (my youngest), being the legend that he is, is bringing the three of us to the Big Apple. I've lost control of one eye with the excitement of it all! 

5. We've been working with a French Arboriculturalist (tree specialist) for about a year now. Since he started work we've been doing our worst/best 'Allo 'Allo impressions. We're nice like that. This includes loudly saying 'Sacre Bleu!' every time something goes wrong (which no French person actually says) UNTIL NOW. 

When he couldn't log on last week he exclaimed 'Sacre Bleu' and after choking for full minute, it dawned on me. We and he have inadvertently perpetuated the stereotype! He's already admitted saying it outside without even thinking about it ~ so EVERYONE that overhears him will be positive that it's a thing!

Tell us, what's making your Monday easier? 
What's the one thing you're grateful for this week? 

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Cherry Pick of the Week: Kyla La Grange ~ Cut Your Teeth

I upgraded my phone this month & lost my downloaded tunes. I was OK(ish) with that, eager for the shiny new handset, until I was reminded this week of Kyla La Grange's Cut your Teeth. This reminder came with comparisons to Kate Bush, which I've always loved about Kyla's music. 

The KYGO remix is another level of ethereal beauty but it just doesn't compare to the original, does it?  

Now I'm playing Kyla on repeat & trying my damnedest to remember the forgotten gems on my old phone so I can right those wrongs too. You see Spotify is all well and good but there's nothing quite like two years worth of a personally cultivated soundtrack. I'm amending that today!

Tell us, what's been playing on repeat in your world this week? 

Friday, September 04, 2015

A Walk in the Woods - Movie Review

Who's In It?

, and 

What's It About?

After taking decades from travel writing, Bill Bryson decides that it's time to get out and explore again - with the only person that will join, old friend Steven Katz.

Any Good?

I think the best way to describe this film is one of those movies that your Grandmother/Mother is watching when you go over to their house and you kind of half watch in conversation - and it kind of just sticks with you and you think of it every so often with no idea of what it was.

Characters were odd in this film, Robert Redford was like a radio presenter, about as wooden as Pat Kenny's hair with no real delivery beyond a morning radio hosts introduction. Numerous seemingly important characters just fall off the face of the planet, including one who seems to be a main character then just kind of.. goes. 

Flawless, like fine oak

Nick Nolte was great as Steven Katz, he's a big guy dressed like a bum with a voice battered by whiskey and the smokes, but he plays an actual funny character, not the trousers-around-his-ankles idiot type you get an idea of when you see him. Another good point of the film is some of the scenery, a lot of sets are beautiful - then some are just clearly oil paintings like in an old western.

Thinking back on the film, it really does feel like a much better Lifetime Movies joint that your parents/grandparents have on when you go to visit them, and that's not exactly a bad thing. An okay story, huge plot holes and a fantastic sidekick character of sorts make this film enjoyable, but nothing I'd go and pay to see.