Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday's Moments ~ 14/09/15

It's been a long Monday, timely reminders if ever they were needed that's it's never all bad. Here's what's chasing my Monday Blues away today:

1. The lads doing their first adult thing without me. They made an appointment, organised their forms & photos and went to town to renew their passports. As adults. 

They didn't need my signature, my permission, my interference! 

2. I was lamenting an evening in alone, inhaling Narcos on Netflix when there was a knock on the door. It was only ALL of the Stone Babies!! 

Corrina had popped by with the little ones on their way to the circus. It was such a lovely surprise, I very rarely get to see them as they live in Athy and NEVER get to see them as a surprise!

3. Receiving my first Spring/Summer press email! 

4. Aaron being stopped 6 times total on Thursday by people that recognised him from Snapchat. My Snapchat!

5. Enjoying a glass of red on Saturday night but getting the goo for something a little savoury. Adam mentioned a complimentary snack box Tesco had delivered with our shopping that day! 

Crackers, ham & Charleville cheese. Tasty in their own right, downright delicious as a surprise! 

Tell us, what Moments are making your Monday?