Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Orly's Rage is the Rose Gold Chrome of Your Dreams!

If you've followed any of my social channels for any amount of time, you'll know my love for rose gold EVERYTHING is real. Imagine my joy then when I spotted rose gold chrome talons on the Tropical Popical feed. I knew I had to have them. Before visiting the kitsch nail oasis on South William St. I was sure that this colour was Gellish (which you can also get) but it turns out this version is Orly's Rage. 

It's a rose gold foil shimmer that translates beautifully to the nail. Retaining all of the shimmer and all of the foil effect, which is pretty rare for a chrome polish like this. Isn't she pretty? 

Gel extensions by the very lovely nail maven, Jenny in Tropical Popical
So enamoured was I with the job Jenny did in Tropical Popical that while I sat and waited for my talons to dry, instead of leafing through the magazines I hopped online to hunt down Orly's Rage for my Sis & I. 

Turns out the folks at Amazon and eBay have cottoned on to the popularity of this rose gold polish so prices were in excess of €20 for the lacquer and up to €30 for postage to Ireland?! Get UP the actual yard! A good ten minutes of wading through shysters later and I happened upon Fragrance Direct. BINGO, they have Rage and they have it for £1.99 HERE!

Orly Rage ~ still sparkling even in artificial light!
I opted for a bottle each and standard delivery and it took just under 3 weeks, which handily enough is just as long as my extensions lasted. There is also an option for Express Delivery for £1 extra, which will get the polish to you in 2-3 days ~ I've since done that too, so enamoured am I with this rose gold beauty that I needed back ups. 

Those of you that have been reading this little blog for any amount of time will know that we had a nail and nail art focus here for quite a while, so admittedly my polish stash is quite substantial. Saying that, I have never been complimented on a polish as much as I have Orly's Rage. People have, quite literally greeted me by grabbing my fingers to get a closer look. 

The glitter triggers I have pictured are a H&M rose gold glitter that I have been unable to source. It's old stock that Trop Pop have but seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth other than that. It's a nail nut's worst nightmare. I've since found Julep's Jane that's a possible dupe. What do we think? 

Tell me, are you as enamoured with Orly's Rage as I am? Will you be making a purchase? 

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