Friday, January 31, 2014

A Million Ways to Die in the West - First Trailer for Seth McFarlane's NSFW New Release

Who's in it? 

Seth McFarlane's newest release has a touch of the Blazing Saddles wannabes about it, doesn't it. 

My question is this: can this many good actors get it this wrong? 

We'll find out when A Million Ways to Die in the West hits Irish screens in June. 

What so we reckon? Hit or a miss? 

Dallas Buyers Club - Teenage Movie Review

Who's in it? 


What's it about?

Homophobic Texan manly mayyyyn Ron Woodroof finds out he has HIV after an accident with electrical wiring while working. When the hospital refuses to sell him non-FDA approved AIDS medicine that is in trial stage, he becomes a AIDS-Meds mule and recruits transgender Jared Leto to reach into the badly affected gay community to sell this medication.

Any Good?

The thing with this movie is, there's no clear villain (other than BIG SCARY EVIL PHARMA and the Government of course), and it really throws any preconceptions of right or wrong out the window. Woodroof may be a drug mule and is selling memberships to his med club to desperate people seems to be the bad, but he's helping the otherwise helpless massive AIDs stricken community in 80's Texas. Doctor Sevard is giving patients a toxic drug that is killing them quicker than AIDs, but he only seems to want to gather reputable data to find a cure. This film is as morally grey as they come. 

Googled 'morally grey', this was the result..

The acting in this movie was some of the most stellar I've seen. Matthew McConaughey has suddenly gone from a joke to one of the best actors in Hollywood in a year and he really shows his chops in this. He could be favourite to win against Leo for the fully believable performance, this is the Oscars after all. Jared Leto was PHENOMINAL as the transgender partner-in-crime, Rayon to Woodroof. Seriously, this is the best portrayal I've seen since Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad. It was Lead Actor winning stuff, beating all contestants this year by a mile and is sure to win Best Supporting Actor, without a doubt. Jennifer Garner hasn't changed in my eyes since Daredevil, she kept her streak of meh acting all the way through the film, really being the weak link of the cast.

Dallas Buyers Club has me terrified of mopping up at the Oscars and leaving nothing to Leo and Co. but they deserve it. McConaughey could very well win Best Lead and if Leto doesn't win Best Supporting I'll flip every table in a mile radius. I predict this film to dominate on Oscar night and I don't know if I'm against that. It's worth repeated cinema trips to see this just for Leto's Rayon alone, I nearly cried, ehm, fell in love, with Rayon, and I can assure you, you will too.


The (sigh..) Eldest Gorgebag

her - Movie Review

Who's in it?


What's it about?

Theo, a man who writes heartfelt letters to loved ones for other people, is going through a divorce with the only woman he thinks he'll ever love when he sees an ad for an artificial intelligence computer Operating System (OS) and this movie follows his deepening and somewhat surprising relationship with 'it'.

Any Good?

I love this film. That's a short introduction but I really do. her is a brilliant and truthful picture of what the future and the singularity hold, not some super-deathbot apocalypse but people falling in love with these bodiless 'people'. It's also a thought provoking social commentary on and correlation to people in long distance online relationships. It depicts to a tee how it feels to be so completely swept up in your perception of a 'person' with no way to physically meet them. 

A new, alternate poster

I don't know if it's the fact that I'm part of a generation where relationships without physical contact are quite common (I'm 18), or the fact that I will and always adore and sympathise with the Geth, but Theo's relationship with Samantha really felt genuine to me, it hit pretty close to home which completely engaged me from the beginning.

Joaquin Phoenix's performance was excellent, being lonely and angry shown subtly instead of shouts and wild arm gestures as well as his awkwardness around other people, it just feels authentic. Scarlett Johansson's voice made it feel like she was really there and full of wonder like Samantha was - it was an UNGODLY amount of sexy. 

Even Chris Pratt's nonchalant "cool" as a dismissal of Theo telling him that his girlfriend is an OS was fantastically delivered and perhaps a foreshadow of the normalcy of these relationships in times to come. 

Nothing I can say will do this film justice in my mind, honestly just go to see it. It's a sweeter, more heartfelt version of The Man With Two Brains while still having some truly funny parts. I need to watch it another three times from different perspectives, like if Samantha was just an OS and not someone who felt like she was there in front of you. The music is powerfully evocative and really opened my eyes to how it can be used to convey emotion for the first time. Also, the way Theo wears his trousers is now the way I wear my trousers for life. 

PS. This movie is a straight 5 cherries on a personal level and is now one of my favourites but on a critical level it is sadly not as strong as the likes of Dallas Buyers Club from this year(the review of which, you'll see live again come 1pm today) 

The  Eldest Gorgebag. 

The Friday Chattery

We made it! And the crowd goes wiiiiild yaaarrrggghhhh!

Happy Friday one and all - tell me, what's your plans for the weekend then? 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Things that Rustle My Jimmies

How do fellow rustlees, I'll just start this weeks post by saying that Photobucket is being a massive pain in the flute of late so watch out over on the Twitters where I'll be sharing some of the other Jimmie Rustling Gifs that it REFUSED to accept - screw you PhotoBucket!

As for the ones deemed worthy? I present to you, Things that have Rustled my Jimmies this week: 

1. When a Website Makes you Sign in but 
Doesn't Bring you Back to Where You Were!

 photo 1133_zpsad00b8a3.gif

2. Trying to Take Decent Lip Swatch Pictures

 photo H7PioG6_zpscab58d4d.gif

3. When Someone Continually Comments on 
their passive aggressive 'Why Me?' Facebook Status

 photo 2_gif_zpsd29c400c.gif

4. When a Week Old Viral Video is Shared by 
25 Sites in a Row as 'Breaking' for Clickbait

 photo g1GTW3v_zpsc822e7aa.gif

5. The 0.0005 Seconds it Takes Popcorn in the Microwave to Turn from 'Mmmmmm' to 
'Oh FFS!' 

 photo n5wT7mv_zps90492830.gif

See? I feel better already!

Tell me, what's been rustling your jimmies this week? 

The Thursday Chattery

Morning All!

I was a little MIA yesterday but that's because I was at a seriously interesting & equally inspiring women in business event that you can check out under the #LadiesSPost tag on Twitter. 

Stellar Mag this month had a feature too about supporting and empowering women in our own field (not the one out your back) and others too - it really is worth a look. 

So in the spirit of a virtual back patting sesh and just to get the Chat chugging this morning, who inspires you and why

Remember, we have a
€20 One 4 All voucher
for the best/most helpful
Chatter this week!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Elie Saab SS14 Haute Couture Nails Tutorial - AKA The Only Way I'll Ever Afford to Wear His Designs

I never claimed to be a Fashionista but if one designer makes me swoon every single time, it's Lebenese sartorial genius, Elie Saab. His wedding gowns (and pretty much everything else he puts his hands to) are quite literally breathtaking. When I saw his SS14 Haute Couture show (Linked here) I was agog. AGOG. Being realistic though, the only way I'll ever afford to wear one of these works of art is to paint it on myself. Elie Saab nails Howaya!

You know me and nail art by now, I try to find the simplest way to get the best effect, mostly because I want to be able to do my right hand too. I've come up with a tutorial so simple that it needs NO INSTRUCTIONS. Look at the pictures with your eyes, pick out your colours and go! 

What did I tell you? Simples. I love this look for Spring/Summer, of course you can mix and match what colours you'd like to use but once set against a stark white nail bed you really can't go wrong. 

I used all Essie for these but there's no need to be so precise. Just grab: 

  • 1 White
  • 4 Greens
  • 1 Peach
  • 1 Fuchsia
  • 1 Black (for flowers)

These remind me of the Rihanna Marc Jacobs nails in how simple they are to create. 

What do we reckon? Will you give them a shot? 

The Wednesday Chattery

It's Hump Day - Let's Chat!

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Chatter this week!  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Powder & BB Concealer

The L'Oréal Nude Magique range has been a little hit and miss for me. While the BB Blush, with its likeness to Smashbox's O blush was perfectly serviceable, the CC Creams were far too highly pigmented in the orange direction. The Eau de Teint foundation (AKA the closest dupe you'll ever find to Armani's Maestro) however blew my socks off and still does. The next two additions to the line up are the 5 in 1 Nude Magique BB Powder and the Nude Magique BB Concealer. 

Firstly the BB Powder housed in a sturdy little throw in your mála style compact is surprisingly light to the touch. The hidden sponge and mirror underneath adds a little wieght but makes it ideal for travel. I had concerns about there only being two colours available and had I skin on either end of the tone spectrum I still would be. 

Light Skin Tone suits me perfectly though and the buildable, lightweight coverage can easily just be applied to the areas needed. I've worn this both over my own BB cream (Origins) to eliminate shine but also on its own and I'm pretty darn impressed. The matte texture is not averse to several layers and does appear to minimise pores so a couple of swipes of this and your no make up make up look is good to go. L'Oréal are claiming 8 hours wear but I haven't fully tested that yet. 

With their first roll on applicator the Nude Magique BB Concealer gave me flashbacks to the CC cream grimace with its slightly orange tinged formulation. I was full sure that this one wouldn't be for me as I'm all for lighter than light under eye concealers. Containing mineral pigments, I was pretty taken aback when applied under my eyes that it blended in beautifully and matched my skin tone regardless. 

The metal ball means it's cooling on the eye area so will combat puffiness but for the size of my under eye suitcases I'll be using this as a top up over my own concealer (Estée Lauder's Double Wear) to add some cooling brightness.  

The RRP on these are €9.99 & €12.99 respectively but you'll pick them up for a decent amount of sheckles cheaper on Superdrug here

The Tuesday Chattery

Hey and Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday's Chattery was fantastic, it's so great to see so many of us chip in our tuppence and help a gal out. 

I heard something late last night that I'd love to get your take on: A pal of a pal is getting set to be bridesmaid for her brother's wedding this August and, of course, is delighted. That was until this weekend when she was asked, not so politely at a family dinner, by her future Sis in law how she was planning on losing her extra weight before the big day...

What do we think? Is her brother's fiancée in the right? Should she be told to take a long walk off a short plank? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts & of course feel free to pop up any issues or chat needs you're having too. 

Let's get our Chat on!

Remember, we have a
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Chatter this week!  

Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday's Moments: 26/01/14

Good morning and Happy Monday! Before I even get into the Moments that've brightened my week no end I'd like to mention that my bandy back tales of woe are easing significantly thanks to the new meds and getting out and about a bit more. 

It's been a big mental challenge to get back on my feet (literally) but I honestly feel I'm getting there - huge thanks to all that have messaged, text, mailed and tweeted your well wishes - yisser grand like. 

And now for the five big Moments: 

1. The Saturday's Grúaig Guru

As if being done up by the gorgeous Smashbox team last week and given a complete photo shoot, my bandy back and I managed to pop along to learn all about the new Garnier Ultimate Blends ranges and get a new do while there. 

This here is Nick Peters, Celeb hairdresser to the stars and specifically The Saturdays (whom I heart unashamedly). We got our chat on and our celeb goss going as he blow dried some of Garnier's new 7-in-1 Dry Shampoo (more on that later) into my new bouffant. He's a really cool dude - I can see why The Sats keep him about!

2. All New Chattery

Talking about getting our Chat on, have you seen the new look Chattery? Given new life by my good pal Stasia Burrington, we've come up with a way to get us all involved and make a proper go of this little community. Check out this morning's post for more info and your chance to win!

3. Making Time for About Time

Even though I worked closely with Universal Pictures at the release of About Time last year, work commitments meant I never made it to the screening and never quite caught up. We remedied that this week. 

Watching with our Dad and the lads, this movie completely blew me away. I honestly think it was hugely underrated last year. More a movie about fatherly love and enjoying every moment that life gives you, this flick really struck a chord with us (Dad included). Bill Nighy played a blinder and despite Rachel McAdams being a stunner, he really should have been the focus. I urge you to make some time for this movie and hope it touches you like it did us this week. Bawlage, wha? 

4. Mingle Mingle

DubNet is about bringing small Irish businesses together in a friendly fun environment. Their get togethers are famed for the relaxed, laid back, completely free networking ethos for small businesses in Dublin and I'm just a little bit stunned that these lovely folks have asked me to speak at an upcoming gathering. 

I like to think it's just because of my appropriate gif finding  skillz but am leaning more toward it being about my online presence and the fact that this little website is just about to mean that I can cut back my hours and work part time.... What if it's about the gifs? I better get practising my Charades...

5. My Ickle Baby is a Man!

Last and most certainly not least, this years Moment so far happened on Friday gone. Aaron, the Eldest Gorgebag, the first love of my life and one of my best achievements yet turned 18 years of age. I could never have imagined almost 19 years ago as terrified as I was that I would ever be as proud as I am today and as contented that I made every single decision I did at the time and for the past eighteen years. 

Following an NCIRL gig on Thursday we headed out for a couple of sociables with the crew and to just sit back and see him hold his own in conversation and make a great impression on people he'd never met before made me the proudest, most embarrassing Momma ever. I can't help it - it's my job. 

Tell me, what's been your Moment of the past week? 

The Monday Chattery with a Little 'Get Involved' Incentive!

Look at that, a snazzy personalised new header for The Chattery with huge Thanks to Stasia, my State side designer. What do we make of it? 

Our viewing numbers have been phenomenal over the past couple of weeks but comments haven't always reflected that so I thought we'd make a proper go of this forum and help each of you come out of your shells a bit. 

Our place to chat about anything and everything, be it beauty, life, work and laughs - I'd love to see it build into a little community so we can not only help and support one another but find truthful answers to questions we're a little intimidated to ask our mates. 

At a Web Summit a fortnight ago I chatted with a rep from One 4 All vouchers and they've agreed that The Chattery is something that could see being beneficial so we're in the process of having that beautiful header transferred onto a months worth of €20 vouchers!

Each week we'll choose one Chatter to be the lucky recipient of the voucher and all you have to do to be in the running is comment (!) - be that asking a question, posting a view or even helping a fellow Chatter out. Good idea, right? 

Tell me then, what were you up to for the weekend? and/or What do you make of all this? 

Let's get our Chat on!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cherry Pick of the Week: Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You

This week's Pick from Ellie Goulding stands out for two reasons: Her voice is so soothing that it would be hard not be moved by her singing a Dominos menu, that and the original version of How Long Will I Love You from Scottish gems The Waterboys featured in About Time - that we eventually watched this week. 

If you haven't watched About Time yet, make a little window in your week for it. Yep it's Richard Curtis but it's also Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams & Bill Nighy (who should totally have been on the poster!). 

It's more than a simple love story, it's a gut punching, dry witted, cleverly constructed film with a heartfelt sentiment. It's more a movie about fatherly love than anything else. We watched it with my Dad this week, who hadn't been well and there was bawlage, some covert and some open but it made our week a little bit better and that's just what a movie should do. 

I won't be able to hear this song again without thinking of About Time and Ellie does such a beautiful job as a reminder. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things that Rustle My Jimmies

Yep, it's that time of the week - I can feel the jimmies rustling between you from right where I sit. While life is being a pain in the actual flute, take two minutes out to laugh at my misfortune then release your own kraken in the comments - it's expected - 

Here we go: 

1. Spotting a Typo AFTER Your Tweet is RT'd

 photo kqWzZ9A_zpsab1a229c.gif

2. A Touch of Pink Chicken, Enough to Put you off your ENTIRE LUNCH

 photo ESno4UW_zps6c1bbd1d.gif

3. Irish Youtubers with SHAMerican Accents

 photo 0Sro30n_zps7d86b5bf.gif

4. People that Dress their Pets!!

 photo lgw6CAP_zpsc6cebad0.gif

5. Shoes/Boots with Side Cut Outs!!!

 photo k-bigpic_zpse2975d00.gif

See? I'm brand spanky new with reduced feelings of stabbiness already!

Are any of these jimmie rustlers of yours too? I know you have some to share....

The Thursday Chattery

Howaya Thursday, you were quick getting 'round this week. 

Today is the day that I share what's been rustling my jimmies and boy there are some big ones - what's been getting to you this week? 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Origins Gloomaway - Does Exactly What it Says on the Tube

I make no secret of my love for luxe beauty brand Origins, their high performance skincare, their natural ingredients and their research proven by science. Above all else though, Origins are a brand that for me simply work. My cheeky January sale purchase of their Gloomaway set has only reinforced that opinion. 

Having found my taste for savoury shower ablutions with Origins Incredible Spreadable and Ginger Burst last year, when I saw both Gloomaway Shower/Bath and Body Souffle with the description 'Let lively grapefruit create a sense of optimism and contentment as your whole being is nurtured in silky-softness' for just €17 on - I knew it had to be mine. 

My first impression of Gloomaway is just how soft a citrus fragrance it really is. I get more juicy tangerines than grapefruit and that really isn't a bad thing. This duo are my go to stash for showers first thing in the morning and even when I'm just feeling a bit meh throughout the day. 

While not lathering up as much as I would have wished, the grapefruit body wash more than makes up for it with the wonderful fresh scent and the soft sheen it leaves on my skin before I even use the velvety soft and subtly scented body souffle. These are the true power couple of my bathroom right now - even if I've said nowt to the lads about them being hidden behind the cistern. 

Admittedly, we're talking pretty pennies to buy yourself some Origins (see here) but right now, if you're quick, the last of the Christmas sale stock is not only on shelves in Arnott's Dublin at incredible value but also in several of the larger Boots stores. 

I'm advising to not only stock up for yourself but to think about birthday gifts for loved ones throughout the year too. IMAGINE the gratitude for a gift this nice. You could be looking at free babysitting, dog walking AND enjoying freshly scented friends - it's selfish really. 

What wakes you up in the morning shower wise? (careful now)

The Wednesday Chattery

Morning All!

How did Tuesday treat you then? 

I just spotted Alisha's comment on yesterday's Chattery post late last night and it really got me to thinking. It can be very hard to complain about conditions in work or your job itself knowing that others would bite your hand off to be in your position but that really doesn't negate the fact that we all have crappy days some times. 

What do you think? Are we just putting up and shutting up out of gratitude for the work itself? If you could do something else tomorrow would you? AND if you're not working at all right now - does it get to you to hear people having issues? 

I'd really love to hear your opinion...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

L’Oreal Paris launch Elvive Fibrology: Great News for Fine Haired Fillies Everywhere!

I am ALL about the big hair, L'Oreal's #TXT Supersizing spray before Christmas was a godsend to my limp locks and it has to be said that this L’Oreal Paris Elvive Fibrology is about as hair raising, literally, as we can get. Best bit? We're talking years of research, new technology and new patents, all at budget prices. 

The Filloxane molecule is the sciencey bit we need to pay attention to here, which harnesses “Sol-Gel” chemistry (apparently). Fine and limp hair can get lasting thickness instead of just volume, as it intertwines with your hair strand’s own protein and keratin inside the shafts, doubling their size and creating volume and bounce JLaw a la American Hustle would be proud to shake at a Mafioso. 

We've all learned to invest in a hair care line that promises us close proximity to the moon with our bouffant but the interesting part about Fibrology is their claim at lasting thickness. The Filloxane is designed to continue to thicken the hair wash after wash and even claims that once you discontinue use that your results will last for up to ten washes with normal shampoo. That has to be a good thing, right? 

Intrigued by these claims and having spotted Hayley AKA London Beauty Queen  send out the shout out to #bbloggers to keep eyes peeled for this stuff, I was chuffed to see it on special in Dunnes Stores (that's two coups in a week, Dunnes, you sly dogs) and promptly picked some up. Fancy a look at what just one wash has done? 

Day after wash with zero other products used
It looks pretty good, doesn't it? Yes, this was only my first wash and my first impression but so far I'm impressed and while you can get the entire range here in Boots for full price, I'd be remiss not to tell you to check out Dunnes for an 'even better than half price' deal. What's to lose, right? 

I'll keep you updated on how I get on over the next couple of weeks using Fibrology but I'd love to hear if you've given a go aswell? 

The Tuesday Chattery

Morning All. Well? How did the 'most depressing day of the year' go for you? 

I managed a lunch out and watched a movie with my parents, About Time, have you seen it? What a beautifully written movie with a great sentiment behind it. There was bawlage going on I can tell you and if you haven't watched it yet you're in for a real treat. 

I know it's Awards season but the movies seem to be getting bigger and better this year. We caught Dallas Buyers Club at the weekend and both McConaughey and Leto truly blew me away. 

Look, I know comments have been slow with The Chattery of late but I've come up with a pretty little plan to get our little community to life - all will be revealed very, very shortly but with the views that these posts are getting, I know hesitancy to be first to post must be a big factor. 

Please don't be nervous or afraid - if you've a dilemma going on, a weird dream you've had or even just need a rant and can't wait for the Jimmies post of a Thursday, you're welcome here as are your comments. 

I'll start us off after rambling about movies, what's the best you've seen in the past while?