Thursday, 16 January 2014

Things that Rustle my Jimmies

When sharing a particular gripe on Twitter yesterday I was told 'I thought you were a glass half full kinda gal' - does that mean for one second that I should turn a blind eye to tomfoolery? Shy away from calling out shenanigans? No, SIR, NO is the answer. I'm human and regularly my jimmies are rustled - this here is the five loudest rustles of just this week: 

1. People that Swing Their Car Doors Open into Traffic Without Looking First

 photo tumblr_mhb2ptyf3i1s410g9o1_r1_400_zps3eae4c7a.gif

2. People Constantly RTing Compliments They've Gotten & Not Much Else

 photo bivlHmU_zps042a7d9d.gif

3. Trying to Retrieve an Accidental 'Reply All' Mail

 photo tumblr_inline_mws5atseF01snifva_zpsfb5ebde6.gif

4. Hitting Publish on an Epic Instagram
THEN Noticing a Typo

 photo SjqQ1_zpsb39fcc94.gif

5. People that Sit on the Outside Seat When 
the Train is Full!

 photo tumblr_m76ulw9cHg1rqfhi2o1_250_zpsc73de238.gif
See? And just like that I'm a cocktail half full gal all over again - even if I did have to chug the first half just to get through this week!

Tell me, what's been rustling your jimmies this week? I know there's something...

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