Monday, 6 January 2014

The Chattery

Morning All and officially welcome to 2014 - that wishy washy week in between didn't count, we all know it didn't. 

I have been considering a feature like this for quite a while on this here site and with the unfortunate winding up of (the Original Mothership) this weekend I ran a little poll to see if people would like a place here to gather their thoughts, mingle with like minded lovelies and essentially have somewhere to doss when avoiding work and/or life in the absence of the Blather. 

The reaction was overwhelmingly positive so as of this morning there'll be an open Chattery post each and every morning at 7am. 

We'll run it as a trial feature to gauge the need and want for a little spot of solace away from the prying eyes of Twitter and Facebook, where, let's face it, far too many people know us personally and hopefully it'll gather momentum. 

Just one or two house keeping bits, because I'm soft like that: 

  • You don't have to (and probably shouldn't) use your real name
  • Anything and everything can be discussed - yer at yer Auntie's
  • Anon commenting is allowed but bullying or harassment won't be tolerated. Comments will be removed and commenters/IP addresses blocked
And c'est ca - that's it. 

As with every new venture, it may take time to become established but know that you're all hugely welcome to get anything and everything off your chest in the Chattery comments every day, we'll get the word out and we'll have a bit of craic with it too, yesh? 

Just to get the ball rolling, I'll tell you about my resolutions: 
I've just the two, one is to get back on my feet and move more since my bandy back landed me in hospital right through this New Year and the other is a new mantra 'One pump is probably enough' - I'll be applying that to face creams/eye creams and ehhhhm coffee syrups in the hopes of saving a fortune.. have you made any resolutions this year?

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