Thursday, January 09, 2014

Things that Rustle My Jimmies

Tell the truth, you missed the Jimmies post, didn't you? OK, maybe that was just me but Holy Hell my wick has well and truly been gotten on this week. In the interest of public safety, I'm going to share with you five such Jimmie Rustling moments in the hopes that we can save a life today - prepare yo'selves: 

1. Swirled Furniture in Very Obviously Photoshopped Selfies

 photo 1eFzl5U_zps014b6e9d.gif

2. Illegible Captchas

 photo XdENoHn_zps7b64a779.gif
3. Selfish A-Hole Parents Parking in Designated Disabled Parking Spots at School

 photo NM6Xl9g_zpsf6ef889c.gif
4. When They Leave ALL the Taps Running 
at Starbucks!!
 photo lucille-is-judging-you-gif-arrested-development-21743891-500-2891_zpsa1e50148.gif
5. When I've Showered & Gotten into PJs only to Remember an Appointment!

And with that order is restored, I no longer feel the need to exact vengeance - well not for at least another week anyway. 

Tell me, do you agree with these? Got any to add? 



Felicity said...

When people text to ask if you can talk and you reply in the affirmative, and then they don't fecking call. So after an hour or so, you go on with the life you put on hold and they get pissy when they call and you're not there to answer immediately! Whoooo. I feel better now

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