Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Wednesday Chattery

Morning All!

How did Tuesday treat you then? 

I just spotted Alisha's comment on yesterday's Chattery post late last night and it really got me to thinking. It can be very hard to complain about conditions in work or your job itself knowing that others would bite your hand off to be in your position but that really doesn't negate the fact that we all have crappy days some times. 

What do you think? Are we just putting up and shutting up out of gratitude for the work itself? If you could do something else tomorrow would you? AND if you're not working at all right now - does it get to you to hear people having issues? 

I'd really love to hear your opinion...


Felicity said...

Morning all! Thanks for all the tips yesterday, slept with my head up and low and behold this morning I only look like Droopy, instead of Droopy dissipated great uncle. Winning! Am planning a trip to Dubaland soon to get the concealer too, 'cos if that many of you recommend it, 'twould be rude not to try!

On to the matter at hand: Human beings are not worker bees. We do not exist solely to work and serve the needs (ha!) of the very few who are at the top of the human 'food chain'. The whole 'You should be grateful to have a job' thing really rips my shirt, it really does. Absolutely in these times it is better to have a job than not; but not at the expense of you sanity. I have noticed a great many employers taking advantage over the recession - expecting people to work longer for less, scathing performance reviews, JobBridge for PhD grads and so forth. The thing they don't get (and I really hope I don't sound like Russell Brand here) is that their system has FAILED. Capitalism is a cycle which results in cataclysmic misery for the vast majority of the human (and animal, DON'T get me started) population of the world every 30-40 years. The only thing the mega rich seem to have leaned from the cycle of boom and bust to which they subject the rest of us is how to ensure their own wealth is protected from the bust (largely by buying politicians, I hear they come cheap). And the people who generate that wealth for them? The ones who make their products, sell their products,buy their products, buy their bullshit? Clearly they should be happy to have a job at all. So up the chimbleys and down the mines with you whining plebs!!

Yeah, it's a bug bear. A-hem. *Blushes*

Sue Jordan said...

I couldn't agree with you more Felicity *applauds*

Corporate truly believe this is their golden era to quash the Unions and squeeze every last drop of morale out of worker bees but once we keep talking about it and standing up for ourselves and our basic human dignity - times are a changing!