Friday, 10 January 2014

The Chattery

We've made it, it's Friday! It's been a hard slog but we're there! 

I've just been checking over yesterday's Chattery and there's a couple of dilemmas and questions that could really do with some advice. Can you help by commenting here

As for today, have you a beauty question or a burning issue you think the lovely ladies might be able to help with? Maybe you'd be able to help some other gals with their questions - it'd be great to have you involved. 

For my part, following on from yesterday's #LayaPendulum Summit, I had some very interesting chats and learned that inspiration, a sense of community and all inclusiveness is key to helping every one of us. We've come up with a little plan to help get The Chattery ball rolling and encourage you ladies to get involved - keep peelers pelt next week!

But for now, any plans for the weekend? 

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