Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Chattery

Morning all and welcome to Wednesday's Chattery, yesterday's post really was heartening and I'm hugely hopeful that we can not only get more people involved but that we can all get something out of a place to ask, advise, share and get to know each other. 

If you have a beauty dilemma, a product question or maybe a life issue that you'd like some help with or really importantly if you think you might be able to help another gal in a spot of bother do please drop by, have a read and throw in your tuppence. 

Yesterday's post had over 3,760 views so please be assured that there is someone here to help or even just to chat and if you're mustering up the courage to get involved, honestly just jump right in - we don't bite. 

If you are enjoying a place to chat do please share with friends and followers and we'll soon have an open forum with a wealth of information to be proud of. 

For now, Happy Wednesday, I'm off to a Wolf on Wall Street screening with Aaron this morning and seriously looking forward to it - in even better news - we're halfway to the weekend wha?!


Felicity said...

Morning Gorgebags!

Sue Jordan said...

Morning Felicity!

What are you up to today? We're en route to Point Village and SWELTERING on the train. Not pleasant :/

Siuners said...

Hello ladies,
My first time getting involved in the chats!

Sue, your Bourjois nail polish is fabaliss. I will buy today at lunchtime today, despite having 'insufficient funds' in my account ;-)

Hope you and Aaron enjoy the film, I find it hard to find any fault with Leo's choices these days!

Rebelette said...

Hi Sue!

Love the idea of the Chattery to fill the Blather hole!
Just one anyone else finding the font hard to read???! Maybe it's just me...

Sue Jordan said...

Hey Rebelette,

Haven't spoken to you in yonks!

What's happening with the font? Is it too small?

Siuners, you gottsta have that Bourjois - you gottsta!

Sinead said...

Well when you click to comment and the pop-up box is open it's fine, but when you're just reading the comments I just find that particular style hard to read. Maybe Im the only one! :)

Sue Jordan said...

I'll see what I can do re: font size so ladies x