Monday, January 06, 2014

Monday's Moments - 06/01/14

I had to retype that date up there twice, TWICE! Happy New Year one and all, hopefully the made up week between Christmas and now hasn't been to hard on you. As this post goes live I'll most likely be enduring torture in the Physio's office but that's AOK as these five Moments mean I'm smiling regardless: 

1. Can You See Me Now? 

Over the holidays Aaron taught his Nan to Skype. Much hilarity ensued as we live approximately 7 minutes apart but the novelty was much enjoyed. Some of you might think that this is her getting used to the set up - NOPE - she refuses to be seen on the screen, even though we see her every single day in real life. She never claimed to be sane... the apple hasn't fallen very far from the tree obvs. 

2. NYE in A&E 

Granted that title doesn't look like it belongs in a Monday's Moments post and, to be fair, it doesn't. As you'll know, from my perpetual yammering about it, that for the past five months I've been pretty much out of action with my back. That culminated in me propped up and feeling very sorry for myself in A&E for two days over New Year. 

How having me perched on a trolley like a penguin on a rock was ever going to help I don't know but I managed to get all of the tests that I've been needing for months now (I'm totally 87% radioactive as a result). Silver lining? I can be fixed! It'll take meds, time and a butt load (literally) of werk but it can be done and I'll be doing it. Can't tell you the relief and ease of worrying that brings. 

3. Hit me Baby one MILLION times!

One of the nicest things I came home to, site wise after my penguin on a rock stint had to be this little doozy right here. 1 million hits, ONE MILLION HITS! For a site that's just gone 2 years old this is incomprehensible to me but having seen it I made a sound that quite likely made the neighbourhood dogs cower. 

Thank you hugely, each and every one of you for this, it's quite possibly the best Christmas gift I've ever had (aside from Monkey Island, natch). Seriously though, thanks. 

4. Introducing Chattery Chats

If you haven't already noticed, the post before this one is a little bit different than our usual CherrySue goings on. All details are included but as of today, we're adding a little spot of solace for chats, mingling and general messing. 

I sincerely hope people can make use of it so do please join us when you can to throw in your tuppence on a topic or give some advice, I know the Blather of old was a lifeline to me many a time and it'll be dearly missed. RIP Blather. Do please tell all that might use the drop in virtual doss house that we're open for business - though maybe don't include supervisors and bosses - they never seem to appreciate the importance of a good loll about during business hours. 

5. Alexander the Bleedin' Deadly

And finally, the Moment of the Year and last year and quite possibly next year too - this edible little cherub is the newest member of the Jordan clan and the cutest little chicken I've seen in many a moon. 

The eldest Broseph and Sis and Law welcomed baby Alexander Llewelyn Jordan on January 2nd with wide open arms and haven't stopped staring at him since. They're all living in Welshland so it'll be a little while before I can get my snuggle on with this little dude but look at him. Just look at him. So proud of you peeps x 

Tell me, what's making your Monday? Any Happy Haps you'd like to share? 


Unknown said...

What an adorable baby!

Unknown said...

Aww the he is so cute!! And congratulations on 1 million views!

Sue Jordan said...

Aw thanks ladies, we're a little bit smitten with his little chubby chops :)

Unknown said...

wow Sue!!!! not long now till you hit a Bahjilion!

And that wee Alex the grand, he's a cayootie-patootie of note.

Rob Jordan said...

So sorry that I missed the post, I was up to my elbows in cuteness and nappy changes :) Baby Alexander is a little star and can't wait to meet his mad Aunty Sue and his two awesome cousins. Well see you soon sis x

Catherine Jordan said...

Our little man made famous, thank you. X he is a very cute baby and we're still finding our feet but we're getting there. So many people for him to meet, we'll get it sorted as soon as we can xx