Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday's Moments - 20/01/14

Most depressing day of the year? My eye!! 

Yep it's Monday but tomorrow's Tuesday & the next Wednesday, so? We're pretty adept to blocking out Monday Blues and searching for the silver lining so here's 5 Moments from my past week that mean Monday Blues can suck it!: 

1. Lucky Smashbox Ducky

Despite being cooped up so much over the past few months that I've started to call Diesel Wilson, I had THE most amazing opportunity last week, thanks to the Smashbox and Bumble & Bumble haircare dream teams. 

Off I hobbled to Smock Alley like something that had gotten up out of a box at the side of the road and just 25 minutes later this was me! Bumble's vintage stunner Bea Watson performed voluminous miracles with my hair, Smashbox International Pro Make Up Artist and all 'round cool chick, Lori Taylor beautified me in minutes.

 I was whipped over to meet and be forever immortalised (& hopefully heavily photoshopped by) Davis Factor (great grandson of Max Factor, co founder & creator of Smashbox studios & Smashbox Cosmetics - say whaaaat?!). An incredibly talented photographer and ridiculously down to earth chap, he made me feel like a million dollars and I'd like one for Christmas please. 

I had to pinch myself repeatedly for such an opportunity as I headed home like a Real Housewife of Fingal County as mine was the first appointment of the morning. My profesh pics will be available in one month and you best believe I'll be posting them - coming to a lamp post near you!

2. 'BAILED' Out for Nowt

While we managed to have a sociable few in the local public house this weekend, it wasn't long before I had to head home again, CrocksRUs but I did quite fancy a nightcap so we headed into the Off Licence next door. 

Not being able to find the Bailey's on the shelves I asked the chap behind the counter. 'Eh, yeah, we do have them but they're all back here' - 'Could I have one out here?'. Turns out they had to be taken from the shelves as their BB date was Dec 13. BUMMER. Until... 'Look, I can't sell it to you because they're past their date but I could just give you one?'. 

Do I even need to finish this Moment? I won't say where as Sir Thanksalot could be in a lot of trouble but you know the only thing tastier than Baileys at night? FREE Baileys at night! What an absolute gent. 

3. Genius. In a Box. 

Yes, I'm stupidly easy to please but this here box of genius just about made my weekend - no more trawling though the ascustin' ones to get to the goodies. I know it's January and I'm meant to be starving myself but COME ON - LOOK AT THEM!

4. Last in the Susi Q

Yep, they have a terrible reputation and yep, Aaron has been in college for almost six months already but this week we learned that National Grant peeps, SUSI are gonna help a son out. 

It'll just be some assistance with travel and not being left like Oliver Twist, while his mates dine on lobster and light their cigars with fifties but it's something and that really helps. He's over the moon, craytur like him. 

5. College Times Regroup
While we're on the subject of my eldest manchild/Gorgebag, we had news this week that blows last weeks Moment out of the uisce. have decided to launch their own domain as and have been so impressed with Aaron's reviews that they've taken him on as their Movie Reviewer instead. 

Hello 100k uniques a week! Now that's a way to get your career started for a 17 year old, right? I couldn't be prouder, he couldn't be more humble (cough, splutter) but it's a huge step up and he deserves every minute of it. (ALSO, he got it from his Momma - we know this). 

Tell me, what's chasing away your Monday Blues today? 


Corrina said...

I'm liking that guy in the off licence all ready! The pics are fab can't wait to see more. So thrilled for Aar, give him squashes & kisses from me :)

Unknown said...

Free baileys *high five to that :)
And well done on the movie review gig to your boy!!

Unknown said...

Being given a free bottle of bailey's would be the highlight of my year, not my weekend! Nice guy!

Eleanorjane said...

Great son news all round!

On the Baileys front - have you tried Merlyn? It's a similar liquer from a little distillery in Wales but it's much more delicious. You can get it in some supermarkets in England (not sure about Ireland).

Sandy Beach said...

QS Toffees and Fudge - that's my Valentine's gift sorted so. One for him (toffee) one for me (fudge). Where do I buy?

Anonymous said...

Is that not the same site, college times, that has been non stop criticised for instructing college guys to ply women full of drink to best achieve a 1 night stand? I think it is.